How to Update Apps on LG Smart TV [Possible Ways]

Are the installed apps not responding or facing some errors? It’s time to update the apps on your LG Smart TV. Basically, LG Smart TV has two different OS which include WebOS and Netcast OS. If you update the apps on LG Smart TV, you will experience the smooth function of applications and inherits additional features. Also, the security patches on the apps will get updated which ensures high protection of the user data.

How to Update Apps Manually on LG TV

When you are updating the applications on your LG Smart TV manually, you must choose the apps individually and update them. This process might take a little longer.

1. Grab your LG Magic Remote and press the Home button.

2. From the LG TV home page, click on the Apps tab.

Apps section on LG TV.

3. Click the Search icon and search for the application you need to update. (eg. Netflix).

Search for the app.

4. Now, open the app and click on the Update button.

Update Apps Manually on LG TV

5. Within a minute, the application will be updated, and you can use the newest version of the app. To update all the apps, click the My Apps button and choose Update All.

How to Update Apps Automatically on LG Smart TV

If you want to update applications automatically on your LG Smart TV, you can enable the Allow Automatic Update feature.

1. From your LG TV home screen, click on the My Apps section.

My Apps section.

2. Choose the App Update option.

Choose App Update

3. You can see all the details about app updates.

4. Turn on the Allow Automatic Updates toggle.

Toggle up Allow Automatic Updates.

5. This will allow your LG TV to update the applications automatically by just connecting to a WiFi connection.

How to Update LG TV Firmware Using USB

If you can’t update apps using any of these methods, you can update LG TV firmware using a USB drive. Doing so will also update the apps on LG TV to the latest version.

1. Visit the LG support website on your browser.

2. Type the model number on the field.

Enter the model number on the field

3. Choose the required firmware and Click on Download this file.

Select the required file to download

4. Without any changes, copy the downloaded file to the USB drive.

5. Connect the USB drive to your LG Smart TV.

6. Go to Setup and Support using the remote.

7. Tap on the Install from file option and point the TV to USB.

Install the new update

8. Then allow the TV to update to the new version.

Now the system will reboot a couple of times and your LG Smart TV will be updated.


Why can’t I update the apps on my LG Smart TV?

If you can’t update LG Smart TV applications, it may be due to outdated TV firmware, server issues, or other technical problems.

Why is the LG TV app not working?

Sometimes, the LG TV apps may not work due to poor network, storage issues, wrong country settings, etc. For that, you can reboot, clear the cache or update the apps on LG SmartTV to resolve the problem.

Which is the best way to update your LG TV Firmware?

The easy way to update your LG Smart TV is by using Settings. Go to Settings -> All Settings -> General -> About this TV -> Allow automatic updates -> Check for updates -> Download the update -> Done

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