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How to Watch LG Channel Plus on LG TV

What is LG Channel Plus – How to Watch Free Channels

LG Channel Plus is a streaming app comprising free channels with ads. By activating the LG Channel Plus on the TV settings, you can watch cable TV channels for free. There are more than 600 TV channels available in the LG Channel Plus. To access these channels, you need to activate the LG Channels toggle from the Settings menu.

What is LG Channel Plus?

LG Channel Plus

The LG Channel Plus app is an inbuilt streaming app designed to stream free content to users. The app has TV channels with many different genres, like movies, sports, news, comedy, and more. The LG Channel Plus is available for all LG Smart TV users (from 2012 and above models) for free. To access the LG Channel Plus, you need to have an LG TV webOS of 4.5 and higher. If you are using the older version, update your LG Smart TV to its latest webOS version.

How to Activate LG Channel Plus

By default, the LG Channel Plus will be disabled on your TV. If you want cable TV channels, you can enable the LG Channel Plus feature.

1: Press the Home button on your TV remote.

2: Select the Settings menu on the Home screen.

3: Inside the settings, select the Channels tab on the left. (If any new version shows on your TV, update them. It might be a possibility to add more channels to the app).

4: Under the Channels category, turn on the LG Channels toggle.

Toggle ON to watch LG channel Plus free channels on your TV

5: Then, click the OK option on the pop-up.

6: Go to the home screen and select the Channel Plus menu.

7: Inside the Channel Plus app, select any program from the list and stream it on your TV.

Select any program from the list of free channels on your LG TV

How to Use LG Channel Plus

As Channel Plus is pre0-installed with the TV, you can navigate and use the app without any trouble. You can use the LG Magic Remtoe for all navigation purposes.

1: After activating the LG Channel Plus in the settings, open the app on the home screen.

2: On the home screen of the app, you can choose any content that you like and watch it on your TV.

3: By navigating through the channels, you can see the timing, channel name, channel number, and a brief description of the channels.

4: With the Star feature on the app, you can choose some of the channels as your favorites and can access them easily.

5: To close the LG Channel Plus, tap the X icon on the top-right corner.

How to Watch OTA and LG Channel Plus

If you are using an antenna to watch OTA channels, you can combine both the cable TV channels & LG Channels Plus and watch them together. You can easily access these two channels without changing the input on your LG TV. An OTA channel starts with an alphabet or a number on the channel name. The LG Channel Plus will show an IP in front of all the channel names.

LG Channel Plus – Channel Lineup

As mentioned above, there are more than 600 channels available in the LG Channel Lineup. Here is the list of all the channels available in the LG Channel Plus.

