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LG Smart TV Remote App

LG ThinQ App: How to Install & Control LG Smart TV

Bored of controlling the LG TV over the traditional remote method, or are you looking to control your TV without a remote? If so, it is possible, and you can take control of your LG TV to the fullest with the help of the LG ThinQ app by LG Electronics. For instance, you shall turn on LG TV without a remote, change input and channels, and more. You can download the LG ThinQ remote app on your mobile to control your LG smart TV without a remote. Since LG ThinQ is the official application, it can control all LG electronic products over WiFi.

How to Download LG ThinQ App on Smartphone

(1) Launch the Google Play Store on Android and App Store on iPhone.

(2) Click the Search icon and Search for the LG ThinQ app.

(3) Select the official app from the list of apps displayed on the search results.

(4) Click the Install or Get button to install the app from Google Play Store or App Store.

LG ThinQ app

(5) Wait for a few minutes until the app gets installed on your device.

(6) Now, you have successfully installed the LG ThinQ app on your mobile.

How to Pair LG ThinQ App

You cannot use the LG ThinQ app directly after installing it on your mobile. You need to pair the mobile and TV to control the TV from your mobile.

1: Turn on your LG TV using the TV remote or by using the Power button on the bottom center of the TV.

2: Connect your TV and smartphone to the same WiFi network.

3: Launch the LG ThinQ app on your mobile.

4: Click the + tile on the home screen of the app.

Click the + icon

(5) Select the TV option from the list of devices.

Click on the TV option

(6) Now, the app will start to scan for the available devices.

(6) Choose your LG TV from the available devices.

(7) Once you have selected your TV on the mobile screen, your TV will display an activation code.

Note the activation code

(8) Enter the code displayed on your TV and click the OK button.

Enter the code to pair the TV

(9) Now, you have successfully paired your TV and ThinQ app.

(10) After pairing your TV with the LG ThinQ, you can see your TV on the home screen of the ThinQ app.

How to Use LG ThinQ App To Control the LG TV

(1) Select your LG Smart TV from the home screen of the ThinQ app.

(2) You can see the remote interface on your mobile.


LG TV Remote app
  1. Input button – Allows you to change the input of the TV (For instance, HDMI, AV)
  2. Power button – Helps you to turn off and on the TV
  3. TBA –
  4. Voice button – Search or control the TV via voice control
  5. Channel button – Allows you to change the channel up and down
  6. Volume button – Volume increase and down
  7. Play/pause button – Plan and pause the videos
  8. Forward button – Fast forward the videos
  9. Settings button – Allows you to access the settings of the TV
  10. Mute button – Mute the volume of the TV
  11. Home button – Helps you to navigate to the home screen
  12. Touchpad – Allows you to control the TV cursor
  13. Back button – Go back
  14. Rewind button – Rewind the videos

(3) You can access the TV with the basic controls.

Best LG Smart TV Remote Apps

There are plenty of LG Smart TV remote apps available on the Play Store and App Store to control the LG TV. If the LG ThinQ app fails to work with your TV, you can use the alternatives mentioned below.

LG Remote for LG TV plus ThinQ

LG Remote for LG TV plus ThinQ is one of the best LG Smart TV Remote App

LG TV plus remote app is specially programmed for the LG TV that has webOS. It is one of the best smart TV remote apps that work with all models of LG TV. You can use the touchpad to navigate easily around the TV screen to select the desired one. With the app on your mobile, you can cast the content easily from your mobile to the LG smart TV. The only disadvantage of the app is the ads.

Remote for LG TV

Remote for LG TV is one of the best LG Smart TV Remote App

If you are moving to third-party apps to access your LG TV, you must try the Remote for LG TV app. It provides a unique and clear interface, as it looks like a dark remote. The only drawback of the app is that it has no touchpad to control the TV. The app works with WiFi and ethernet connection.

Smart LG TV Remote

Smart LG TV Remote is one of the best LG Smart TV Remote App

By downloading the Smart LG TV Remote app on your mobile, you can get the best virtual remote to control the LG smart TV. You can also control multiple LG TVs with one app. The application is completely free to download and use. You can launch the streaming apps like Netflix and YouTube with just one single tap. You can control the app from both WiFi and infrared signal.

Frequently Asked Question

Can I turn on MY LG TV without a remote?

Yes, you can turn on the LG without a remote.

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