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YouTube Not Working on LG Smart TV: Reasons & Solutions

YouTube is one of the best LG TV apps that comes pre-installed on the LG TV. Though YouTube is a stable app, at times it may not be playing videos due to some reasons. Besides this, many people have faced feature-related issues on YouTube like voice search, sound, microphone, cast not working, etc. If YouTube on your LG Smart TV is not working, you can try these workarounds to fix them.

How to Fix YouTube Not Working on LG Smart TV

If the YouTube app is not working on LG TV, it may be for the following reasons.

YouTube Fails to Load the Content

If the YouTube app on LG TV starts to buffer or fails to load the content, it may be due to a poor internet connection or server outage. It is a resolvable issue so you don’t need to worry at all.


  • Unstable internet connection
  • Server down
  • Improper DNS settings
  • Changes in Network Protocol
  • Disable VPN


The internet connection is resolvable, and it can be fixed by the LG TV user itself. However, the server issues will be taken care of by YouTube technical support.

1. Power Cycle Internet Router

(1) Remove the power cable of the WiFi router from the power socket and wait for 3-5 minutes.

Remove the Power cable

(2) Now, reinsert the power cable and turn on the switch. Also, turn on the WiFi router.

(3) Connect your LG TV to the WiFi network.

(4) Run the internet speed test on LG TV once the connection is established.

2. Power Cycle LG Smart TV

(1) Eject the power cable of the TV from the power outlet.

(2) Wait for a few minutes.

(3) Now, reinsert the power cable of the TV on the power outlet.

(4) Turn on the switch and TV.

(5) Now, connect your TV to the WiFi. The problem of YouTube not working on your LG TV might have been resolved now.

3. Check the Server of YouTube

The server issues are unfixable by the user. If you have found that the problem is with the server, you need to wait for the official announcement announced by YouTube. You can get to know about this from the social media page of YouTube. Meanwhile, you can check the status of the YouTube server from a third-party website like Downdector.

4. Change the DNS on your TV

(1) Navigate to the Settings of the LG TV.

(2) Choose Network from the left pane and select the WiFi network you have connected.

(3) Click the Edit option and uncheck the Set Automatically feature.

(4) Go to the DNS server field and edit it as

Click the Connect button

(5) Click the Connect button to modify your DNS settings.

5. Turn Off IPv6 on your LG TV

(1) Press the Settings button on your LG remote.

(2) Choose All Settings and select the Network from the left panel.

(3) Select the WiFi connection and tap Advanced WiFi settings.

(4) Turn off IPv6 on LG TV using a toggle button.

6. Turn Off the VPN on LG TV

If you have connected your WiFi router to a VPN, you must disable it. At times, YouTube might not load due to the VPN connection. Hence, try turning it off and begin playing the videos on YouTube. If it doesn’t work still, move on to the next troubleshooting method.

Note: You can check our detailed guide if you want to know about blocking YouTube ads on LG TV.

YouTube App Not Responding

The YouTube app will start crashing and may not respond for many reasons, like temporary bugs, restrictions, and many more.


  • An outdated version of the app
  • Geo-restrictions
  • Incorrect time and date
  • Temporary bugs and glitches


You can fix the app not responding problem by following the methods mentioned below.

1. Change the Location

YouTube is banned in countries like China (excluding Hong Kong and Macau), Eritrea, Iran, North Korea, and Turkmenistan. If you are living in these countries, you cannot stream YouTube officially. But you can fix YouTube not working on the LG Smart TV issue by changing your current location on the TV.

1. Turn on and connect the LG TV to the internet connection.

2. Launch the YouTube app on your TV.

3. Select your Profile icon on the top right corner of the page.

5. Select the Location option from the drop-down menu.

Change the Location

4. Change your location to any of the countries where YouTube is legal.

2. Change the Time and date on LG Smart TV

The YouTube app might not work well due to the change in the Time Zones and date. Hence, check whether you set the correct time on your device.

1. Head to Settings on your LG Smart TV.

2. Select General and choose Time & Date.

Select Time & Date in LG TV settings

3. Check the Time and Date in Settings and fix if it is modified.

3. Restart the YouTube App

Restarting YouTube is a simple task. The process clears the minor bugs on your LG TV. You can do this by just closing the application and turning off the LG TV. Turn on your TV after a few minutes and launch the YouTube app. This helps to resolve the YouTube not working problem on your LG TV.

4. Update the YouTube App

The bugs and glitches can be rectified only by updating the apps. You can also enjoy the new features of the app only by updating it. You can update the apps on LG TV directly from the LG Content Store. Follow the steps mentioned below to update the app on LG TV and check if that has fixed YouTube not working on the LG Smart TV issue.

1. Press the Home Button on your LG TV remote.

2. Launch the LG Content Store application.

Launch the Content Store

3. Go to the Apps section and select My Apps.

4. Click the Search icon and enter YouTube using the virtual keyboard.

5. Select the YouTube app from the search result and hit the Update button below the app logo to update the YouTube app on your TV.

