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Telegram on LG TV

How to Use Telegram on LG TV [Alternative Ways]

Telegram is a popular messaging application with 500+ million active users across the globe. The app is completely free, and it is equipped with tons of features. It is highly safe and secure to use compared to other messaging apps. Unfortunately, the Telegram app is not available on the LG Content Store. But, if you want to stream videos or access the Telegram chat screen on LG Smart TV, then you shall rely on alternative approaches. i.e., by sharing it from your mobile or browser to the LG TV via AirPlay or screencast.

How to Use Telegram on LG Smart TV

Since Telegram is not available on the LG Content Store, we have listed the alternative ways to use the app on your LG TV.

How to Screen Cast Telegram on LG Smart TV

Since the built-in cast support is not available for the LG Television models, you can connect Chromecast or Chromecast with Google TV to cast Telegram to your TV.

[1] Turn on your LG TV and connect your mobile and LG TV to the same WiFi network.

[2] Launch the Google Play Store and install the Telegram app on your smartphone.

[3] Once the app has been installed, select Open to launch the app on your mobile.

[4] Log in with your Telegram account credentials.

[5] Drag down the Notification panel and tap the Cast option.

Tap the Cast option

[6] Select your LG TV from the available devices.

[7] Once connected, view the Telegram chats or watch videos on your TV.

How to AirPlay Telegram on LG Smart TV

[1] Turn on your LG TV and enable the AirPlay feature under the Settings.

[2] Then, to the same WiFi connection, connect your iOS device and LG Smart TV.

[3] Open the App Store on your iOS device and install the Telegram app.

[4] Once installed, launch the app and sign in to your Telegram account.

[5] Swipe down and open the Control Center of the iOS device and click the  Screen Mirroring option from the list of options.

click Screen Mirroring to mirror Telegram on LG TV

[6] Choose your LG TV from the list of available devices.

[7] Upon connecting, you can view the Telegram app on your LG Television.

Note: Like Telegram, you shall use WhatsApp on LG TV, one of the social chat app, via AirPlay.

How to Use Telegram on LG TV Via Browser

You can also get Telegram directly from the default browser app available on your TV.

[1] Turn on your LG TV and connect your TV to the internet connection.

[2] Click the Home button to access the home screen.

[3] Launch the Browser app on your TV and click the Search bar.

click the Search bar.

[4] Using the virtual keyboard, type Telegram Web (https://web.telegram.org/k/)

[5] A page will open with a QR code or the LOG IN WITH PHONE NUMBER option.

[6] Click LOG IN WITH PHONE NUMBER and enter your registered phone number to get the code.

[7] Now, enter the code that you received.

[8] Once entered, your Telegram app screen will open on your TV.


Is Telegram free to use?

Yes. The Telegram app is completely free to download and use.

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