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How to Connect Phone to LG TV with USB

How to Connect Phone to LG TV with USB

Want to watch videos and photos that you have saved on your phone on a big screen? You have come to the right place. For this purpose, you should connect your Android smartphone or iPhone to an LG TV with the help of a USB cable. Using a wired USB connection, you can watch media files on LG TV when it lacks Chromecast built-in and AirPlay support.

In this guide, you will learn how to connect a phone to an LG TV using a USB cable with simple instructions.

How to Connect Smartphone to LG TV with USB

1. Connect the USB cable’s Type-A connector to the USB port available on the LG TV.

Connect USB cable to LG TV USB port

2. Now, insert the other end of the USB cable, either Type-B or Type-C connector, into your smartphone’s charging port.

3. Once done, a pop text will appear on your smartphone asking for access.

4. Select Transferring images/Transferring files accordingly.

Select Transferring files/Transferring images to use the USB

5. Hit Allow on your smartphone to confirm the process.

How to Change Input on LG TV

You have to change the Input on the LG TV to watch your smartphone’s content on a big screen via a USB cable.

1. Press the Input button present on your LG TV remote.

2. Select All Inputs in the options shown.

3. Pick the USB to which you have connected your Smartphone.

That’s it. The input is changed. Play the content that you want to watch on LG TV.

Alternate Ways to Connect Android Phone to LG TV With USB

Other than USB-C, you can use any of the methods to connect your phone to an LG TV.

  • Using MHL-Enabled device
  • With USB SlimPort

How to Connect Phone to LG TV Using MHL

MHL (Mobile High-definition Link) is a way to connect a phone to an LG TV using a micro-USB cable. This technique is widely used to connect mobile devices to projectors and televisions.

For this process, you need to have an MHL-compatible smartphone, USB to HDMI MHL adapter/cable, HDMI cable, and power cable.

How to Connect Phone to LG TV Using USB SlimPort

If you have an older LG TV, SlimPort cable is the best choice to connect your phone to it. Like MHL, it works by connecting a micro-USB cable to a TV.

The only difference about the SlimPort cable is that it can connect to HDMI, VGA, DVI, and DisplayPort. So, you can easily connect your phone to an LG TV or older monitors with ease.

Ensure that you have a SlimPort-supported phone, micro-USB SlimPort cable/adapter, and video cable (HDMI/DVI/DisplayPort/VGA) to connect your phone to an LG TV.

How to Connect Phone to LG TV Without HDMI

There are some old LG TVs which doesn’t have dedicated HDMI ports. You may wonder if there is any way to connect an Android smartphone to your old LG TV. We recommend users use the following devices to get it done.

USB to VGA AdapterCheck PriceCheck Price
HDMI to RCACheck PriceCheck Price
USB to HDMICheck PriceCheck Price
SCART to HDMICheck PriceCheck Price

Benefits of Connecting Phone to LG TV with USB

Though there are many ways to cast an Android screen to an LG TV, using a USB cable is very convenient. This is because it has low latency while streaming any media files on LG TV from your phone.

Moreover, it will help to reduce input lag on LG TV especially if you mirror any gameplay from a phone to your Smart TV.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to connect an iPhone to an LG Smart TV with USB?

You can check the detailed guide to connect an iPhone to an LG Smart TV to get complete instructions.

Can I change the input on LG TV without using a remote?

Yes. You can install and use the LG ThinQ app on your smartphone to change the input on the LG TV without a remote.

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