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How to Program DISH Remote to LG TV

How to Program DISH Remote to LG TV [A Complete Guide]

If you have decided to use your DISH remote for your LG TV, you must program it to use it efficiently. Basically, you can program the DISH remote to any Smart TV in three possible ways. Depending on the remote models, the steps to program a DISH remote will slightly differ. Go through the following methods to program and use a DISH remote without any complications.

How to Program DISH Remote to LG TV Via Pairing Wizard

Those users with DISH remote models such as 40.0, 50.0, 52.0, and 54.0 should use the Pairing Wizard method to program DISH remote to LG TV.

In this way, you can program the DISH remote to LG TV without using a code.

1. Press the Home button twice or the Menu button once on your DISH remote.

2. Open Settings from the menu list.

3. Select the Remote Control tab on the screen.

4. From the device list, select LG TV.

5. Choose the Pairing Wizard option for an easy programming process.

Programming DISH remote on LG TV using Pairing Wizard.

6. On the screen, it will display some codes.

7. Test each code by pressing the Volume and Mute buttons on the DISH remote.

8. If the remote works, select the Finish tab.

  • If the remote doesn’t respond to your LG TV, select the Try Next Code tab to find your TV.

Once you finish the process, you are done with programming your DISH remote with your LG Smart TV.

How to Program Old Model DISH Remote to LG TV Via Power Scan

If you have a DISH remote control from the 20 or 21 series, you need to use the Power Scan process to program your DISH remote on LG TV.

DISH remote old model

1. Press and hold the TV button on your DISH remote, pointing at your LG TV.

2. After 10 seconds, release the button, and the mode button will start blinking.

3. Press and release the Power button on the DISH remote. The solid light on the Blinking Mode button indicates that the remote is ready for programming.

4. Use the available codes to find out the valid code.

5. Press the Up direction button on your remote after every few seconds until the device turns off.

6. Once the device is turned off, press the # button to save the code.

Now, test your remote, and check if it is working properly.

Note: In addition to DISH Remote, you shall even program Xfinity Remote to LG TV using Program Codes to control the LG TV.

How to Program DISH Remote to LG TV Using Code Search

1. First, power on your LG Smart TV.

2. Point the DISH remote towards the device and long press the TV button.

3. Hold on for a few seconds for the LED lights on the remote to flash.

4. When you see the lights blink, release the fingers.

5. Now, press the Power button to initiate the scan.

6. Use the Up and Down arrow buttons to test each code.

7. Press the arrow buttons, until your LG Smart TV turns off.

8. Next, tap the # button to apply the code.

9. Finally, press the Power button to switch on your LG TV.

Note: If you are a DirecTV customer, you can program a DirecTV remote to LG TV and use a single remote to control the DirecTV box and TV.

3 Digit Codes to Program DISH Remote to LG TV

Here are the codes that you can use to program the DISH remote on LG TV.

For 20.1 & 21.1 Models


For 20.0 & 21.0 Model


For 10.1 Model


For 6.2 Model


Remote Codes for 5.4 & 6.4 Models


Remote Codes for 3.4 & 4.4 Models


Codes for 1.5 Blue Button Remote


For Platinum & Platinum Plus DISH Remotes


Codes for Basic Remote


Codes for EZRemote


4 Digit Codes for Newer Model DISH Remote


Fixes for DISH Remote Not Pairing with LG TV

When you come across the pairing issue while using the DISH remote with your LG TV, you should try out these tricks to fix the issue.

  • Make sure to unpair the DISH remote that you aren’t using before pairing the new remote.
  • Check if the batteries are inserted properly and aren’t weak.
  • When one code doesn’t work, you should try a different TV code to program the remote to the TV.

Note: Other than programming the DISH remote, you can use the LG ThinQ app to control the LG TV virtually from an Android or iPhone.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I program the DISH remote with LG TV’s auxiliary devices?

Yes, you can program the DISH remote with the devices that are connected to your LG TV. To do so,
1. Press the Home Button twice.
2. Select the Settings tab and open the Remote Control.
3. Choose an Auxiliary Device and select the type of device.
4. Choose Pairing Wizard and follow the screen instructions.

Is it possible to pair the DISH remote to the LG TV without codes?

Yes. You can pair the DISH remote to the LG TV without codes by following the Code Search method.

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