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Netflix Not Working on LG TV: Reasons and DIY Fixes

Sometimes while watching your favorite movies on Netflix, you may encounter some issues on your LG Smart TV. It may be caused due to an outdated app or TV firmware, unstable internet, or other app-related problems. If you are facing such issues frequently, don’t worry anymore. You can follow these troubleshooting methods to fix the Netflix not working issue on your LG TV.

How to Fix Netflix Not Working on LG TV

Although you have many reasons for the Netflix streaming issue, there are simple workarounds to fix it.

Netflix Stuck on the Loading Screen

The prime reason for Netflix to stop working is internet connectivity. In addition, there are some other reasons.


  • Unstable internet connection
  • The WiFi range is too far
  • Improper network settings
  • Issues with the router


You can follow the below troubleshooting methods to fix if Netflix is not loading content on LG TV.

1. Check the Network Status

Netflix is one of the streaming services that work only with a stable internet connection. You have to test the internet speed on the LG TV if you are experiencing lagging and buffering issues. Netflix requires a minimum internet speed of 5 megabits per second to stream content without interruptions.

WebOS Models

1. Press the Settings button on your LG TV remote.

2. Select Advanced from the settings page.

3. Click on the Network icon, and you can see the network connection page to the right of the screen.

4. On the current screen, you can see the entire network status of your LG Smart TV.

Check the Network Status

5. If you find any issues with the network status, connect your LG TV to a different WiFi network and check if it works.

NetCast Models

1. Press the Settings button on your LG remote.

2. Select Network followed by Network Status from the settings page.

3. On the Network Status page, you can find the connection status including the MAC Address of the LG TV. You can also find the IP Address, DNS Server address, and much more about your LG TV.

2. Change the DNS Settings

Generally, the issues with the DNS Server are caused by the network, the internet connection, or an outdated browser. Moreover, edit the DNS server address and change it to a safe one.

1. Press the Home button on the LG TV remote.

2. Select the Settings icon that is available at the top right corner of the screen.

3. Scroll down and choose All Settings at the bottom of the screen.

4. Choose Network from the settings page.

5. Now, choose WiFi Connection and click on Advanced WiFi Settings.

6. You can see the DNS Server address on the screen.

7. Click on the Edit option to edit the DNS Server address.

Change the DNS Settings to Netflix Not Working on LG TV

8. Uncheck Set Automatically.

9. Now, enter the fastest DNS Server address and click on Connect.

Some of the fastest DNS Server address is given below.

  • Cisco OpenDNS – and
  • Cloudflare – and
  • Google Public DNS – and
  • Quad9 – and

3. Disable IPv6 Option

If you are facing a network issue on your LG TV, you can turn off the IPv6 option. However, some apps and websites are not compatible with this option.

1. Go to Settings and click on All Settings option.

2. Select the Network option from the left pane.

3. Choose the WiFi connection and tap on Advanced WIFI Settings.

4. Turn off the IPv6 and check if it resolves the issue.

Turn Off  IPv6

Netflix Keeps Crashing While Streaming

If Netflix starts to misbehave while playing a movie or TV series, it is due to the following reasons.


  • Server overload
  • Outdated app version
  • Technical Error
  • Temporary bugs


Check out the below ways to fix if Netflix gets frozen while playing any content.

1. Check the Server Status

The server issues of Netflix can only be cleared by the official members. Until that, you can check the server status of the Netflix app on Downdetector. You can see the errors reported by the people for the last 24 hours. If there is a service outage in the Netflix app, you should wait until the issue gets fixed by the technical team.

2. Force Stop Netflix App

When you experience minor issues like buffering, lagging, or hanging, you can restart Netflix on your LG TV. By restarting the Netflix application, you can clear all the temporary bugs. You can also try to force close other apps on the LG TV if too many apps are running in the background.

1. Click on the Apps icon on your LG TV.

2. Select the Netflix application from the list.

3. Hit Force Stop and confirm the process by clicking on OK.

Later, open the Netflix app again on the LG TV and check whether it works.

3. Uninstall and Reinstall the Netflix App

If you think that the app has some issues, you can simply reinstall it. Initially, you have to uninstall the app from LG TV and install the updated version again.

Uninstall Netflix App

1. Press the Home button on your LG TV remote.

2. Select the Pencil Icon that is available to the right of the app.

3. Press the Left arrow to locate Netflix and press the OK button on the remote.

4. Press the Up arrow on the remote and move the app to the X mark.

Click on the Yes button

5. Confirm the process and press the OK button on your remote.

Reinstall Netflix App

1. Press the Home button on your LG TV remote.

2. Click on Apps from the home page.

Reinstall Netflix App

3. You can see the list of applications available on your LG TV.

4. Locate the Netflix app.

5. Click the Install button to get the app.

After installing, launch the app and sign in with your previous Netflix account so that you won’t lose any of your data. Now, check whether the Netflix app is now working properly on the LG TV.

4. Power Cycle LG LG TV

You can use the power cycle method to perform the soft reset on your LG Smart TV with a few simple steps.

Unplug the power outlet

1. Disconnect the TV cord from the power outlet.

2. Wait for 60 seconds, unplugged.

3. Press and hold the power button for 30 seconds.

4. Then plug the TV back into the power outlet and check whether the Netflix working fine.

Netflix Won’t Open on LG TV

If the Netflix app is not opening on LG TV, it is due to compatibility issues. Other than that, there are some specific reasons which are listed as follows.


