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How to Add Apps on LG Smart TV

How to Add Apps on LG Smart TV [All Models]

Applications are the basic and key factors in all smart TVs, including LG TVs. You can add or delete apps on your LG smart TV to stream your favorite content on the internet. The LG TVs run on two different operating systems called webOS and NetCast OS. The NetCats OS was stopped in 2014 and was replaced by webOS. The modern LG TV comes with the webOS operating system. However, both operating systems support downloading the apps.

How to Add Apps on LG Smart TV [webOS]

If your LG TV runs on the webOS version, you can download the apps directly from the Content Store.

1: Turn on your LG TV and connect it to a WiFi network.

2: Fetch your LG TV remote and press the Home button to display the Home screen of your TV.

Press the home button on the remote

3: Select and launch the LG Content Store.

Launch the LG Content Store to download and add the apps on LG smart TV

4: Click the Search icon at the top and enter the app name from the virtual keyboard that you need to download.

Click the search icon to add apps on your LG smart TV

5: Select the app from the LG smart tv apps lists displayed on the search results.

6: Hit the Install button below the app logo to download the app on your device.

7: Wait for a few minutes the app will be installed on your TV.

8: Now, you can select Open to launch the installed app on your TV.

How to Download Apps on LG Netcast OS

The NetCast TV does not have a search icon to search the apps. So, you can download the app on LG TV with NetCast OS only by browsing.

1: Power on your LG smart TV and connect it to a strong internet connection.

2: Press the Home button on your LG TV remote.

3: Now, select the Premium option from the home screen using the navigational button on the TV remote.

Click the premium option

4: Scroll and select the app that you want to install on your LG smart TV.

5: Now, Sign-in with your account credentials and follow the on-screen prompt.

6: Within a few minutes, the app gets installed on your LG Smart TV.

How to Download and Add Channel on LG Roku TV

(1) Turn on your Roku powered-LG TV and establish the internet connection.

(2) Navigate to the home screen and select the Streaming Channels option.

Select the Streaming Channels option to add apps on LG smart TV

(3) Scroll down and click the Search Channels option.

(4) Enter the application name that you need to download on your Roku powered-LG TV.

(5) Select the app from the list of the apps displayed on your TV.

(6) Hit the option +Add Channel to install the app on your LG TV.

(7) Wait for a few minutes and click the option Go to Channel to launch the application on your LG Roku TV.

By following the above-mentioned steps, you can install and add apps to your LG Smart TV webOS and Netcast OS. With the app store, you can Update apps, add them to the TV Home screen, and uninstall them from your TV.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to install 3rd party apps on my LG smart TV?

You cannot install the 3rd party apps on your LG smart TV. Currently, you can install the apps which are available on the Content Store.

2. How to add the HBO max app to LG smart TV?

You can download the HBO Max app on LG TV from the Content Store on LG smart TV.

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