YouTube App Closes Automatically on the LG TV

The YouTube app closes automatically without any reason which means that the app or TV faces temporary bugs or crashes. You can eliminate the bugs by following the methods mentioned below.


  • Temporary bugs and internal glitches
  • Outdated version of the TV firmware


You can fix the temporary crash by updating the TV and reinstalling the app.

1. Update LG TV

The current models of LG TVs are running on the version of webOS 6.0. If your TV is running below the version of webOS 6.0 and it is available for update, you can update the firmware of the LG TV to fix the problem. Updating the firmware of the TV helps you to fix many technical problems on the TV.

1. Press the Settings button on your LG Magi remote.

2. Click on All Settings from the screen.

3. Select the General option from the left panel.

4. Now, choose About This TV.

5. Click the option Check for updates. If your TV is available for the update, you will receive a popup as Update Available.

6. Tap the Install button to update your LG TV.

Update LG TV to YouTube Not Working on LG Smart TV

7. You can also turn on the Auto Update option to download the firmware automatically.

8. Your TV will reboot automatically after installing the latest firmware.

Once the firmware is updated, open the YouTube app on the LG Smart TV and check if it is working without any issues.

2. Reinstall YouTube

Updating the app can fix only the temporary bugs in the app. It will not fix the temporary crashes. To fix the temporary crashes, you may need to uninstall the app on LG TV and reinstall it.

1. Press the Home button on your LG TV remote.

2. Move towards the right until you reach the Edit Mode option.

3. Once you have reached the Edit Mode option, press the OK button to open it.

4. Select the YouTube app from the list of installed apps.

5. Once you have selected the YouTube app, click the Up Arrow button on your remote and tap the X mark.

Uninstall youtube

6. Now, press the OK button to remove the app from your LG TV.

7. Click on Yes from the popup menu to uninstall the app.

Reinstall the YouTube App on your TV

1. Navigate to the Home screen of your LG TV.

2. Scroll and open the LG Content Store application.

3. Click the Search icon at the top right and search for the YouTube app.

Reinstall YouTube

4. Highlight the YouTube app from the list of apps and click the Install button to get the app on your LG TV.

5. Now, launch the app and sign in with your credentials.

6. Finally, start streaming the YouTube app on your LG TV.

3. Enable the User Agreement

(1) Go to the Settings of your LG TV.

(2) Select the General and click the User Agreement option.

(3) Check the boxes on the User Agreement and click Agree button to enable it.

Accept User Agreements on LG Smart TV to fix YouTube Not Working

Corrupted Cache

Cache data are temporary files that cannot be removed from the device completely. But you can clear the cache on your LG TV when you feel that the TV is performing low.


  • Overuse of the app
  • Multiple background processes


You can clear the cache data on your LG TV from the application manager, restart the TV, and perform the factory reset.

1. Clear Cache on LG TV

The YouTube app may store a large amount of cache files over a period of time. Eventually, some files might get corrupted which could be the reason for YouTube not working on LG TV.

1. Go to the Settings of your LG TV and open the Application Manager.

2. Locate and select the YouTube app from the list of apps.

3. Click the Storage option on the YouTube app.

6. Finally, tap the Clear Cache button to eliminate all the cache files on the app.

2. Restart LG TV

Restarting your LG TV is the same as restarting the YouTube app. While restarting, all the minor bugs and glitches will be cleared from your TV. You can restart your LG TV with the remote and without the remote.

Restart LG TV With Remote

(1) Close all the apps and long-press the Power button.

(2) Now, your LG TV will power off instantly.

(3) Let your TV rest for some time. After that, press the Power button to power On your TV.

Restart LG TV Without a Remote

(1) Unplug the Power cable from the power source.

(2) Allow your TV to rest for a minute.

(3) After that, plug the power cable back into the power source and turn on your TV.

(4) When your LG Smart TV restarts, open the YouTube app and check whether it is working properly. If not, jump to the next step.

3. Factory Reset LG TV

Factory resetting will delete all your account settings and installed applications on your LG smart TV. Once you confirm this process, you cannot undo this. After resetting, you have to set up your LG TV from the initial stage. Follow the steps mentioned below to reset an LG Smart TV.

1. Press the Settings button on your Magic remote.

2. Scroll down and select the All Settings option.

3. Choose General from the left panel.

4. Tap on Reset to Initial Settings and click the OK button.

Factory Reset LG Smart TV

5. Click OK on the warning menu to reset your LG TV to the factory settings.

Contact Support

If you find any options to fix the problem of YouTube not working, you can contact the official support center of LG TV to place your query. You can get professional support directly from the team. Instead, you can also contact the toll-free number 1800 315 9999.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why can’t I download the YouTube app on my LG TV?

The YouTube app is not compatible with all LG TV models. YouTube is available in the LG Content Store for LG TVs (2014 and above) running webOS 1.0 or up. If you own an LG TV launched before 2014, you cannot install the app on your TV.

Why is the YouTube app crashing on LG TV?

It happens if too many apps are running in the background of your LG TV. You can force close the app on LG Smart TV to prevent the YouTube app from crashing.

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