How to Turn OFF HDR on LG TV

How to Turn Off HDR on LG Smart TV

Though HDR delivers peak brightness, better contrast, and color bit depth, sometimes, you would wish to turn off HDR on LG TV. You will also think of disabling HDR if the content is incompatible with HDR. If you don’t turn off HDR, it will affect your viewing experience by making the LG TV too dark.

The content will consume more power in HDR mode due to the maximum brightness level. Especially if you watch HDR content in low light, it will cause eye fatigue and irritation. The picture might glare if there is too much natural light in the room. To avoid these problems, you can disable the HDR.

Why Do You Need to Turn Off HDR on LG TV?

HDR increases the dynamic range beyond what is normally captured, creating a more accurate and impressive picture. If you are a big fan of Marvel and Star Wars, you would love watching their content in Dolby Vision and HDR10. In such cases, you can turn on the HDR mode.

If you wish to see something in motion that features dark and intense scenes, you must turn off the HDR. It will help you see the visuals with peak dynamic range in the dark. HDR also helps to see lifeless pictures more vibrantly.

How to Turn Off HDR on LG TV [2020 and Above Models]

1. Press Settings on your LG Magic Remote.

2. Click on All Settings and choose the Picture mode.

Go to Picture settings to Turn Off HDR on LG TV

3. Select the HDR Select mode, which is already enabled.

Click HDR Select Mode on LG TV

4. According to your requirement, you can adjust the level of HDR Effect.

Select the Picture mode

5. Else, you can turn off HDR and enable another picture mode, go to Advanced Settings, and choose Brightness.

Click Advanced Settings

6. Turn off the Auto Dynamic Contrast and the HDR Tone Mapping.

Turn off the Auto Dynamic Contrast

7. Return to the Advanced Settings menu and click Apply to all inputs.

Click Apply to all inputs

8. If you wish to reset the picture mode, navigate to Advanced Settings and select the Reset option.

Click Reset

9. Further, go to All Settings > Picture. Select the mode of your preference.

Change Picture mode

Note: We suggest you turn on Filmmaker mode on LG TV for watching content in a dark room.

How to Turn Off HDR on LG TV [2018-2019 Models]

1. Turn on your LG Smart TV.

2. Press the Settings key on your remote.

3. Choose the Picture option from the pop-up.

4. Tap the Picture Mode Settings.

Go to Picture mode settings to turn off HDR on LG TV

5. Click the Picture Mode.

Select Picture mode

6. You can disable HDR by choosing a variable picture mode from the options.

Select Picture Mode to Turn Off HDR on LG TV

How to Make HDR Mode Look Better on LG Smart TV

Streaming services like Netflix offer HDR content only on its expensive Premium plan. If you are an eligible subscriber, you can watch the HDR-supported content. You can enjoy this feature as long as you downgrade the plan. Besides that, there are some settings you need to tweak to play the content better.

Turn Off Energy Saver Mode

Sometimes, the picture in HDR mode looks extremely dull and darker than it should be. To fix this, turn off the Energy saving mode on the LG TV. Once done, you can feel the difference on your LG TV when you watch movies or TV shows in the HDR mode.

Modify the HDR Mode

The latest LG TV models have numerous picture modes. Instead of selecting the Standard Mode, choose a different mode. The other picture modes are Vivid, Eco, Sports, Game, isf Expert (Bright Room), or isf Expert (Dark Room).

Adjust the Brightness on LG TV

The quality of HDR depends on brightness. To watch HDR content in a bright room, you might need to turn up the brightness on LG TV. However, it will decrease the dynamic range for HDR content, and the darker pixels in the video will look brighter. So, we suggest you watch HDR content only in dark rooms.

Disable HDR Tone Mapping

HDR Tone Mapping is a tool to adjust the tonal values of pixels. However, it will make the picture more realistic than the director intends for the film or TV show. It is better to disable HDR Tone Mapping to avoid such differences.

Why HDR Logo Keeps Popping Up on LG TV

Many LG TV users have reported that the HDR logo was frequently shown while watching content on a streaming device. It happens only if your LG TV detects content in proper HDR format. Besides that, here are other reasons that may bring in the pop-up.

Faulty HDMI Cable: If the HDMI cable is defective or old, it will lead to technical issues like displaying an HDR pop-up, content freezing, etc.

Unstable Internet Connection: Sometimes, the issue may occur due to a lack of internet speed on LG TV. As a consequence, it will switch the content to HDR without consent.


Is Filmmaker mode better than HDR on LG TV?

Filmmaker mode is best for watching TV in dark rooms since it reduces the brightness to its extent. But in HDR mode, the content will play with a peak brightness.

How to turn off HDMI ULTRA HD Deep Colour?

Go to SettingsAll SettingsPictureAdditional SettingsHDMI ULTRA HD Deep Colour → Turn OFF.

Which are the best HDR settings for the LG TV?

Standard (User) and Cinema mode are the best HDR settings.

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