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Best Sound Settings for LG TV

What are the Best Sound Settings for LG Smart TV

Before buying LG Smart TV, the first thing you need to check is the sound quality you get. But still, you don’t have to worry about the audio quality experience if you are not satisfied with it on your LG TV. Since you can tune up the Sound Settings on your LG Smart TV, you can still have an immense audio experience. So, to help you to get the best audio experience, here we recommend you the best sound settings for LG TV.

Does the Sound Quality from LG TV Live Up to Our Expectations

Yes, most users have experienced that LG OLED TVs had a greater sound quality when compared to LG Smart TVs. However, you have the option to tweak the sound settings on your LG Smart TV. After that, you can enjoy a greater sound quality when streaming your favorite movies or TV shows.

Here are the Best LG TV Sound Settings

Here are the sound features that are available for your LG TV to get the best audio quality. You can choose to turn on any of these features based on your convenience.

  • Smart Sound Mode – This option will automatically recognize the movie or TV show you want to watch. According to it, the sound will adjust automatically.
  • Smart mode Settings – In this setting, you will have four options: Standard, Cinema, Clear Voice, Sports, Music, and Game. Based on the category you are streaming, you can choose the option you want.
  • Magic Sound Tuning – When you turn on this feature, you can adjust the sound based on your space’s nature using your magic remote.
  • AV Sync Adjustment – If you face any delay in-between playing the picture and sound on LG TV, you can turn this feature on.
  • Dolby – Turn on this feature and get the Dolby sound quality on your TV.
  • Equalizer – Optimize your LG TV sound.

How to Adjust the Sound Quality on LG Smart TV

Adjusting the sound quality on your LG TV is simple as it looks. For that, you only need to go to Settings and choose the Sound option. After that, you will get an explicit number of options to adjust the sound quality of your LG Smart TV.

Based on the webOS version you use, the interface of your LG TV will change.

Best Sound Settings for LG Smart TV

What Should I Do If I Still Can’t Get the Best Audio Experience on LG TV

You can connect your LG TV to the best soundbars if you are still not satisfied with the sound quality after changing the Settings. If you want a budget-friendly soundbar, then you can check out the LG TV soundbars which will be under $200. You can check out the best LG TV soundbars on the official website of Amazon.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to fix if I face problems with sound on LG TV?

Restart or reset your LG TV to fix the sound issues on it.

2. What sound mode should I use on LG TV?

Based on the content you stream on your LG TV, the sound mode you will be required to choose will vary. But commonly we would like you to choose the Clear Voice option.

3. What is AI sound on LG TV?

When selecting this option, based on the space you live in, the sound quality will change on LG TV.

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