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How to Update LG Smart TV Firmware With the Latest Version

LG provides occasional software updates to ensure smooth functionality for the users while using the device. Installing the new update on your LG Smart TV will bring new features and clear all the bugs. LG Smart TVs are available in two types of OSes, such as Netcast and webOS. Netcast OS TVs are the older models of LG TVs. From 2014 onwards, LG started shipping their TVs with the webOS platform. Based on your LG TV OS model, you have to update the TV.

How to Update LG Smart TV [webOS]

The webOS for LG Smart TV will get updates once a year. The latest webOS version (webOS 7.0.0) was released in Feb 2022. If you are using the older version of webOS, update it to webOS 7.0.0.

Note: Make sure to connect your LG TV to WIFI and proceed with the steps below.

1. Open the Settings page on your LG Smart TV.

2. Select All Settings from the Settings menu.

All Settings on LG TV

3. Click on the General menu.

4. Select About this TV from the menu.

5. Now, click on Check for Updates.

6. If a new update is available, you will get a confirmation popup.

7. Click the Yes button to update your LG TV.

Install the latest version.

8. If you wish to update the LG TV automatically, turn on the Allow Automatic Updates option.

New Features in webOS 22

With the webOS 22, LG introduced many new features with performance improvements. Some of the notable new features are,

  • You can now set up multiple profiles on LG Smart TV.
  • You can use your LG Smart TV to control Matter smart home devices.
  • Ambient Mode for all the LG TV models.
  • A lot of new apps are released only for the webOS 22.
  • Completely revamped home screen.
  • Always Ready feature to quickly turn on and off the TV.

How to Update LG Smart TV [Netcast OS]

The Netcast OS is the older model of LG TV. LG has stopped manufacturing the Netcast models. But you will get security updates now and then.

1. On your LG TV home screen, click on the Settings icon.

2. In the settings page, click on All Settings.

3. Now, select the Support menu.

4. Click on Software Update.

5. Select Check Update Version.

Software Update on LG Smart TV.

6. If the update is available, click the Yes button to install it on your TV.

How to Update LG Smart TV via USB

You can also update your LG Smart TV by downloading the latest firmware from the LG Support site.

1. Launch your PC and open a web browser.

2. Go to the LG Software Support website.

3. Enter your LG TV model number and search for the latest firmware.

4. Download the firmware on your PC. It will be downloaded as a zip file.

5. Now, insert a USB drive into your PC. Make sure that the USB drive is formatted.

6. Right-click on the zip file and extract it.

Update LG Smart TV via USB

7. Now, copy-paste the extracted file to the USB drive.

8. Once the process is over, safely eject the USB drive from your PC.

9. Now, insert the USB Drive into the USB port on your LG Smart TV. Make sure that the TV is turned off.

10. Turn on the TV. It will detect the firmware, and the new update will be installed.

11. Your TV will reboot once the update is done.

12. After that, you can use your LG TV with all the new features.

Can’t Update LG Smart TV – How to Fix the Issue

LG TV users will face issues while updating the firmware at times. It is a general issue, which might be due to low storage space, internet issues, etc. The following fixes will help resolve the issue.

Fixes to Resolve Unstable Internet Connection

  • Connecting the TV to a stable and high-speed internet.
  • Using an Ethernet connection instead of WIFI.
  • Disconnecting other devices using the same WIFI.
  • Keeping your router near the TV will increase signal strength.

Fixes for Low Internal Storage

  • Delete unused apps on the TV
  • Clear cache and data for apps and on the TV

Other General Fixes to Try

  • A factory reset on LG TV may fix up the issue.
  • It is a better option to disable the fast start option.
  • Try changing the regional language to check if that resolves the issue while updating the apps.

webOS – Over the Years

From the start to 2021, webOS is named from the numeric order, from webOS 1 to webOS 6.0. But with the Feb 2022 update, LG breaks the pattern. The latest version of webOS is named webOS 22 (named after the year of release). With this, the next webOS will be named webOS 23.

We hope this guide helps you to update the LG TV. If you have any issues, let us know in the comments.

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