Channel NameChannel NumberPurpose of the Channel
CBSNIP – 12524/7 live news
Local NowIP – 126Local news
NBC NewsIP – 128Global news
Bloomberg TelevisionIP – 129Stream political commentary
NowThisIP – 130To watch all the breaking news
TodayIP – 131Updates and expert tips about lifestyle
Great Big StoryIP – 132Short films and Shot Documentaries
TIMEIP – 135Breaking news and global media content
NewsyIP – 136To get the latest updates
Law & CrimeIP – 137Live courtroom cases
NewsmaxTVIP – 138Covers all topics that major News channels ignore
CBC NewsIP – 141Canada News Channel
TYT (The Young Turks)IP – 142Politics
WochitIP – 144Quick updates
CheddarIP – 146Coverage of lifestyle products
USA Today NewsIP – 147News coverage about the USA
Real VisionIP – 148Full coverage of the Business field
FailArmyIP – 200Epic and funny Fail videos around the internet
Funny or DieIP – 201Comedy videos
Just for Laughs GagsIP – 202Comedy and pranks on the open city
Just for LaughsIP – 203Comedy videos and short clips
Above AverageIP – 208Connecting people’s stories with a hint of comedy
College HumorIP – 209Entertainment based on audiences between 18-49
JASHIP – 210Comedy
Comedy DynamicsIP – 211Stand-up comedy shows
Jukin VideoIP – 215Viral and user-generated videos
America’s Funniest Home VideosIP – 217Homemade comedy clips from around the USA
The Pet CollectiveIP – 225To watch funny animal clips
UzooIP – 228Adorable animal contents
Sci-Fi & FantasyIP – 246Contents about the Science Fiction genre
Free Action MoviesIP – 248To watch movies
Free Comedy MoviesIP – 249Comedy movies
Free MoviesIP – 250To watch every genre of movies
Binge Free TVIP – 256To watch new TV shows
AMMOIP – 258To stream movies and TV shows
FilmRiseIP – 259To watch documentaries, movies, and TV series
DocuramaIP – 261True life documentaries
CON tvIP – 262News and videos about ComicCon
Gravitas MoviesIP – 263To watch new movies by new producers
The ArchiveIP – 264Classic movies and TV shows
Shout! Factory TVIP – 265Cult TV shows, movies, comedies, etc
The GrapevineIP – 266Reality shows
American ClassicsIP – 267Classic American movies & TV Shows
FilmHubIP – 268To watch free movies
MaverickIP – 269To stream African American, Latino, and LGBT content
Hi-Yah!IP – 270Watch Kungfu films
Thriller and HorrorIP – 271Thriller Movies
The AsylumIP – 272To watch movie genres like Sci-Fi, Action, Thriller, Horror, and more
Killer MoviesIP – 273Independent, Cult films ad more for Free
The Preview ChannelIP – 276To watch trailers, interviews, and behind-the-scenes footage
Global Got TalentIP – 277Talent shows
Stingray iConcertsIP – 280To watch music concerts, documentaries, and content related to music
BillboardIP – 281The place to watch music, charts, news, videos, and more
FuseIP – 282Contents related to satisfying multicultural audiences
Austin Music LiveIP – 284To watch music-related content
Baeble MusicIP – 286Exclusive videos of music bands
Latido MusicIP – 288Latin music
ComplexIP – 289Latest entertainment videos of music, pop culture, etc
People are AwesomeIP – 290Compilation of original extraordinary videos of people
GameSpotIP – 300Coverage of gaming videos and related stuff
MobcrushIP – 302Stream live content of mobile and esports gaming
Arcade CloudIP – 304Home of video games and animated parodies
eSports RevolutionIP – 305Sports-related documentaries, talk shows, and many more
Family FeudIP – 310Game show between two families
comicbookIP – 317Contents about best-selling video games, movies, and more
SYFY WIREIP – 318Info about Sci-Fi movies, sneak peeks, and content about other genres
DUSTIP – 319Binge watch Sci-Fi
The Hollywood ReporterIP – 320Entertainment-related news
People TVIP – 321To watch pop culture, entertainment, lifestyle, and more content for free
PeopleIP – 322Celebrity news
TMZIP – 323Streams Entertainment News about Holywood, celebrities, etc
101FactsIP – 324Give facts about every topic
All TimeIP – 326To watch engaging and top 10 videos
FBEIP – 327Discussing series, movies, TV shows, and more
Vanity FairIP -328Ideas about modern culture
Young HollywoodIP – 330Streaming new trends, exclusive interviews, etc
Teen VogueIP – 333Top content about celebrity style, teen issues, etc
Broadway channelIP – 334Broadway theatre contents
The New YorkerIP – 335News about national and international politics
ObsevIP – 336Original and edited videos about food, lifestyle, sports, and entertainment
NoseyIP – 339Real facts and stories about people
Divorce CourtIP – 340Counseling session for married couple by an honorable judge
Forensic FilesIP – 344Evidence about real-life crimes and pandemics situation
Reelz ChannelIP – 345Content about Real Stories, celebrities, and lives
