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Fix Xfinity Stream App Not Working on LG TV.

Xfinity Stream App Not Working on LG TV | Reasons & Solutions

At times, the Xfinity Stream app may stop working on LG TV due to specific reasons. The errors may occur due to app incompatibility, unstable internet connection, corrupted cache, and more, Owing to this, many users reported that the Xfinity Stream app has no sound and channels are unavailable. Fortunately, there are workarounds to fix the issue without any technical assistance.

Why is Xfinity Stream App Not Working on LG TV

The following are the major reasons that prevent the Xfinity Stream app from working on your LG TV.

  • Malfunction on LG TV
  • The Xfinity Stream app is unsupported for your TV
  • Oscillating and weak network connection
  • Xfinity Stream server down
  • Crashed Xfinity Stream app on LG TV
  • Unwanted Xfinity Stream app cache files
  • Storage issues on LG TV
  • Not updated Xfinity Stream app or LG TV Firmware

Solutions for Xfinity Stream App Not Working on LG TV

Here are the best solutions to try in order to get the Xfinity app back to normal.

Check if Xfinity Stream is Compatible

The Xfinity Stream app is only available for LG Smart TVs (2018-2023) running WebOS 5.0 or later. If you have older LG TV models, you can either cast or AirPlay Xfinity Stream from your iPhone or iPad.

Power Cycle LG TV

When the LG TV apps stop working out of nowhere, power cycling your TV is the first solution you should try. Most of the time, if the app meets an unexpected glitch it will not be able to respond on your TV. Soft resetting help to fix the malfunction and glitches effortlessly without altering any settings on your LG TV.

1. Switch off and unplug your LG TV cord from the power socket.

2. Hold down the power button on your LG TV panel for 10 seconds.

3. Wait for 5-10 minutes until the power drains completely from the LG TV capacitor.

4. Plug the TV cord back into the source and switch on your LG TV.

Restart WiFi Router

If the Xfinity Stream app is buffering or failing to load contents, it is because of an unstable internet connection. You can connect the same network to any other device and test the internet speed of the LG TV. If it is slow, disconnect all devices from the WiFi and restart your router. Connect your LG TV and open the Xfinity Stream app and watch your favorite content. If that not gives you a hand, contact your Internet service provider for further assistance.

Check Xfinity Stream Server Status

If you are unable to access Xfinity Stream on other devices, it is time to check the Xfinity Stream server status. If the server status is low or it is under maintenance, you need to wait until the server comes back to normal. You can visit the Downdetector website and check for the Xfinity Stream server status.

Check the Xfinity Stream server status.

Relaunch Xfinity Stream App

If the Xfinity Stream app screen is unresponsive, there is a possibility that the Xfinity Stream app crashed while launching on your LG TV. Force-stopping the app is the better option to fix this kind of issue. You can force stop and close the app on your LG TV by pressing the Back button twice on the remote control. Now you can relaunch the app to check whether the issue is resolved or not.

Clear Xfinity Stream App Cache

Every app stores temporary files on the devices in order to work properly. These files can be helpful for the app in many ways including automatic log-ins. But too many cache files also cause the app to slow in performance. So, you can clear the cache on your LG TV whenever necessary.

1. Press the Home button on your LG TV remote to launch the main menu.

2. Now click on the Settings icon and open System Settings.

3. Then click on the Application Manager and select the Xfinity Stream app.

4. On the next page, hit the Clear Cache button.

Update or Reinstall Xfinity Stream App

Lagging and slowing down issues on the Xfinity app mostly occur if the app is outdated or the app you installed may have crashed. If the app is already updated, you can delete and reinstall the app to resolve the issue.

1. Connect your LG TV to WiFi and grab the LG TV remote.

2. Launch the Home screen and navigate to LG Content Store.

3. Go to the Apps section and choose the My Apps tab.

Open My Apps tab.

4. From the list of installed apps select the Xfinity Stream app.

5. Finally, hit the Update button and relaunch the Xfinity Stream app.

Run Memory Optimizer

LG TVs come with the memory optimizer feature which helps to clear the corrupted cache and release storage space.

1. Launch the Home screen and click on the Settings icon.

2. Navigate to OLED Care and select Device Self Care.

3. Go to the Memory Optimizer option and Start it.

Run the Memory Optimizer on LG TV.

Wait for the process to complete and launch the Xfinity Stream app again.

Check TV Location Settings

Some Xfinity content won’t be available to stream in your region because of the geo-restriction. If you can’t find the available content, it means that the location settings may have changed on your LG TV.

1. Press the Settings button on your LG TV remote and open All Settings.

2. Go to the General tab and select the Location option from the menu.

Correct the Location relaunch the Xfinity Stream app.

3. Now enter the correct Zip Code and restart your LG TV.

Update LG TV Firmware

To get a flawless streaming experience on LG TV, you need to keep the updated software every time. To avoid checking for the update every time, you can enable the auto-update feature on your LG TV. You can also update the latest firmware on your LG TV manually, by using the below steps.

1. Open Settings on your LG TV and navigate to All Settings.

2. Select the Support section and choose Software Updates.

3. Click the Check For Updates button to search for the available update.

Update the LG TV firmware.

4. If any update is available, click Download and Install to proceed.

After updating LG TV, check if the app not working issue is fixed or not.

Factory Reset LG TV

If none of the methods work, you can factory reset LG TV. This will remove all customized settings, and installed apps on your LG TV. However, this is the best option to rectify all incorrect settings on your LG TV.

1. Press the Settings button on your LG TV remote.

2. Go to All Settings and select Support or General.

3. Finally, click on the Reset to Initial Settings button.

Reset the LG TV to fix not working Xfinity Stream app.


What causes Xfinity Stream app to lag on LG TV?

Poor network connection and insufficient storage will cause the Xfinity Stream app to get into lagging issues on LG TV.

How to fix the frozen Xfinity Stream app screen on LG TV?

Force close the Xfinity Stream app on your LG TV and relaunch it after a few minutes.

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