Download Sling TV on LG Smart TV.

Sling TV on LG Smart TV: How to Install & Watch Live TV Channels

Sling TV is one of the well-known streaming platforms in the US. Sling TV has a native application for LG Smart TV so you can download it from the Content Store. Before you begin the installation, ensure that your LG TV runs on the new firmware. This is because the Sling TV app is only compatible with LG TVs running WebOS 3.0 and above.

If you have an older LG TV, don’t worry. You can either Cast or AirPlay Sling TV from your smartphone. Otherwise, visit the official website of Sling TV from a built-in web browser and then watch your favorite live TV channels.

How to Watch Sling TV on LG Smart TV

You can access Sling TV in multiple ways on your Smart TV.

How to Install Sling TV on LG TV from Content Store

1. Launch the LG Smart TV home screen by clicking the Home button on your remote.

2. With an LG TV connected to WiFi, open the Content Store on your TV.

Open the LG Content Store on your LG Smart TV.

3. Search for the Sling TV app by entering Sling TV on the search bar.

4. In the search result, click on the Sling TV app.

5. Select the Sling TV app and click the Download option to install the app.

Now the Sling TV app has been installed on your Smart TV and is ready to use.

How to Activate Sling TV on LG Smart TV

1. On your LG TV Home screen, click on the Apps tab.

2. Now launch the Sling TV app on your TV.

3. Note down the Activation code displayed on the screen.

4. By using any device, open the browser and visit the Sling TV activation website.

5. On the next screen, enter the activation code displayed on LG TV.

Activate the Sling TV

6. Click the Continue tab and sign in to the Sling TV app.

7. Once you enter the code, LG TV will refresh the app to display the content.

Now you can start using the Sling TV app on LG TV for watching live TV.

How to Cast Sling TV on LG Smart TV from Android Device

If your LG Smart TV is Chromecast compatible, you can directly cast the app without using a Chromecast device.

1. Connect your LG TV and Android device with the same WiFi network.

2. Download the Sling TV app on your Android device from the Play Store.

3. Open the Sling TV app and log in to your account.

4. Select and start playing the content you want to cast.

5. Click the Cast icon on the screen.

Clicking the cast icon stream Sling TV on LG TV

6. Select your LG Smart TV name, and the content will start playing on your LG Smart TV.

How to AirPlay Sling TV on LG Smart TV from iOS

If your LG Smart TV is AirPlay compatible (2018+ model), you can wirelessly stream Sling TV on TV using an iPhone, iPad, or Mac.

1. Connect your iOS device and LG Smart TV to the same WiFi network.

2. Enable the LG TV AirPlay under Settings.

3. Get the Sling TV on your iOS device.

  • On your iPhone/iPad, download the Sling TV app from the App Store.

4. Login and start playing the content you want on AirPlay.

5. Click the AirPlay icon on the Sling TV screen and select your LG Smart TV.

Now the content you are playing will start streaming on your LG TV.

How to Watch Sling TV on LG Smart TV Using Web Browser

Using the Web Browser is another way if you want to stream Sling TV on LG Smart TV without installing the app.

1. Launch the LG Smart TV’s Home screen by pressing the home button on the remote.

2. Open the Web browser and type the URL on the address bar.

Stream using a Web browser.

3. Login to your account using the credentials and play content on your LG Smart TV.

How to Get Sling TV on LG TV Using Streaming Devices

Apart from installing the app directly, you can also connect the streaming devices to your TV to get Sling TV. Additionally, Sling TV is compatible with the gaming console, Xbox. You can easily connect the streaming device/console to the Smart TV using an HDMI cable. The Sling TV has a native app on almost all devices. Therefore, you can download the app from the built-in app stores.

  • Firestick
  • Roku
  • Apple TV
  • Chromecast with Google TV
  • TiVo Stream 4K
  • Xbox

How to Fix Sling TV Not Working on LG TV

If you are facing issues like freezing or buffering on Sling TV, you can use the following troubleshooting methods to resolve the issue.

  • Update the LG Smart TV firmware. If your TV firmware is outdated, you will face issues in installing and streaming the Sling TV app.
    • To update LG TV, go to Home Settings All SettingsGeneral About This TV Check for UpdatesYes.
  • Check the Internet Connection. You need a minimum of 25 Mbps internet speed to use Sling TV on the Smart TV without any interruption.
  • Restart the Sling TV app. If the app keeps crashing or freezing, close the app on LG TV and relaunch it.
  • Update the Sling TV app. If you installed an older version of the app, you need to update the app on LG TV to resolve issues.
    • To do it, go to Home Content StoreApps Sling TV Update.
  • Uninstall and Reinstall the Sling TV App: It will remove the temporary cache and cookies. It helps the Sling TV app to work properly.
  • Power Cycle your Smart TV: Turn off your devices, wait for 2 to 3 minutes, turn on the devices, and launch the Sling TV app. By rebooting the LG TV, you can fix minor issues.

How to Sign Up for Sling TV

You can sign up for the Sling TV using one of the three base subscriptions, and it also gives you some add-on plans. If you don’t want to use a subscription plan, you can use a Sling Free service. It comes with 100+ live channels and 40,000+ shows and movies.

1. Open the browser and go to Sling TV’s official website on your device.

2. Click on the Start Watching Now tab.

3. Enter your Email Address and Password.

4. Choose your Sling TV base subscription plan.

  • Sling Orange – 30+ channels & 50 hours of DVR storage – $40/month.
  • Sling Blue – 40+ channels & 50 hours of DVR storage – $40/month.
  • Sling Orange & Blue – Every channel from both packages & 50 hours of DVR storage – $55/month.

5. Choose your Add-on plans along with your base subscription.

6. Add your Payment information.

7. Click on Submit tab, and now you are subscribed to Sling TV.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to stream a channel on multiple LG Smart TVs using one Sling TV account?

Yes. You can stream a channel on multiple TVs based on your Sling TV subscription.
1. Sling Orange – 1 stream
2. Sling Blue – 3 streams
3. Sling Orange & Blue – 4 streams

How to Watch Sling TV on LG Smart TV outside the US?

You can use a VPN to watch Sling TV on LG Smart TV outside the US.

Why can’t I find Sling TV on my LG TV?

If your LG Smart TV is running on outdated firmware, you can’t find the Sling TV app on your device. The only feasible to get the app is by upgrading the device firmware.

Does Sling TV have a free trial?

Unfortunately, Sling TV doesn’t offer a free trial to new subscribers.

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