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How to Update Apps on LG Smart TV

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How to UpdateUpdate via App Settings
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LG Smart TV has two different OS, and that is webOS & Netcast. To update apps, you have to follow the same procedure for both the OSes of your LG Smart TV. On updating the app, you can see additional features and security features. Before updating any app, make sure that you have sufficient storage and that you have updated your LG TV.

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Steps to Update Apps Manually on LG TV

When you are updating the applications on your LG Smart TV manually, you must choose the apps individually and update them. This process might take a little longer.

1. Grab your LG Smart TV remote.

2. From the LG TV home page, click on the Apps tab.

Apps section on LG TV.

3. Click the Search icon and search for the application you need to update. (eg. Netflix).

Search for the app.

4. Now, open the app and click on the Update button.

Update Apps Manually on LG TV

5. Within a minute, the application will be updated, and you can use the newest version of the app. To update all the apps, click the My Apps button and choose Update All.

Steps to Update Apps Automatically on LG Smart TV

If you want to update applications automatically on your LG Smart TV, you can enable the Allow Automatic Update feature.

1. From your LG TV home screen, click on the My Apps section.

My Apps section.

2. Choose the App Update option.

Choose App Update

3. You can see all the details about app updates.

4. Turn on the Allow Automatic Updates toggle.

Toggle up Allow Automatic Updates.

5. This will allow your LG TV to update the applications automatically by just connecting to a WiFi connection.

Some people still have this crazy doubt that reinstalling the application gives you the new version. Technically, it is possible. After uninstalling a particular application, the old version of the app will be removed from your TV. Now, install the same app again from the LG Content Store. Now, the newest version of the app is installed.

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