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Best Sound Settings for LG TV

What are the Best Sound Settings for LG Smart TV

Most LG Smart TVs have Standard sound mode as default. So, you might not experience rich bass and treble, although you enable Dolby Atmos on LG TV. In accordance, LG offers different sound modes to elevate the sound quality. Here, we have explained how to improve the sound quality of an LG Smart TV using the best sound settings like AI Acoustic Tuning.

We have also covered the recommended sound settings that must be disabled for a good audio listening experience on an LG Smart TV.

Does the Sound Quality from LG TV Live Up to Expectations

Yes. Most users have experienced that LG OLED TVs had a greater sound quality when compared to regular LG Smart TVs. However, you can optimize the sound settings on your LG Smart TV to make it sound better. After that, you can experience better sound quality when streaming movies and TV shows.

Which Sound Mode is Best for LG Smart TV

Here are the sound features available on an LG TV. You can turn on any of these features based on your requirements.

  • Smart Sound Mode – This option automatically recognizes the movie or TV show you want to watch. According to it, the sound will adjust automatically.
  • Smart Mode Settings – In this setting, you will have these options: Standard, Cinema, Clear Voice, Sports, Music, and Game. You can choose the option you want based on the category you are streaming.
  • Magic Sound Tuning – When you turn on this feature, you can adjust the sound based on your space’s nature using your LG Magic Remote.
  • AV Sync Adjustment – If you face any delay between playing the picture and sound on LG TV, you can turn this feature on.
  • Dolby Atmos – Enable this feature to get Dolby Surround audio on your TV.
  • Equalizer – Optimize your LG TV Equalizer settings such as bass and treble.

How to Change Sound Settings on LG Smart TV

If your LG Smart TV runs with webOS 22 or up, you can change the sound settings using these steps.

1. Hit the Settings key on the LG Magic Remote.

2. Click All SettingsSoundSelect Mode.

3. Choose the option you want from the list of modes.

Select Sound Mode on LG Smart TV

4. Then go back and select Sound Out.

5. Select a TV Speaker or others based on the one you use.

Note: If you select Wired Speaker, choose HDMI (ARC) for better audio quality.

How to Use AI Acoustic Tuning

AI Acoustic Tuning is a feature that helps to optimize the TV sound based on the environment. It also supports Spatial recognition sound in some LG TVs. Here are the steps to turn on AI Acoustic Tuning on webOS 4.5.

1. Press the Settings button on the voice remote.

2. Go to All SettingsSoundAI Acoustic Tuning.

Click AI Acoustic Tuning

3. Click Start New Sound Tunning to begin the test.

4. If necessary, select the Tuning options based on your wish.

Click Start New Sound Tunning and Select AI Acoustic Tuning Options

5. Point the remote at the TV sensor and click Start.

Click Start to perform a sound test

6. Once done, click Next.

7. Select the desired sound once you compare and click Apply.

8. At last, click OK to save the changes.

  • For webOS 5.0 or up: Settings > All Settings > General > AI Service > AI Acoustic Tuning.
  • For webOS 4.0: Settings > All Settings > Sound > One Touch Sound Tuning.

What Should I Do If I Still Can’t Get the Best Audio Experience on LG TV

You can connect your LG TV to a soundbar if you are unsatisfied with the sound quality after changing the Settings. If you want a budget-friendly soundbar, check our recommendations on the best LG TV soundbars and buy the one you like.

Recommended Sound Settings for LG TV

LG allows users to personalize sound settings of their liking. Nevertheless, as mentioned below, some sound settings must be turned off.

  • Smart Sound: Settings → Sound →Sound Mode → Off.
  • Volume Mode: Settings → Sound → Volume Mode → Off.
  • Sound Optimizer: Settings → Sound → Sound Optimizer → Off
  • Sound Mode: Settings → Sound → Sound Mode → Standard.
  • Clear Voice: Settings → Sound → Sound Effects → Clear Voice → Off.
  • Virtual Surround: Settings → Sound → Sound Effects → Virtual Surround Plus → Off.
  • 3D Sound Zooming: Settings → Sound → Sound Effects → 3D Sound Zooming → Off.
  • Equalizer: Settings → Sound → Sound Effects → Equalizer → Off.
  • Balance: Settings → Sound → Sound Effects → Balance → 0.
  • AV Sync Adjust: Settings → Sound → Sound Effects → Off.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any sound settings for LG TV with a soundbar?

Yes. You can modify the Equalizer settings on LG TV to get the best audio experience in the Soundbar.

How to fix the LG TV sound problem?

Go to Sound settings and set the Sound Out to Internal speakers. Also, check if the volume is unmuted or above 10.

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