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LG TV Error Codes | DIY Fixes Worth Trying

Error codes are eye-openers that will notify you as soon as they identify an issue in the LG TV. You must fix the LG TV error codes to continue watching the desired content. Each error code states a particular issue such as an LG TV service error, connectivity problem, trouble in using particular apps, etc. Here we have explained all the common error codes that appear on the LG TV.

LG TV Error Codes List

Here is a list of error messages that appear on the LG TV screen to indicate something.

LG TV Error Code 105

Error Code 105 on LG TV is the most common one to appear frequently. For example, you can see the text, “Check Network Connection” while streaming content from services like Netflix. This happens due to unstable internet or if there is an issue with a WiFi router. Sometimes, the problem may persist due to a technical glitch, outdated firmware, server outage, etc.

LG TV Error Code 105


Test the internet speed on LG TV using any online application. If it doesn’t meet the required speed, connect your LG to a stable WiFi network, and try again. You can also fix it by power cycling your WiFi router or by changing the DNS on your LG Smart TV. This solves temporary errors and will improve the speed of your Internet connection.

LG TV Error Code 106

This error mainly pops up when your TV is unable to access the Internet. You might see this unable to connect to server error text while trying you connect your TV to the Internet. It happens when a WiFi router fails to detect the MAC address of the LG TV by itself.


You can fix the LG TV error code 106 by reconnecting it to a different WiFi network. If the problem still persists, try changing the DNS address and adding the MAC address of your LG Smart TV on the router manually.

LG TV Error Code 109

When you see the error code 109 on your LG TV, it means that the IP address is unreachable, and it leads to network connectivity issues. It also occurs when a built-in Media Player on an LG TV gets into some trouble due to interruptions.


To resolve this issue, you have to check whether your TV is connected to a high-speed Internet connection. If it doesn’t work, you can restart your LG TV to fix unknown errors like corrupted cache files, software glitches, and others.

LG TV Error Code 137

Issues with the YouTube app cause the error code 137 on your LG TV. While facing this error, your TV screen displays messages like Ads or No videos available. Using an outdated app is the exact reason for this error.


Update the YouTube app to its latest version on your LG TV. If updating the app doesn’t help, you have to delete and reinstall the app on your LG Smart TV. It will prevent such error messages from appearing on the TV screen.

LG TV Error Code 201

Not updating the device or an incorrect time or date on your device is the main reason for the LG TV error code 201 to appear. It shows unable to load while using YouTube, and it may be due to an excess app cache.


Check for LG TV updates and update it. Set up the correct time and date; also, clear the app cache on the LG TV. If the error messages are repeated again, you should reset your LG Smart TV to bring it back to a working state.

LG TV Error Code 202

When there is an issue in establishing the connection between the router and the TV, you will get error code 202 on LG TV. In short, you will see this error message – The server is currently unavailable while using any online services or installing any apps on your LG smart TV.


Use a different WiFi network that has a higher bandwidth. If you are using the wired network connection, check if the ethernet cable has been damaged. If yes, change it. In some cases, this error appears due to technical reasons. You have to contact the LG Support Team and seek assistance.

LG TV Error Code 324

While accessing a problematic app or any interrupted network, you might see the error code 324 on your LG Smart TV. Your LG TV will display an error message, “Check Network Connection” when it encounters a problem.

LG TV Error Code 324


Try reconnecting the LG TV to a strong WiFi and check whether it helps to fix the issue. Delete the app on your LG TV and install it again to fix the temporary bug on the apps. When the issue is with your TV, you can restart it.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to fix LG TV error code 105?

Connect your LG TV to a strong WiFi network to fix the error code 105.

Can the LG TV server error code 324 be fixed manually?

Yes. You can try fixing it by deleting the malfunctioned app. If the error code 324 still appears, it is advisable to contact the LG Support Team.

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