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How to close apps on LG TV

How to Close Apps on LG TV [4 Methods]

Every now and then, all LG TV users must close the unwanted apps on their TV to avoid a slowdown in performance. Other than making your TV faster, closing apps will restart crashed apps and free up RAM usage. So, we recommend closing the app before deleting the app on LG TV when you face any glitches or bugs. So if you feel like your LG TV is a bit sluggish you can rely on these methods to close the apps and improve the performance.

How to Close Apps on LG Smart TV

The following are the possible ways to terminate the apps running in the background of LG Smart TV.

Using the Back Button on your LG TV Remote

The quickest and easiest way to close an app is by pressing the Back button on the LG TV remote. Based on the webOS version of the TV, your LG TV does the following thing:

  • On LG TV with webOS 5.0 or lower pressing the Back button will take you to the previous page if it exists or it will launch the Home launcher.
  • On LG TV with webOS 6.0 or higher pressing the Back button twice will prompt you to close the app. Click Exit on the prompt to close the app.

Using the Home Button on your LG TV Remote

Another method to close all recent apps is by pressing and holding the Home button on the remote. A pop-up will show all recent apps that are already opened and running. To close an app, hover over the app you want to close and click on the ‘X‘ icon to close the app.

Close app

Using the Memory Optimizer Function

On newer LG TV models, you can access the Memory Optimizer function to close an app and clear the RAM of your LG TV.

[1] Click on the Settings button on your LG TV remote.

[2] Select the OLED Care in the Settings.

[3] Choose the Device Self Care option.

[4] Select Memory Optimizer and click Start.

Memory Optimizer - How to close apps on LG TV

This will close all the apps running in the background on your LG TV.

Note: Memory Optimizer function also helps to delete unused apps on your TV.

Soft Reset your LG TV

A soft reset is a useful way to close all the apps on your LG TV without deleting anything. To do this, turn off your LG TV and unplug your LG TV from the power supply. Then leave it unplugged for 60 seconds.

After waiting for a minute, plug the TV cord back into the power source. It is very beneficial to LG TV since it clears the built-in cache so that you can experience a smooth performance on your LG TV.

Note: If your TV’s performance is abruptly slow after a soft reset, it is better to reset your LG Smart TV to factory defaults. But keep in mind, it will clear the system data and the installed applications.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to delete apps on LG TV?

To delete or uninstall an app on your LG TV, press the Home button on the remote, go to Apps, click on the pencil icon, press OK, select the application you want to delete, click the Trash can icon, and click Yes.

Why is my LG TV slow?

Too many apps running in the background may cause your LG TV to be slow. Closing unused apps and clearing the cache of your LG TV can fix this problem.

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