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How to get Spotify on LG TV

Spotify on LG TV: How to Install & Listen to Music

Spotify is a digital music streaming service from which you can access millions of songs and podcasts from artists worldwide. Fortunately, if you own an LG smart TV, you can directly install and access the app via LG Content Store. After activating Spotify on LG smart TV, you can create personalized playlists, discover new music, and share songs with your friends.

Spotify Subscription Plans

For ad-free music, Spotify Premium offers four different subscription plans to the users.

Individual$9.99 per month
Duo$12.99 per month
Family$14.99 per month
Student$4.99 per month

How to Install Spotify on LG TV

[1] Launch your LG smart TV and connect it to a stable WiFi network.

[2] Then, press the Home button on your remote control to open the home screen.

[3] From there, scroll along right and select LG Content Store.

Open the LG Content Store

[4] Once it opens, navigate to the Search icon at the top.

[5] Next, enter Spotify using the virtual keyboard and search for the app.

Enter Spotify via virtual keyboard

[6] After that, pick the app from the search result and tap Install to download the app.

Click Install to download Spotify on LG TV

[7] Once installed, select Launch to open Spotify app on your smart TV.

Click Launch to open Spotify on LG TV

How to Activate Spotify on LG TV

After launching Spotify app on your LG smart TV, you can follow the below procedure to activate and play Spotify on your TV.

[1] Click the Log In button and select Log In With Code option.

Log In to your Spotify account on LG TV

[2] An activation code will appear on your LG TVs screen, note the code.

[3] Next, fetch any PC or smartphone and visit the Spotify activation link page [https://spotify.com/pair].

[4] Then, enter the activation code in the required field and hit Next to activate it.

Enter the pairing code and click Next

[5] Once activated, you can listen to your favorite music across different genres.

How to Install Spotify on LG TVs of Old Model

If your LG TV is incompatible with the Spotify app, you can also use some streaming devices, like Firestick, Roku, Google TV, etc., to get the app.

[1] Connect the streaming device to the HDMI port of your LG TV.

Connect streaming device to get Spotify on LG TV

[2] After that, connect your streaming device to a stable WiFi connection.

[3] Navigate the respective app stores to get the Spotify app.

How to AirPlay Spotify on LG Smart TV

Instead of downloading the app, you can enable the AirPlay feature on your LG smart TV to play your favorite song.

[1] Initially, connect your LG smart TV and iPhone to the same WiFi connection.

[2] Then, launch the Spotify app on your iPhone and choose the track you want to play.

  • If you don’t own the app, you shall get it downloaded from the App Store.

[3] While playing the song, click the Device icon at the bottom left.

Click the device icon to AirPlay Spotify on LG TV

[4] Click AirPlay or Bluetooth option and choose your LG smart TV.

Click AirPlay or Bluetooth

[5] Now, the selected track will play on your LG TV.

Spotify Not Working on LG TV -Troubleshooting & Fixes

If you’re having difficulty playing Spotify songs, you can follow some troubleshooting steps to bypass the issue.

Unstable internet connectionReset the WiFi router and try to connect to LG TV again
Outdated Spotify appUpdate the app to its latest version
Temporary bugs and glitchesPower cycle or reset your LG smart TV
Corrupted dataClear the browser cache on your LG TV
Insufficient storageRemove the un-used apps from your device


Why won’t Spotify play on LG TV?

If there is any interruption in the internet or WIFI, Spotify will fail to play on LG TV.

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