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How to Record on LG Smart TV

How to Record on LG Smart TV

LG Smart TV has a live recording feature to record the desired TV shows and movies. It is necessary to connect a USB device to the LG TV for storing the recorded files. You can go to the TV Guide setting on your LG TV to record programs. If you can’t see TV Guide, use the Timeshift function to watch live broadcasts offline by recording them on your hard disk drive.

In this article, I will explain the possible ways to record on an LG Smart TV.

How to Record Live TV on LG Smart TV

[1] First, connect the USB hard drive or USB flash drive to the side or back of your LG TV’s USB port and turn On your LG TV.

[2] Go to the TV Guide option and choose the video content you want to record.

[3] Then, next to the video, tap the Info icon. 

Click the Info icon ton record videos on LG TV

[4] Now, click the Record button, and the selected video will be recorded on your USB hard drive or USB flash drive.

Click Record

[5] To stop the recording, click the Stop Recording button.

[6] To view the recording, go to the home dashboard and select the Mass Storage tile to access and view your recordings.

Tap Mass Storage to view the recordings

How to Schedule Recordings on LG Smart TV

[1] Head over to the home menu and run the Program schedule application.

[2] Then, choose the program you wish to record from the list of programs.

[3] Click on the Scheduled Recording option.

[4] Next, select the storage device.

[5] Finally, press Record or Done to schedule the recording.

Note: You can only record the programs from the TV channels, not the content from Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, and Netflix on LG TV.

Use the Timeshift Feature to Record Live Shows

Timeshift lets LG Smart TV users record up to 90 minutes of video with USB. It helps to rewind TV shows while you watch and replay a particular scene you missed. Connect an external hard disk with 80GB or higher storage space for recording videos.

Follow these steps to activate Timeshift on your LG Smart TV.

  • Tap the Wheel button in the remote and select Start Timeshift.
  • Click the Storage Device option and select your HDD.
  • Tap the Rec button in the progress bar to start live recording.
  • If necessary, tap the Fast Forward and Rewind icon to replay the broadcast of the desired scene. Tap the Play/Pause icon on the progress bar to pause the broadcast.

Points to Remember

Remember the points mentioned below while recording the content on the LG Smart TV.

  • While recording the programs, you cannot access or use some of the TV functions.
  • Don’t remove the USB drive while recording the programs
  • Based on the capacity of your USB storage device, the recordable time may vary.
  • An AV Jack, copyright-protected contents cannot be recorded.
  • Don’t turn off the TV while recording the program
  • Selling or renting copyrighted content is strictly prohibited. You may use it only for your personal use.


Does LG have a built-in screen recorder?

Yes. Most LG TV models come with a built-in screen recorder feature.

What format does LG smart TV record?

LG Smart TV records the shows in MP4 in H. 264 / AVC, MPEG-4, H. 263, MPEG-1/2, VC-1 video codec, and AAC, AC3, DTS, and MP3 audio codec formats.

Why am I having problems recording on LG Smart TV?

If you eject the USB device, the TV is turned off, the firmware is outdated, or the USB port is damaged.

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