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How to access LG TV Secret Menu

How to Access Secret Menu on LG Smart TV

Many LG Smart TV models have a hidden setting called Secret Menu or Service Menu. The manufacturer hides the service menu since it contains advanced settings that can break your TV’s functions if you do anything wrong. The Secret Menu helps to change HDMI settings on LG TV, configure Network and WiFi, USB Cloning, etc. Although the setting is hidden, you can still unlock the secret menu by entering passcodes 0000 or 8878.

Optionally, visit the LG Service Menu website (http://webosapp.club/instart) using a built-in web browser. Then, input the passcode 0413 to unlock the secret menu on your LG Smart TV.

In this article, you will learn how to use the secret menu on LG TV in detail.

Open Secret Menu on LG Smart TV Using Standard Remote

Use the IR-based remote to open the service menu on your LG Smart TV. You have to enter a specific set of codes to open the menu. If you are using a Magic Remote, skip to the next step.

1: Turn on your LG TV and press the INPUT button on the remote.

2: Press the buttons 3-1-9-5 in sequence.

Enter the secret code 0413

3: For some LG TV models, it will display the service menu instantly.

4: If it doesn’t work, press the INPUT button again.

5: Then press and hold the Menu button. If the Menu button is unavailable, press the Home, Settings, or OK button.

Press and hold the Menu button on your remote

6: Release these buttons until you see a passcode prompt on your LG TV.

7: Enter one of these passcodes and press the OK and Enter keys.

  • 0000
  • 7777
  • 3195
  • 0413
  • 8743
  • 8878
  • 8741

8: It will show you a “Service,” “EZ ADJUST,” or “Factory” menu.

That’s it. Now, you can change important settings on your LG TV, such as IP Control Set Up, HDMI settings, location, volume, firmware, USB settings, etc.

Unlock Secret Menu on LG Smart TV Using Magic Remote

In some models of the Magic Remote, you won’t have the num pad. To open the Secret Menu, you must press certain keys in a unique sequence.

1: Switch on the LG TV and press the Green key on the Magic Remote.

Press the Green button

2: It will display a resolution overlay information on the TV screen.

3: Press the Mute button thrice to open the Quick Info menu.

4: Go to the Program Tuning menu and press the 1 key five times. You can see the Stats menu on the TV screen.

5: Go to Channel Tuning and press the 1 key five times.

That’s it. Now, it will display the HDMI Diagnostic menu.

View Secret Menu on LG Smart TV Using Installer Remote

The following steps apply to those who want to unlock the service menu on a commercial LG TV. Remember, it works only on the Installer remote.

1: Press the Menu or Settings key on the Installer remote for 5-7 seconds.

2: If you see a TV information menu, release both keys.

3: Input the code 1105 and tap the Enter key on the installer remote. If it doesn’t work, try the code 9876 or 2663.

4: It will display the Installation Menu on the screen.

Get Hidden Menu Using LG Service Remote

LG Service Remote is owned by technicians who set up commercial LG Smart TVs. If you have an LG Service Remote, follow these steps to unlock the secret menu.

1. Turn on the LG TV and tap the IN START key on the service remote.

Press the IN START button to open secret menu on LG Smart TV

2: Input the passcode 0413 to launch the secret menu.

Access Secret Menu on LG Smart TV Using Web Browser

If you have an LG webOS TV, use a built-in web browser to access the secret menu quickly. Before that, update your LG TV to the latest firmware.

1: Connect your LG TV to a wired internet connection or WiFi network.

2: Open a web browser on LG Smart TV.

3: Visit (http://webosapp.club/instart) on your LG TV web browser.

4: Accept the terms and conditions once you read the message.

5: Enter 0-4-1-3 in the respective field to unlock the service menu on LG TV.

How to Use Secret Menu on LG Smart TV

You can customize and perform actions like Factory Reset, Change Network Settings, Volume Settings, and more using the Secret Menu.

Factory Reset Using the Secret Menu

1: Inside the Secret Menu, select Public Display Settings.

2: Scroll down and choose the Factory Reset option.

3: Press the OK button and follow the on-screen instructions to reset your LG TV.

Change Network Settings

If you have a normal LG TV remote, select the IP Control Set Up option in the Secret Menu. Now, you can personalize the network settings. If you have LG Magic Remote, follow the steps below.

1: On the Service Menu screen, select the Standard Settings option.

2: Select the Network Settings option.

3: Input the code 82888 to unlock the IP Control Setup option.

You can modify the network settings, like the DNS address.

Note: By configuring the DNS, you can even block ads on LG TVs that appear on the home screen.

Customize Volume Settings

1: Inside the service menu, select the Public Display Settings.

2: Select the Volume option.

3: Now, you can increase or decrease your TV volume.

Enable USB Drive

1: Navigate to the Public Display Settings in the service menu.

2: Click USB and checkmark the USB box.

Golden Eye on LG TV

Users with LG Flat TVs have a special feature called Golden Eye Technology with Gamma Correction. This feature lets you watch the TV strain-free since it auto-adjusts the picture to the ambient light. You can customize the Golden Eye setting in the LG service menu.

How do you unlock LG TV from hotel mode?

Hold the Menu key on the LG TV remote for a few seconds. Enter the password 0000. Now, it will unlock your LG TV from hotel mode.

How to access the service menu on LG TV without a remote?

Use the LG ThinQ app as a remote and follow the web browser method explained above to access the service menu.

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