Sky Remote Codes for LG TV

Sky Remote Codes for LG TV With Programming Instructions

Sky Remote Codes are necessary to program a Sky+ or Sky Q remote to the LG TV. So, you can use the Sky remote as a universal remote and control multiple devices simultaneously. Before that, you should identify the remote model to get the respective code. If you can’t find the remote model, don’t worry. There is still an alternative way to program the Sky remote without a code.

Sky services are offered in many countries under different names. Based on that, the remote name may be different.

This article describes how to program the Sky remote to an LG TV with or without codes.

How to Program Sky Q Remote to LG TV

(1) Hit the Home key on the Sky Q remote.

(2) Click Settings, click Setup, and select Remote Control.

(3) Choose your remote from the list of options.

(4) Click Control your TV and select LG from the television brands list.

(5) Next, click Find it for me.

(6) Press the 1 and 3 buttons on the Sky Q remote for 2 seconds.

(7) Input the code displayed on the TV screen.

(8) Press the Volume keys to test the Sky Q remote. If it controls the LG TV volume, you have paired the remote. Otherwise, repeat the same steps.

How to Setup Touch Control on Sky Q Remote

(1) Hit the Home key on the Sky Q Touch remote control.

(2) Go to Settings, click Setup, and choose Remote Control.

(3) Click Sky Q Touch Remote and enable Touch Control On.

How to Set up HDMI Control on Sky Q Remote

The following steps will be useful if you want to turn on/off the Sky Q and LG TV simultaneously.

(1) Press the Home key on the Sky Q remote.

(2) Click Settings and select Setup.

(3) Choose Audio Visual and select HDMI Control → Turn ON.

How to Check Sky+ Remote Version

The model number of the Sky+ remote is mentioned in the remote’s battery cover. Based on the Sky+ remote version, the remote code will vary. The following are the types of Sky+ remote versions.

  • Version 4 (Rev. 4)
  • Version 6 (Rev. 6)
  • Version 8 (Rev. 8)
  • Version 9 (Rev. 9)
  • Version 10 (Rev.10)

Sky+ Remote Codes for LG TV

Here is a list of Sky+ remote codes depending on the remote versions.

Rev. 4


Rev. 6


Rev. 8


Rev. 9


Rev. 10


Sky Remote Codes for Other TV Brands

Here is a list of remote codes for TV brands that you can use to program a Sky remote.

Sony0039, 0038, 0533, 0679
LG0206, 1246, 1665, 1280
Samsung1523, 0584, 0840, 0646
Panasonic1546, 1791, 0254, 0678
Hisense2016, 1784, 0065, 0584
Blaupunkt0219, 0223, 0563
Toshiba1973, 0536, 1191, 1536
JVC0102, 0681, 1177, 1191

How to Program Tata Sky Remote to LG TV with Codes

(1) Turn on your LG TV and fetch the Sky remote.

(2) Hit the TV button on the Sky remote.

(3) Tap and hold the Select and Red button on the Sky remote until you see the red light blink on the Sky remote.

Press the Select and Red button

(4) Enter the LG TV remote code and press the Select button on the Sky remote.

(5) The LED light on the remote will blink twice if you have paired it successfully.

(6) Finally, press the Power button on your remote.

(7) If your TV turns off, you successfully paired your remote with the LG TV.

(8) If your TV doesn’t turn off, try again with a new remote code.

How to Program Sky Remote on LG TV Without Code

(1) Power on your LG Smart TV.

(2) Long press the TV button on the Sky remote until the LED light flashes.

(3) Press the CH+ and CH- buttons on your Sky remote.

(4) Select the Turn-Off option from the popup screen.

(5) Now, turn on your TV by pressing the Power button on the remote.

(6) Press the Device button on your remote to save the device.

(7) If the remote’s LED light flashes twice, you have paired the remote successfully.

How to Program Sky Remote to LG TV with Code Search Method

(1) Turn on your LG TV and grab the Sky remote.

(2) Press and hold the Select and Red button simultaneously for a few seconds.

(3) Now, enter 9-9-0 using the numeric button on the remote.

Press 9-9-0 on the Tata Sky remote to pair

(4) Press the Power and Ch+ buttons on the remote simultaneously until the TV turns Off.

(5) Press the Power key on the remote to turn on your TV.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to fix the Sky remote volume not working on LG TV?

Reset the Sky remote to fix the volume not working issue. Press the 7 and 9 buttons simultaneously to reset the Sky remote.

Why is the Sky remote not pairing with my LG TV?

If you have entered the wrong code, pairing fails. So, you must enter a new code instead of the old Sky remote codes.

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