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Picture in Picture on LG Smart TV

How to Use PIP (Picture in Picture) on LG Smart TV

LG Smart TV has a PIP or Picture-in-Picture feature to watch two video sources at a time. For instance, you can parallelly watch movies on the main screen and get live scores of any sports events on the side screen. For the latest LG Smart TVs, you can use multi-view for displaying two inputs in a split screen.

How to Get Picture in Picture on LG Smart TV

The steps to turn on and off the PIP differs based on the LG Smart TV model you own.

Using PIP Mode on Old LG Smart TV

For older LG TV models, you can enable PIP using the below steps.

1. Press the Settings button on the LG TV remote.

2. Highlight the Option from the list of tiles and press the OK button.

Select Option menu

3. Scroll down the list and click on PIP.

Select PIP mode

4. Choose the Mode option and select On or Off.

5. Select Position and choose any one out of the four options.

Select Position

6. Click on Size and select the size for the Picture in Picture window.

7. Choose Sound and select Main or Sub in which you want to listen to the audio.

Using PIP Mode on New LG Smart TV

1. Press the Quick Settings button on the LG Magic Remote.

2. Select the Multi View option and then choose PIP from the layout options.

Multi View option on LG Smart TV

3. Choose the primary and secondary input.

4. Now, you can access the Picture in Picture mode on your TV.

PIP Mode on LG TV

Note: If you want to watch movies or TV shows in low brightness, you can enable the eye comfort mode on LG Smart TV.

How to Use Multi-View on LG Smart TV

Multi-view is a feature available only on the latest LG TV models.

1. Go to Settings on your LG Smart TV and click on General.

2. Scroll down the list and click on SIMPLINK (HDMI-CEC).

3. Turn off the Auto Power Sync option using a toggle switch.

4. Go to Picture, select Additional Settings, and click on HDMI Ultra HD Deep Colour.

Enable HDMI Ultra HD Deep Colour

5. Turn off HDMI 1 using a toggle switch.

6. Press the Input button and switch to another HDMI.

7. Go to Settings โ†’ Picture โ†’ Additional Settings โ†’ HDMI Ultra HD Deep Colour.

8. Turn off HDMI 2 using a toggle switch.

9. Go back to the home screen and open the Multi-view app.

10. You will see both HDMI connections running on a split screen on LG TV.

Split screen on LG TV

How to Adjust Picture on LG Smart TV

You can modify the setting if you want to enhance the picture quality on LG TV.

1. Press the Settings button on the LG TV remote.

2. Select All Settings from the menu.

3. Following that, click on Picture Mode.

Change Picture Mode

4. Highlight a mode from the options such as Vivid, Standard, Eco, Cinema, Sports, HDR effect, or Filmmaker mode on LG TV. Press OK to apply.

That’s how to use the PIP on LG Smart TV to view two different content on one single screen.

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