How to Watch WNBA Finals on LG Smart TV

If you wish to watch all WNBA games on your LG TV, visit its official website using the web browser. Since the WNBA app is unavailable on the LG Content Store, you cannot install it. Fortunately, there are other ways to watch WNBA without installing the app on LG TV.

The WNBA app is compatible with Chromecast and AirPlay. You can use Cast or AirPlay WNBA to watch all the matches on a big screen. However, you must sign up with WNBA League Pass for live streaming, which costs $24.99/year.

Besides that, you can watch WNBA games using cable and satellite TV providers. So, install fuboTV or DirecTV Stream on LG TV to stream WNBA matches via ABC, CBSSN, ESPN, ESPN2, ESPN3, NBA TV, etc.

WNBA Finals will be played from October 08, 2023, to October 20, 2023.

How to Stream WNBA Finals on LG TV

You can use any of the below-mentioned methods to watch WNBA matches on your Smart TV.

  • Watch from the WNBA website
  • Cast WNBA from Android
  • AirPlay WNBA from iOS
  • Using a Streaming Device

How to Watch WNBA on LG TV Using Web Browser

1. Turn ON and connect the LG TV to a stable WiFi.

2. Open the web browser on LG TV and visit WNBA’s official website (wnba.com).

3. Sign in with your WNBA League Pass subscription credentials.

Sign in with your WNBA League Pass account

4. Once the home screen appears, click on a WNBA match or play highlights.

Start playing the Commissioner’s Cup Championship matches to watch on the LG Smart TV.

How to Cast WNBA on LG TV Using Android

Connect a Chromecast device to your LG TV if it does not have Chromecast built-in. Also, connect your LG TV and Android phone to the same WiFi network.

1. Install the WNBA app on your Android from the Play Store.

Install WNBA app

2. Once installed, launch the WNBA app.

3. Sign in with your WNBA League Pass account credentials.

4. Tap the Cast icon on the app’s interface.

5. Pick your LG Smart TV name from the list of available devices.

Start streaming the live WNBA matches on a big screen.

How to AirPlay WNBA on LG TV Using iPhone

Ensure to enable AirPlay on your LG Smart TV and connect it to the same WiFi as your iPhone is connected to.

1. Get the WNBA app on your iPhone from the App Store.

2. Open the WNBA app and tap the Sign in option.

3. Enter your WNBA League Pass account details and sign in.

4. Turn ON the Screen Mirroring option from the iPhone’s Control Center.

Turn ON the Screen Mirroring option to watch WNBA on LG TV

5. Select your LG TV from the devices to pair.

Now, play any WNBA match on your iPhone to watch it on the TV via screen mirroring.

How to Watch WNBA on LG TV Using Streaming Devices

The WNBA app is also available for some streaming devices. Connect the device to your LG Smart TV and download the WNBA app from the respective app store. Further, sign in with your WNBA League Pass details to stream the matches. Some of the streaming devices with the WNBA app are listed below.

  • Apple TV
  • Amazon Firestick
  • Roku

How to Watch WNBA Finals on LG TV Without Cable

Here are some streaming apps with which you can watch the WNBA matches on LG TV.

YouTube TV

YouTube TV on LG TV

YouTube TV has channels that broadcast the WNBA events, like ABC, CBS, CBSSN, ESPN, etc. This service costs $72.99/month. With YouTube TV on LG TV, you can record your favorite WNBA games with unlimited DVR. Also, with one YouTube TV account, you can enjoy concurrent streams on up to 3 devices.

Sling TV

Sling TV

Sling TV has three plans in which ESPN is present in Sling Orange ($40/month). You can get ABC in Sling Blue($40/month) and Sling Orange & Blue ($55/month). You can also explore many other channels with its package. Install Sling TV on LG TV and watch all your WNBA matches with ease.

DirecTV Stream

DirecTV Stream

ESPN and ABC are present on DirecTV Stream, which streams WNBA games. This streaming service has various plans like Entertainment, Choice, Ultimate, and Premier. You can pick a plan according to your requirements and get DirecTV Stream on LG TV to watch live basketball matches.

Hulu + Live TV

Hulu + Live TV

Hulu + Live TV is the best plan to watch the WNBA matches live. You can get this plan for $69.99/month. It offers you more than 90 channels including ABC and ESPN. You can record and store the WNBA games in DVR for up to 9 months. Hulu on LG TV also supports simultaneous streams on up to 2 devices.

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video on LG TV

You can watch WNBA matches through Amazon Prime Video on LG TV. The membership cost is $14.99/Month. This service will stream 20 WNBA games (2023). Moreover, it offers 30 days free trial for new users.



fuboTV includes three plans: Pro, Elite, and Ultimate. The subscription starts at $74.99/month and offers a 7-day free trial for new users. Get fuboTV on LG TV to watch WNBA games using ABC, CBS, and ESPN channels.

2023 WNBA Finals Schedule

Here are the important dates on which two teams participate in the finals.

October 8Aces vs Liberty3:00 pmMichelob Ultra Arena
October 11Aces vs Liberty9:00 pmMichelob Ultra Arena
October 15Liberty vs Aces3:00 pmBarclays Center
October 18Liberty vs Aces8:00 pmBarclays Center
October 20Aces vs Liberty9:00 pmMichelob Ultra Arena

Frequently Asked Questions

How to watch WNBA matches in India?

You can watch WNBA matches in India using Amazon Prime Video.

Can I watch the WNBA games live for free?

Yes. You can use streaming services with free trials, like fuboTV, Amazon Prime Video, etc., to watch WNBA live for free.

Is it possible to watch WNBA games in the UK?

Yes. Get Sky Sports on LG TV to live stream WNBA games in the UK.

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