  • Outdated app version
  • Corrupted cache
  • Internal glitch
  • Outdated TV firmware


Try these techniques if you can’t open the Netflix app on your LG TV.

1. Update Netflix App

The updated version of the Netflix app contains new features. These features will not be available on the old version. You cannot access certain features, and this makes the Netflix app not work properly on your LG TV. There are two methods to update the app on LG TV. One method is to enable the automatic update. Another method is explained as follows.

1. Click on the Apps tab from the LG TV home page.

2. Select the Search icon and search for the Netflix app.

3. Open the application and click on Update.

Update Netflix App to Netflix Not Working on LG TV

4. Within a minute, the application will be updated.

2. Clear the Cache

Cache memories are the temporary files that occupy most of your storage. When this cache memory exceeds its limit, Netflix will begin to create certain issues. If Netflix is not working on LG TV after the update, you should clear cache memory on LG TV to fix the issue.

1. Click on the Settings icon from your LG TV home screen.

2. Select the Application Manager option.

3. Now, you can see all the installed and pre-loaded apps on the screen.

4. From that list, search for the Netflix app.

5. Now, click on Clear Cache.

6. Confirm the process by clicking on OK from the menu.

3. Restart LG TV

Restarting LG TV will clear all the minor bugs and internet glitches that you are facing. Moreover, it will automatically close the background processes by itself and boost the performance of the TV.

Cold Reboot

Long press the power button on your LG TV remote. Now, your TV will turn off completely. Wait for about a minute. At this time, your TV will refresh itself. Now, press the power button again and restart your LG TV. Now, open the Netflix app and check whether it is working properly on LG TV.

Hard Reboot

Plug the power cable out from the main power source, and your LG TV will turn off immediately. Wait for a few minutes and let your TV rest. After that, plug the power cable back into the power source. LG TV logo will appear on the screen, and your TV will reboot. Now, open the app and check whether Netflix is working properly on LG TV.

4. Accept the User Agreement

If you are using streaming services or external apps on your LG TV then it is important to agree to the user agreement. Otherwise, it will not allow access to the application.

1. Go to the Settings option and tap on the General option.

2. Select the User Agreement from the list of options.

3. Check the boxes with Privacy policies and Terms of Use.

User agreement

4. Then tap on the Agree button and check if the Netflix app is accessible on LG TV.

5. Update LG TV

Updating your LG TV allows you to access all the newest features and fixes specific problems.

Update LG TV[WebOS 4.0, 4.5, 3.5 and older]

1. Click on the Settings icon on your LG TV remote.

2. Select All Settings and click on General.

3. Choose About this TV.

Update LG TV

4. Select Check for Updates.

5. If the updates are available, Download and Install them.

Update LG TV[5.0, 6.0, 22 and newer]

1. Click on the Settings icon on your LG TV remote.

2. Select All Settings and click on Support.

3. Choose Software Update and select Check Update Version.

Software Update Netcast

4. If the updates are available, Download and Install them.

Once the Update is installed successfully, your TV will reboot automatically.

6. Update Region & Time Settings

Sometimes, the Netflix application won’t open and shows errors. It may be due to improper or incorrect region settings. Because in some regions the application may be banned or geo-restricted. So you can try changing region or time settings on LG Smart TV.

1. Press the Home button on your remote.

2. Navigate to Settings and tap on All Settings option.

3. Choose the General from the list of options.

4. Select the Location under the General section.

Select the Location option

5. Type your Zip Code and tap on enter to update your correct location.

Then check whether the Netflix application is accessible on LG Smart TV.

7. Reset LG TV

Resetting LG TV will delete all the details and data that you have stored previously on the device. Along with the data, malware, viruses, etc., will also get deleted. So, as a precaution, upload the files to Google Drive if you do not want to lose any of them.

1. Press the Settings button on your LG TV remote.

2. Click on All Settings and press the OK button.

3. Now, select General and click on Reset to Initial Settings.

Reset to initial settings

4. Now, enter the TV’s PIN and confirm the process by clicking on OK.

8. Contact LG Support

If you are looking for an advanced solution, you can directly contact the official support center of LG TV. You can also contact 1800 315 9999 to report a query. Follow their guidelines to fix the problem once they find the root cause.


Why can’t I find the Netflix app on my LG TV?

If the Netflix app is missing on the LG TV, it may be due to incompatibility. Netflix is compatible with LG Smart TVs (2014 and above) running webOS 1.0 and up.

Why is Netflix not responding on the LG TV with a VPN?

Netflix won’t allow using a VPN on the LG TV if you have an ad-supported plan. So, it is better to turn off VPN to get access.

How to reinstall Netflix on LG Smart TV?

Once you delete the app on the LG TV, go to the LG Content Store, search for Netflix, and choose the app. Then, click Install to begin the installation.

Why is LG TV sound not working on Netflix?

If there is no sound on the LG TV while using Netflix, check the audio output and check the HDMI port, or the cable for damage. For better results, run a self-diagnosis test on the LG TV.

How to connect Netflix to LG TV from a phone?

Connect your LG TV and phone to the same WiFi network. Install the Netflix app on your smartphone and cast your Android screen on the LG TV.

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