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How to Change LG TV Name

How to Change LG Smart TV Name

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How to ChangeUnder TV Management Settings
How to Change Input NameUnder Home Dashboard Settings

It is usual to have more than one Smart TV in our home. When you have the same brand of TVs, and when trying to access them for wireless connection, it can bring chaos. So to clear up this confusion, LG TV has introduced a feature to change your TV name. You can change the TV name and input the name on your LG TV for better recognition.

How to Rename New LG Smart TV

For 2021 models of LG Smart TV, follow the below steps. For older models, skip to the next section.

1: Grab your LG remote and press the Settings button.

2: Select All Settings on your TV.

3: In the list of options, select General.

4: Now, choose the Devices menu.

5: Select the TV Management option.

Click on TV Management option

6: Under TV Management, select TV Information.

7: On the next screen, you can see your TV name and the details of the TV.

8: Select the Device Name option. Now, change the TV name and select Enter to save the name.

Click Device name to change LG TV name

How to Change the Name LG Smart TV [Old Models]

In the older models of LG Smart TVs, you can change the name in Network settings.

1: Press the Home button on your LG TV remote.

2: Then select the Settings icon on the Home screen.

3: Select the Network option under Settings to move on to the next step.

Click on TV name field to change LG TV name

4: In the Network section, you can see the TV Name.

5: Select the TV Name field and type the new name.

6: After changing the name, select Enter button on the Keyboard to rename and confirm your new TV name.

The name you change here will appear on AirPlay, Bluetooth, and other wireless connection settings. Make sure not to use any special characters in the name, as it won’t appear on some devices.

How to Change Input Name on LG Smart TV

Like the TV name, you can even change your input names on LG TVs. This will help you to identify the correct input when you are working with multiple inputs/

1: In your LG TV remote, select the Inputs button.

2: Now, scroll down your Input option and select the All inputs option.

3: In the Inputs section, select the input you want to change.

4: Navigate to the Input label drop-down on the right.

Click the Input Label to change Input name on LG TV

4: Type the name for the input and click the Enter button.

5: The name of the input will be changed.

How to Change Input Name on Old LG TV

In the older models of LG TVs, you can rename the input from the home dashboard.

1: In your LG TV remote, press the Home button.

2: On your Home screen, select the Home Dashboard option.

3: In the Home Dashboard section, select the three-dotted menu in the top right corner.

4: Select the Edit menu and choose the Edit Inputs option.

Click Edit option

4: Under Edit inputs, select the input you want to rename.

5: Type the input name and click the Enter button.

Follow the above-mentioned steps to rename your LG TV and its inputs. With this, you can easily recognize your TV and its inputs without trouble. If you can’t find the TV name or have any issues, let us know in the comments.

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