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Motion Eye Care on LG TV

What is Motion Eye Care on LG TV

Motion Eye Care is a feature on LG TV that alters brightness and lowers the image blur according to the image movements. Eventually, it helps to reduce eye strain. If you have any visual fatigue, it is beneficial to keep this option enabled. Therefore, you don’t need to adjust the brightness settings on LG TV manually.

Features of Motion Eye Care

  • You can enjoy watching your favorite content from different online sources like Netflix on LG TV without getting eye irritation.
  • With this option turned on, you can reduce the amount of energy consumed by your LG TV.
  • Similar to the Eye Comfort Mode on LG TV, this feature helps to reduce the emission of blue light causing eye strain.

Note: If you don’t have eye comfort mode, you can still filter blue light on LG TV by changing some settings.

How to Turn On Motion Eye Care on LG TV

1. Switch on your LG TV without a remote or with a remote.

2. Click the Settings button on your remote.

3. Navigate to the Picture menu.

4. Select Picture Mode Settings.

Select Picture Mode Settings

5. Scroll down and tap Picture Options.

5. Hit the Motion Eye Care to view the On and Off options.

6. Select On to enable it.

Select On to enable the Motion Eye Care

7. Follow the same steps and hit Off to disable the Motion Eye Care if required.

If you turn off this option, it may increase energy consumption. There is an alternative way to reduce energy usage by enabling the Energy saving mode on the LG TV.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I turn on Motion Eye Care on my LG TV?

It is advisable to turn on this feature on your LG TV if you have any eye fatigue problems.

Can Motion Eye Care adjust brightness by itself?

Yes. Motion Eye Care can adjust brightness automatically based on the image movements.

What is the use of Motion Smoothing on LG TV?

Motion Smoothing helps to increase the frame rate of the video on LG TV. This feature is also called TruMotion on LG TV.

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