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What is Real Cinema on LG TV

What is Real Cinema on LG TV [Pros and Cons]

LG TVs have their unique NanoCell screen, but what if we say a simple tweak in settings will enhance your movie-watching experience by 10 times? Yes, turning on Real Cinema on your LG TV will give you a cinematic experience in your living room. However, there are some peculiar situations where it needs to be turned off. If you are still unsure about turning on or off Real Cinema on LG TV, dive into the section.

What is Real Cinema on LG TV and How Does it Work?

Real Cinema is a picture mode that when turned on applies about 1nm of nanoparticles to filter out the impurities in colors. Also, it will make the colors pop to deliver real cinematic visuals with true colors on the TV screen.

If you turn on Real Cinema mode, it will automatically balance the colors, lower the brightness, and increase the warmth of the picture. This feature is highly suitable for dark rooms so that you can watch movies that are shot at 24 fps.

Note: You can enable Eye Comfort Mode on LG TV to auto-adjust color temperature which gives protection against eyestrain.

How to Turn On/Off Real Cinema or Filmmaker Mode on LG TV

For older LG TVs, go to Settings > Picture > Picture Mode Settings > Picture Options > Real Cinema > Turn On or Off Real Cinema.

Real Cinema - what is real cinema on LG TV

For newer LG TV models, go to Settings > Picture > Select Mode > Filmmaker Mode > Turn On or Off Filmmaker Mode.

Newer LG TV also has the option to automatically switch to Filmmaker Mode on supported content. To enable this setting, go to Advanced Settings in the Picture settings and enable Filmmaker Mode Auto Start.

Note: It is recommended to turn off TruMotion on LG TV if you want to see pictures smooth and clear.

Pros and Cons of Leaving Real Cinema Mode On

Here are some notable advantages and disadvantages of the Real Cinema or Filmmaker Mode on LG TV if enabled.


  • Brings out the authentic color and motion intended by the filmmakers.
  • Color science is close to real cinema theater instead of the oversaturated standard picture profiles of the TV.


  • Low brightness when compared to standard profiles.
  • Fast-motion or panning scenes can look blurry or choppy.
  • Artificial smoothening of TV can make the content look smoothened and unnatural.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why can’t I turn off Real Cinema on LG TV?

If your LG Smart TV is not connected to the internet, it is impossible to turn off or turn on Real Cinema.

Is it necessary to turn on or off Real Cinema?

If you do not prefer the picture quality of Real Cinema, you can turn off the picture mode on Settings.

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