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How to Fix Paramount Plus not working on LG TV

How to Fix Paramount Plus Not Working on LG Smart TV

The Paramount Plus app is available on the LG Smart TV’s Content Store. In the app, you can watch live sports events, TV channels, and on-demand video content. The app is available for 2018 and later models. But many LG Smart TV users complain that the Paramount Plus app is not working on their TV. If you have any such performance issues, you can easily fix them.

Reason for Paramount Plus Not Working on LG Smart TV

The main reason for the app not working is compatibility issues. If your LG Smart TV is not compatible or doesn’t meet the requirements, then you might experience this error.

Another reason is the Paramount+ server issue. Among the streaming platforms, Paramount Plus has the highest number of server issues. In the Paramount Plus help’s Twitter handle, you can see a lot of tweets regarding the server issues.

Steps to Fix Paramount Plus Not Working on LG Smart TV

To fix Paramount Plus not working on your LG Smart TV, try these primary steps before trying the common fixes. In most cases, you can solve the issue with these primary fixes.

Check LG Smart TV’s Compatibility

If your LG Smart TV is released after 2018 or has a webOS 4.0 or higher, the Paramount Plus app will be compatible with your TV device. If the above requirements don’t satisfy your TV, you can’t find Paramount Plus in the LG Content Store. The only possible solution to this problem is updating your LG Smart TV software.

1: Turn on your LG smart TV and press the Home button.

2: Click on the Settings option on the home screen.

3: Then, choose the All Settings menu.

Click on All settings

4: Under All settings, click on the General tab.

5: Select the About this TV option.

6: Click the Check for updates option and update your TV firmware.

Update your TV and fix Paramount Plus not working on LG TV

7: After updating the TV, try opening the app and check whether the fix has worked. If not, then try the next fix.

Check for Paramount Plus Server Status

The next reason for Paramount Plus not working on your LG Smart TV is the server issues. If you have any server issues, you will get a screen with error codes. Some of the error codes in the Paramount Plus app are 3004 and 3200. Sometimes, restarting the LG Smart TV will fix the issue. In some cases, you have to wait until the server is fixed.

Common Fix for Solving Paramount Plus on LG Smart TV

If your Paramount Plus app is still not working on your LG TV, there might be a different problem with the app or your TV. To fix this, try following some common troubleshooting steps.

Power Cycle LG Smart TV

The simple and effective fix to solve every TV and app-related problem is by power cycling the TV.

1: Turn off your TV and plug out the power cable of your TV from the power socket.

2: Let the TV be idle for 3 to 5 minutes.

3: Now, plug in the cables and turn on your TV.

4: Open the Paramount+ app to see if the fix has worked or not.

5: If not, move to the next fix.

Check Internet Connection

The next step is to check the internet connection of your TV. If your internet is slow compared to the Paramount Plus recommendations, you can experience the performance issue on the app. The basic requirement for the Paramount plus app is 4 Mbps. To stream Live TV, you need 8 Mbps. Make sure that your TV is receiving enough internet connection.

Reset WiFi Router

If you find that the problem is with the router’s poor performance, then you can power cycle and reset your router to fix the issue.

1: Turn off the router using a power button or plug in the power cable.

2: Now, let the router rest for 3-5 minutes.

3: Connect the WiFi router back again and wait for another 5 minutes.

4: Now, connect the internet to your LG TV.

5: Open the Paramount Plus app and start streaming on your LG TV.

6: If the issue is not fixed, go to the next solution.

Reinstall the Paramount Plus app

Sometimes the app on your Smart TV can get corrupted due to cache files. So deleting and installing the app again can help get rid of those corrupted files on the app.

1: Press the Home button on your TV remote and visit the home screen of your TV.

2: On the home screen, navigate to the Paramount plus app and highlight it.

3: Then select and hold the app icon.

4: On the top of the app icon, click the Trash button to delete the app from the TV.

5: After deleting the app, select the LG Content Store and search for the Paramount Plus app.

6: Now, install the Paramount Plus app on your LG Smart TV.

7: Open the app and check whether the app is working or not.

8: If not, try the next fix.

Accept LG User Agreement

When downloading apps on your LG TV, you need to accept the LG TV user agreement. If any agreement is unchecked, your app’s performance might be hindered.

1: On the home screen, click on the Settings menu.

2: Click on the All settings option and select the General tab.

3: On the list of options, select the About this TV option.

4: Select the User Agreements option.

5: Select all the checkboxes and click Agree to save the changes.

Agree to all User agreement and fix Paramount plus not working on LG TV

6: After this, the Parmount Plus app will work without any issues.

7: If not, jump to the next solution.

Change Location

Since Paramount Plus has a strict geo-restriction policy, you can’t access the service outside certain countries. If your TV location settings have been changed, the app might not work. Changing the TV location back to its default might solve your issue.

1: Select the Settings option from the Home screen of the TV.

2: Now, click on the All Settings option.

3: Navigate and select the General tab on the left.

4: Under the General menu, click on the Location option.

Click Location option and change your LG TV location

5: In the Zip code area, change the zip code to your region and save the changes.

6: After saving the changes, try opening the app and see whether the fix has worked.

Don’t use VPN to bypass the geo-restrictions. If Paramount Plus detects VPN usage, your account might get blocked.

Create a New Profile

If you have any issues with the profile on the Paramount+ app, you can use the below steps to create a new profile. This method has been proven to work among several Paramount users.

1: Open the Paramount Plus app on your LG TV.

2: Now, click on your Profile Avatar.

3: Under the Profile drop-down menu, click on the Add profile option.

Steps to create new profile on Paramount Plus

4: Enter a new profile name and click Save to create a new profile.

5: After that, access the new profile and stream the shows on your LG TV.

Update Paramount Plus

Using outdated apps may get to show many errors and improper functions. So by updating Paramount Plus app on your LG TV, you can solve the error easily.

1: On the home screen of the TV, click on the LG Content Store menu.

2: Now, click on the My apps tab on the LG Content Store.

Click on My Apps to update Paramount Plus app on the LG Smart TV

3: Select the Paramount Plus app from the list of apps.

4: Now, click on the Update button below the app’s logo to update the app.

5: After updating, launch the app and check whether that app is working or not.

6: If you still have the issue, you need to reset the LG Smart TV.

Factory Reset LG TV

If all the above steps don’t help you in solving the issue, then follow the factory reset steps as the last option. But remember, by resetting your TV, you will lose your TV apps and data related to them.

1: From the home screen of your TV, click on the Settings option.

2: Then, click the All settings option.

3: Click on the General tab on the left.

4: Under General Tab, click on the Reset to Initial Settings option.

Factory Reset your TV and Fix Paramount Plus app not working on LG Smart TV

5: In the next step, click OK for confirmation.

6: After resetting your TV, install Paramount Plus and check whether the issue is solved or not.

By following the above-mentioned common and primary fixes, you can fix the Paramount Plus not working error on your LG TV. If you have any doubts about the troubleshooting method, let us know in the comments.


1. Why does my LG TV not play Paramount Plus?

If the internet connection is not stable, you will have this issue. To fix it, connect your LG TV to a stable WiFi connection.

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