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How to Find MAC Address on LG Smart TV

Topic DiscussedMAC Address
Where to FindIn the Advanced WiFi Settings
What is the PurposeUsed to find the physical location of the LG Smart TV

MAC (Media Access Control) Address is a unique physical address that you find on all devices. MAC Address is an important element on your LG TV when it comes to a wired internet connection. With the MAC address, you can easily find your TV when connected to a LAN network. MAC address is also known as a burned-in address, ethernet hardware address, hardware address, or physical address.

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Steps to Find MAC Address on LG Smart TV

The MAC Address is available for both the wired and wireless network connection. Each NIC (Network Interface Controller) has an individual WiFi MAC Address that we use as a network address to communicate.

1. Pick up your LG TV remote control.

2. Press the Settings button on the remote.

3. You can see certain options appearing on the left side of your LG TV.

4. Using the directional pad, scroll down and select the Network option.

Select Network Settings option

5. Press the right arrow on your LG TV remote.

6. Select WiFi Connection and press the OK button on your remote.

Network Settings page.

7. Now, scroll down and select Advanced WiFi Settings.

Select Advanced Wifi Settings on your LG TV.

8. In the menu, you can see your IP Address, Subnet Mask, Gateway, DNS Server, and MAC Address of your LG TV.

MAC Address on LG TV

MAC Address vs. IP Address

There is a big difference between a MAC Address and an IP Address. The IP Address helps the user to identify the network connection of your device. We use the MAC Address to know the device’s physical location.


1. Can I change the MAC Address of my LG TV?

No, you can’t. MAC Address is assigned by the manufacturer of the device and it cannot be changed under any circumstances.

2. What is the use of the MAC address?

With the help of the MAC address, you can find the physical location of the device.

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