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RCA Remote Codes for LG TV

4 and 5 Digit RCA Universal Remote Codes for LG TV

Is your LG TV remote not working? No worries, you can use the RCA Universal remote as a replacement remote. However, it is necessary to program an RCA remote to an LG TV with universal remote codes to control your TV.

With the help of remote codes, you can program the RCA universal remote to your DVD Player, Blu-Ray, or streaming player. In accordance, we have enclosed the 4 and 5-digit remote codes for all RCA universal remote models.

RCA Universal Remote Codes for LG TV

As said earlier, the remote code will be different for each RCA remote. So, choose the relevant remote code from the below list.

RCA Universal Remote 5 Digit Codes for LG TV

If you have Model – 20147, you shall use the following codes.


The RCA universal remote codes for the remote model – 20022, 20037, 20047, and 20052 are tabulated as follows.


RCA Remote Codes for Universal Remote Model – 20189


RCA Universal Remote Model – 20301, 20401, 20473, 20747


RCA Universal Remote Model – 25394, 25582, 25592, 25604, 25641, 25651, 25947, 25972, 26011, 26102, 26211


RCA Universal Remote Model – 25693


RCA Universal Remote Model – 271U1


RCA Universal Remote Model – R3F802


RCA Universal Remote 4 Digit Codes for LG TV

RCA Remote Codes of Universal Remote Model – 202815


RCA Remote Codes of Universal Remote Model – 26207


RCA Universal Remote Model – 25384, 25612


RCA Universal Remote Model – 31862


RCA Universal Remote Model – 31503


RCA Universal Remote Model – 31794


RCA Universal Remote Model – D770, D771


Note: You can use the GE universal remote codes for LG TV to program a GE universal remote to your LG TV.

How to Program RCA Universal Remote to LG Smart TV

Before getting into the steps, make sure to insert the new batteries into the RCA remote for better functionality.

1. On your remote, press and hold the TV button for 3-5 seconds.

press and hold the TV button of RCA Universal remote

2. You will see the power button on the remote will light up.

3. Enter the right code. Make sure to press the TV button while entering the remote code.

4. If you see the power button light up, it means that the code you’ve entered is right.

5. If the power light flashes 4 times, it indicates that the code is incorrect.

6. Once you’ve entered the right code, release the TV button and the RCA universal will get programmed and is ready to control the LG TV.

How to Program RCA Universal Remote to Blu-Ray or DVD Player

1. Ensure that your RCA universal remote has new batteries.

2. Find the right device code for your remote from the above chart.

3. Long press the DVD/Blu-Ray button on your remote until the Power button lights up.

4. Enter the code using the number pad of the remote

5. If the Power button is illuminated, you have entered the right code. Your remote is programmed.

In case the Power button blinks four times, the code you have entered is wrong. In such cases, repeat the steps again by entering a different code.

How to Program RCA Universal Remote to Streaming Player

If you have connected a streaming player to your LG TV, you can program your RCA remote to it and control the device.

1. Make sure that your RCA remote has fresh batteries.

2. Long press the Stream button and the Power button will flash light.

3. Continue to press the Stream button while you enter the remote code (four or five digits).

4. Keep holding the Stream button until the Power button is illuminated once. If yes, the code is valid and the remote programming is successful.

If the Power button flashes the light four times, you have entered the wrong code. Try these steps again by re-entering a different code.


How do I find my RCA remote code?

You can use the code finder or find the remote code in the booklet that comes with the remote package.

Can I use the RCA universal remote to control multiple devices?

Yes, you can use the same RCA universal remote to control multiple devices. However, you will need to program the RCA remote separately for each device.

What to do if none of the codes work on my RCA Universal remote?

If none of the codes work on your RCA remote, try to program your remote without codes or contact RCA customer support for assistance.

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