How to Watch Viki on LG TV

Viki on LG Smart TV: How to Install & Watch Asian Dramas

Rakuten Viki is a streaming platform that lets you watch K-drama and other content, such as movies, and TV shows. The Rakuten Viki app is compatible with LG Smart TV so you can install it directly from the Content Store. As the Viki app lacks the Sign In feature for LG Smart TVs, you need to activate the app with a code to access the content.

With the Viki app, you can watch shows and movies from Mainland China, Taiwan, Japan, Thailand, and more. You can access all the Viki content on your TV for free with ads. If you wish to stream content in HD without ads, you should subscribe to the Plus ($5.99/mo) or Standard ($9.99/mo) plan.

Is Rakuten Viki Available on LG Smart TV

Yes. You can install the Viki app on LG Smart TVs (2018 and above) if it is running with WebOS 4.0 or up. Also, keep in mind that the availability of the Rakuten Viki app will differ based on your location.

How to Watch Viki on LG Smart TV

Viki is accessible in multiple ways on the latest models of LG Smart TVs.

How to Install Viki on LG Smart TV

1: Turn on your LG Smart TV and connect it to a WiFi network.

2: Now, press the Home button on your LG TV remote.

3: On the home screen, select the LG Content Store.

Click on the LG TV Content store Menu

4: Navigate to the Search option and search for the Viki app.

5: From the search results, select the app and click the Install button.

6: Once the installation is completed, tap the Open button to launch the app.

How to Activate Viki on LG Smart TV

1: Open the Viki app on your Smart TV.

2: Now, select the Login option on your TV.

3: You can see a QR code on the left and the activation website on the right.

4: On your smartphone, you can scan the QR code to get the activation website.

5: You can also visit the activation website ( on your smartphone to finish Viki login with a TV code.

6: Log in with your Viki credentials.

Log in to Viki

7: Then, enter the activation code and click the Link Now button.

Activate Viki on LG Smart TV

8: Now, the Viki app on your Smart TV will be activated. You can stream all the Viki movies and TV shows.

How to AirPlay Viki on LG Smart TV

Firstly, you need to enable the AirPlay feature on your LG TV. With this, you can wirelessly stream Viki from an iPhone/iPad to your Smart TV.

1: Connect your LG TV to WiFi which should be the same as your iPhone.

2: Press the Home button on your TV remote and select the Home Dashboard menu.

3: In the menu, select the AirPlay feature.

Click Airplay option on LG TV

4: Select the AirPlay option and enable the feature on your LG TV.

5: In the Require code option, choose the First Time only option.

6: To change your AirPlay passcode, select the Use Password Instead option and change your unique password.

Click Use Password Instead option to change AirPlay passcode

7: Now, install the Viki app on your iPhone or iPad from the App Store.

8: Open the app and sign in with your account.

9: Select any content you want and play it.

10: In the Playback screen, tap the AirPlay icon.

Click the logo to AirPlay Viki on LG TV

11: Select your LG Smart TV Name from the available devices.

12: Enter the passcode if asked. Enter the unique passcode if you have changed in the above steps. Or else, you can see the passcode on your TV screen.

13: After entering the passcode, you can watch Viki content on your LG TV using AirPlay.

How to Cast Viki to LG Smart TV

If your LG TV has Chromecast built-in support, you can directly cast Viki to LG TV. Otherwise, you need to connect a Chromecast to an LG TV and set it up.

1: Start by plugging in a Chromecast with Google TV/Chromecast to the LG TV.

2: Then, ensure to use the same WiFi on your LG TV and Android smartphone.

3: Navigate to the Apps section on your Android smartphone and select Google Play Store.

4: Search for the Viki app and click Install to download the app.

5: Open the app after the installation and log in to your account.

6: Choose any title to play and select the Cast icon.

Cast Viki to LG TV

7: Select the LG TV to which you want to cast the Viki content.

8: When the connection is established, you can enjoy watching the Viki content on a big screen.

How to Stream Viki on LG TV Using Browser

Fortunately, the LG TV has a native web browser, which offers a neat browsing experience similar to smartphones.

1: Open the Web Browser on LG TV and visit the official website of Viki.

Visit Viki website

2: Click Log In and enter the credentials to stream your favorite content.

How to Watch Viki on LG TV Using Streaming Devices

In case your Smart TV isn’t compatible with the Viki app, you shall try other alternative techniques to access it. In other words, you shall rely on any of the streaming devices to access the Viki app. With this, you can watch movies, TV series, and other titles.

  • Apple TV
  • Firestick
  • Roku

How to Fix Viki Not Working on LG Smart TV

If the Viki app isn’t working unexpectedly on your Smart TV, you can refer to the below basic troubleshooting steps to fix the issue.

  • Check the internet speed – Ensure that your LG TV is connected to the Internet with an ethernet cable or WiFi. Check whether the TV has a decent internet speed when you face playback issues.
  • Sign out of your Viki account – If the content doesn’t load, sign out and sign in again to access the content.
  • Uninstall the Viki app – If the app is incompatible with your TV, uninstall and reinstall it.
  • Restart LG TV – Perform a reboot on your LG TV, if the app crashes or closes automatically.
  • Update Viki – Upgrade the Viki app from the LG Content Store, to keep the application stable. Also, update the LG TV firmware to avoid issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the Viki app not casting to LG TV?

If you can’t cast Viki to LG TV, it means that the TV and phone are not connected to the same WiFi network.

How to fix if the Viki app keeps crashing on LG TV?

If the Viki app keeps crashing, you should force close the app on LG TV and relaunch it.

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