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How to Find IP Address on LG TV With or Without Remote

If you are an LG TV user, you must know the IP address to do some changes to Network settings. Keep in mind, an IP address can be seen only if you connect your LG TV to WiFi. With the help of a remote controller, you can easily identify the IP Address of your LG TV by heading to WiFi settings. If LG TV remote is not working, there are still some ways to find the IP address in the meantime.

How to Find Your LG TV IP Address With Remote

1. Turn on your TV using the remote. Ensure it is connected to a WiFi network.

2. Press the Settings button on the remote.

3. Click Network on the opened tab.

4. Click on Wi-Fi Connection.

How to Find LG TV IP Address - Click on Wi-Fi Settings
Click on Wi-Fi Settings

5. Select Advanced Wi-Fi Settings from the list.

Advanced Wi-Fi settings

6. Click on IP Address from the options.

Note your IP Address

Note: Using the same steps, you can find the MAC Address of the LG TV, Subnet Mask, Gateway, and DNS Server.

How to Find Your LG TV IP Address Without the Remote

If the LG TV remote is dysfunctional, you can try these alternative methods to discover the IP address of your LG TV.

Connect a Mouse to LG TV to Find IP Address

1. Turn on your LG Smart TV.

2. Connect the Bluetooth USB key of your keyboard and mouse to the USB port on the back of your LG TV.

3. It will connect automatically.

Now, navigate to the TV home screen and follow the above-mentioned steps to discover your LG TV IP Address.

Visit Router Website to Find IP Address

1. Visit the router website using a browser and log in to your route.

Tip: The majority of routers will use as a default address.

2. Go to Settings to continue.

3. Search for LG TV on the list of connected devices.

4. On the info tab, you can find your LG TV IP Address.

Suppose the process mentioned above didn’t work with your router. Try another method by referring to the router’s user manual to know the exact steps.

Use the LG ThinQ App Find LG TV IP Address

LG ThinQ App is a handy way to control your LG Smart TV if the physical remote is not in working condition.

1. Install the app from the Play Store (Android) or App Store (iPhone).

2. Press the Power button on the bottom center of the TV to turn on LG TV without a remote,

3. Connect your TV and Smartphone to the same WiFi network.

4. Launch the LG ThinQ app on your smartphone.

5. Click the + tile on the app screen.

6. Select the TV option from the list of devices.

7. Choose your LG TV from the available devices.

8. Enter the Activation code displayed on your TV.

9. After entering the code, LG TV and LG ThinQ app will get paired.

10. Now you can see the remote interface on your mobile. Using this, you can go to Network settings and note the IP Address.

Note: If LG Smart TV is not connecting to WiFi, it is impossible to see the IP address until an internet connection is active.

What is an IP Address

IP Stands for Internet Protocol and the term address refers to the unique number that is given to every device. So, an IP Address is an individualized identification number that specifies the location of the network of a device.

The IP address is used for communication between the devices, routers, and servers. Your IP address is divided into two parts in the ratio 3:1, they are called the Network part and the Host part.

The first part is the network part which specifies the network assigned to your device. And the second part specifies the device connected to the network. Every computer on the same network holds the same network part and unique host part. In this order, the series of numbers circulate around the world under a binary arithmetic system which we say as an IP address.


Can I change my LG TV IP Address?

No, you can’t change the IP Address which is assigned by the manufacturer of the device.

How to find MAC Address on my LG TV without WiFi?

Using the LG ThinQ app, go to Settings > General > About This TV > Find your LG TV’s Mac address.

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