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How to Pair LG Magic Remote

How to Pair LG Magic Remote to TV [Easy Guide]

LG Magic Remote is an intelligent voice control remote with Google Assistant and Alexa support. You need to pair your LG Magic Remote to control Blu-ray, set-top boxes, soundbars, and AI-powered Smart TVs. If you have issues while pairing, you can de-register and re-register the magic remote. Otherwise, you can reset the LG Magic Remote to fix the problem.

How to Pair LG Magic Remote to TV

1. Turn on your LG Smart TV and wait for 10 seconds to load the home screen.

2. Aim the remote at the LG TV and press the Wheel (OK) button.

Wheel OK button on LG Magic Remote

3. If the remote is paired successfully, you will see the “Pairing is complete” message on the TV screen.

4. If the LG Magic Remote is not pairing, you should initialize the TV remote again to fix it.

How to Pair LG Magic Remote with Sound Bar

1. Press the Home button on the LG Magic Remote.

Home button on LG Magic Remote

2. Select Device Connector from the list of home screen apps.

Device Connection option on LG TV

3. Select Sound Bar from the devices list.

How to Pair LG Magic Remote with Soundbar

4. Choose the TV port to which you have connected the soundbar. It would be Optical in most cases.

Select Optical

5. Select the soundbar manufacturer and click Next.

Select Device Manufacturer

6. Choose Remote Type from the slider and follow the on-screen instructions. Click Next.

Select Remote Type

7. Lastly, click Done if you have completed the steps.

Click Done

How to De-Register the Magic Remote

1. Press the Smart/Home and Back buttons on the LG Magic Remote and hold them for 5 seconds.

2. If the remote is initialized, the LED light on the remote will flash 3 times.

As a result, the LG Magic Remote will get unpaired with the LG TV.

How to Re-Register the Remote

1. Press the Wheel (OK) button to re-pair the LG Magic Remote.

2. If you see a pop-up message, “registering new remote,” on the TV screen.

Later, you can use the Magic Remote to control your LG TV.

How to Reset LG Magic Remote

If the LG Magic Remote is not pairing after trying multiple times, it does not mean the remote is defective. To fix this issue, you can reset your LG Magic Remote.

1. Press the OK and Mute buttons and hold them for a few seconds.

Mute button on LG Magic Remote

2. Aim the remote at the TV sensor and press the Wheel (OK) button.

3. If the LED light blinks on the remote’s Power button, you have successfully reset the LG Magic Remote.

Tip: In addition to LG Magic remote, you shall use the LG ThinQ remote app to control your LG Smart TV.

LG Magic Remote Control Buttons & Functions

LG Magic Remote lets you control your LG TV, and it can perform the following functions by pressing these buttons.

PowerIt lets you turn on or off your LG Smart TV
Smart HomeView the home screen of the LG TV
BackGo back to the previous page or function
ListDisplays the TV Guide
Voice RecognitionUse voice commands to control your Smart TV
NavigationIt brings up the cursor, or you can navigate the options
Wheel (OK)Forward or backward movements, and change the channel by scrolling up or down
3DEnable or disable 3D mode on the TV
Q.MenuAccess the Quick Menu to view local storage
SettingsConfigure settings on Picture, Sound, and Aspect Ratio
VolumeAdjust the volume of the TV or external device
MuteIt allows you to mute or unmute the volume
ChannelSwitch the TV channels on your Smart TV or other connected devices

That’s how you can pair your LG TV remote to your TV to control it to the fullest. However, if your LG Magic remote is not pairing, you shall try basic troubleshooting like resetting the remote, re-registering, etc.

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