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How to Use Split Screen on LG Smart TV

Feature DiscussedSplit Screen
How to EnableClick on Multi View from the Settings menu
How to CustomizeSide by Side or PIP

Multi View is the feature on your LG Smart TV that helps you to split your screen and allows you to access two applications simultaneously. You can split the display and enjoy two different TV programs, sports, etc., or one program along with another HDMI input.

Steps to Turn On Multi View on LG TV

With the Multi View feature on your LG Smart TV, you can view two screens at a time. You can choose two different apps or two different inputs and access them on the TV screen.

1. Click on the Settings icon from your LG TV home screen.

2. Alternatively, you can also press the Settings button that is available on the LG TV remote.

3. Choose Multi View from the options.

Choose Multi View from the options

4. After that, select the screen layout that you prefer. You will be offered two types of screen layouts, one is Side by Side and the other one is PIP (Picture-in-Picture).

Select the screen layout

Alternatively, you can press the Blue button on your LG TV remote and select Multi View. You can press the same button to return to the normal screen and to turn off the split screen on your LG TV.

How to Customize Split Screen on LG Smart TV

There are two layouts available on your LG TV’s Multi View feature.

Side by Side

You can view two applications at the same time on the Side by Side layout. You can see four options on the top of every screen, and each option describes different actions.

Side-by-Side layout on LG TV.
  1. Full-Screen: Clicking this icon will make the selected screen exit the split view and appear in full screen.
  2. Sound: Hear only the sound of the selected screen.
  3. Split Screen: Click this icon to change the Side by Side layout into PIP Mode.
  4. Close: Clicking this icon will close the split screen.

PIP [Picture-in-Picture]

You can run another app on the top of the screen and view the selected screen as a pop-up. There will be seven options displayed at the top of the picture-in-picture screen.

Picture-in-Picture layout on LG TV.
  1. Move: Use this icon to move the position of the PIP screen.
  2. Resize: You can change the size of the mini screen.
  3. Hide: This icon hides the PIP screen, and you can access the main screen.
  4. Full Screen: This icon will make the mini screen into the big screen.
  5. Sound: You can hear only the sound of the PIP screen.
  6. Side by Side: Change the layout to Side by Side.
  7. Close: Exit PIP screen.

Limitations of Split Screen on LG TV

Though Split Screen is an exciting feature, it has its own limitations.

  • Multi-View may not be available for Ultra HD content.
  • When the Multi View feature is enabled, you can record the videos.
  • Split screen and Live Playback is also not available on all TV models.
  • When using a split screen, you will get sound from either one of the screens.

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