Reel Truth DocumentariesIP – 349Documentary about true crimes, medical and more
HistoryIP – 350History channel programs and TV shows
WIREDIP – 351Get to know the trends in tech, entertainment, business, etc
cNetIP – 352Unbiased product reviews, news, and podcasts.
TestedIP – 353Builders testing their creation
Popular ScienceIP – 355Feature updates about gadget reviews and more
FuturismIP – 358Coverage of new scientific creations
The Titanic ChannelIP – 359Videos and facts based n the real Titanic
MashableIP – 360News and coverage about digital innovation and the current generation
Ars TechnicaIP – 362Tech news, analysis, and reviews around the world.
PBS Digital StudiosIP – 370To watch short-form video series and the best parts of public television
Insight TVIP – 401To watch sports, entertainment, and lifestyle videos in UHD
JournyIP – 402Tourism and traveling
Conde Nast TravelerIP – 403Get the latest Travel news, guides, and tips
Food52IP – 404Videos about new dishes to convince people to try new food
bon appetitIP – 405Cooking
TastemadeIP – 406To show the special moments of the different dishes
Cooking LightIP – 407Coverage of fitness, home, beauty, travel, and others
SaveurIP – 409Contents about different Food
EpicuriousIP – 411Content for food lovers
Wine Oh TVIP – 412Learn about wine tasting and others
GustoTVIP – 413Content about food and lifestyle
Give Me Las VegasIP – 414Vacation and business destinations in Las Vegas
VogueIP – 426Fashion
GlamourIP – 427Outfit ideas, and many more for women
GQIP – 430Style advice and culture news
NatureVision TVIP – 450Soothing videos about nature in HD
Stingray AmbianceIP – 451Contents about soothing and scenery places
eScapesIP – 452Peaceful and calm videos
QVCIP – 455Shopping vidoes
Southern LivingIP – 456Southern cooking, decorating, gardening, etc
HSNIP – 457Shopping
SELFIP – 458Fitness
AllureIP – 459Beauty tips for skincare, hair, and other makeup information
Refinery29IP – 460Lifestyle-based content
JTV Jewelry LoveIP – 461Jewelry
ATTNIP – 462Important discussions of social topics and entertainment
RevryIP – 463Unique podcasts, series, and movies
MOTORVISION.TVIP – 464Automobile
PowerNationIP – 465How to automate
MotorcyclistIP – 466Racing and related news
This Old HouseIP – 478TV show
Architectural DigestIP – 479Content about various design talents of people
QineticIP – 491Fitness
Fox DeportesIP – 500NBA, NFL, Tenis, and other Sports
MoovimexIP – 504Mexican movies and contents
Novela ClubIP – 505Spanish series
KocowaIP – 510Kdrama, K-pop
Dove ChannelIP – 560Uplifting movies
Free Family MoviesIP – 599Family-friendly movies
HooplaKidzIP – 601Kids channel
Toon GogglesIP – 602Kid’s action shows and cartoons
batteryPOPIP – 603Kids-related entertainment content
AmebaIP – 604HQ contents for kids
Puddle JumperIP – 605Collection of children’s series
Mr. Bean & friendsIP – 606Mr.Bean show
ZooMooIP – 607Fun channel for Kids
CoolSchoolIP – 608Kids channel
Kid GeniusIP – 609Smart programs for kids
Pocket. WatchIP – 610Entertainment for kids
KabillionIP – 611Cartoon series for kids
Golf DigestIP – 706Exclusive videos of swing sequence and golf instructions
World Poker TourIP – 708Top card room matches
Eleven SportsIP – 711Live and compelling sports content
Copa90IP – 712Football matches
Football DailyIP – 713Viral Football videos of winning and losing
Waypoint TVIP – 718Fishing and hunting showsst
Sports GridIP – 719Betting insights and more
World Surf LeagueIP – 720Surf competitions
Outside TV+IP – 721Collection of adventurous sports video
NetworkAIP – 722Athlete Sports
The InertiaIP – 723Insights and experience of surfer, mountain climber, and more
Cycle WorldIP – 724Motorcycle information
Field & StreamIP – 725Hunting, fishing, and survival tips
Adventure Sports NetworkIP – 726Content about adventure sports, lifestyle, and travel
Nitro CircusIP – 727Breathtaking action sports
Glory KickboxingIP – 729Action sports involving kickboxing
MMAjunkieIP – 730UFC, MMA, and other fighting competition
Hard Knocks Fighting ChampionshipIP – 731MMA athletes matches
Combat GoIP -732Martial Arts
USA Today Sports WireIP – 733Sports clips
Sports IllustratedIP – 738Insights of all sports
ACC Digital NetworkIP – 739News about Athletic Coast Conference
FOX SportsIP – 740To watch live sports matches
fubo Sports NetworkIP – 742Live TV coverage of all sports
StadiumIP – 745Coverage of world-class sports
PGA TOURIP – 750PGA tour stats, video, and info about players
Best of Channel PlusIP – 999The channel that shows the best and new upcoming channels


1. Is LG Channel Plus free?

Yes, LG Channel Plus is available for free. To watch certain channels, you need to activate the channel using your cable TV account.

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