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Clear Cache on LG TV

How to Clear Cache on LG Smart TV [Alternative Ways]

LG Smart TV’s performance may diminish over time. The best troubleshooting method that the user can carry out is to clear the cache on the LG Smart TV. It is highly recommended to clear the cache if the LG TV apps are not working. In this article, you will learn to erase the cache of the app and browser of your LG TV in simple steps.

Can I Clear the Cache on LG Smart TV?

Unlike other smart TVs, there is no specific setting to clear the cache data on the LG TV. However, it doesn’t mean that you cannot clear the cache on the LG TV. In other words, you shall need to rely on alternative techniques to address storage-related issues on LG TV.

What is Cache: It is a space that holds the temporary data for the things you access on your device. So, there will be a cache memory created automatically for every app you have installed and the websites you access on your TV. Over time, this cache creates performance issues and thus needs to be cleared.

Types of Cache in LG Smart TV

LG Smart TV has two different types of cache memory.

  • Cache created while using Apps
  • Cache generated when browsing the web

Important Note: You cannot clear both types of caches at once. In other words, there is no option to do so. So, you should perform different fixes to clear the cache.

When to Clear Cache on LG Smart TV

LG TV users can remove the cache data for the following reasons.

  • To fix corrupted files without deleting the apps on your LG TV.
  • If your LG TV displays Out of Memory message.
  • When you feel that the TV’s performance is not up to the mark
  • If any of the installed apps on LG TV take too long to open.
  • When the app crashes abruptly or closes frequently.

How to Clear Cache on LG Smart TV [Alternative Ways]

You can delete the cache data on your LG TV in three different ways.

Turning Off the LG TV

Turning off your TV will automatically eliminate the cache from the system memory.

1. Fetch your LG Magic Remote.

2. Press the Power button on the LG TV or the remote to turn off your TV.

Press the Power button to turn off the TV

3. After a few minutes, turn on your LG TV. The cache data on your TV will be cleared automatically.

Clear Recently Opened Apps on your LG TV

By clearing the recent apps on your LG TV, you can easily remove the cache data. The recent apps can be closed automatically and manually.

How to Close the Recent Apps Automatically

The LG TV automatically closes the recent app when you are turning off the TV. It is the easiest way to close the recent apps on LG TV.

How to Close the Recent Apps Manually

1. Click the X icon from the top right corner or select the Recent Tile from the home screen.

2. Select the app that you need to close from recent apps.

3. Tap the X icon to terminate the app from recently opened apps.

Click the X icon to remove the app from recent apps

Clear Cache from Browser

1. Launch the Web browser on your LG smart TV.

2. Click the Menu icon and select the Settings icon.

3. Toggle the button near Private Browsing.

4. Now, hit the Clear Browsing Data option and click the OK button to clear the cache data from your LG smart TV.

Select the Clear Browsing Data to clear the cache on your LG TV

Now, you have successfully cleared the browser cache data of your LG Smart TV.

Clear Cache on a Particular App

(1) Fetch your LG Magic remote and press the Home button.

Press the home button

(2) Click Settings and open the System Settings option.

(3) Launch the Application Manager to view all the apps you have installed on your LG TV.

(4) Select the App in which you need to clear the cache data.

(5) Click the Clear Cache option to remove cache data from the selected app.

Now, you have successfully cleared the cache data from the app.

Try the Alternative Way

When clearing the cache doesn’t fix the storage issue on your LG TV, you shall proceed to reset your LG TV. It is because resetting will delete all the data stored on the device, and you will be able to use the LG TV as new. To reset,

  • Head to Settings > All Settings > General > Reset to Initial Settings > Press Yes.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to clear the Hulu cache on LG smart TV?

To clear the Hulu cache on LG Smart TV, go to Settings > System Settings > Application Manager > Choose Hulu > Clear Cache.

Can I clear the YouTube cache on LG Smart TV?

Yes. You can clear the YouTube cache on LG TV by following the above instructions.

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