Fixes for LG TV won't turn on

LG TV Won’t Turn On | Main Reasons & Fixes

LG TV won’t turn on for several reasons like loose cabling, voltage fluctuations, remote control, defective hardware, etc. Except for hardware, the other issues can be easily fixed by troubleshooting methods in less time. So, you don’t need to visit an authorized service center to repair the LG TV if it doesn’t turn on.

In this article, you will learn how to troubleshoot the LG TV if it has any issues in turning on.

How to Fix if LG Smart TV Won’t Turn On

We’ve provided the causes for your TV, which hasn’t been turned on for a period of time, along with the possible solutions to fix the issue.

  • An Issue with the Cable
  • Remote Problems
  • An issue with the LG TV

Issues With Cable

Most often, a loose cable will be the cause for the LG TV not turning on issue.


  • Loose or faulty cable connection
  • Damaged socket
  • Using a damaged cable
  • Defective surge protector


Here are methods to fix the cable issue and switch on your LG TV properly.

Check for Loose Connections

Initially, overview the cable connections and make sure everything is connected properly. While inspecting the cable connections, ensure to do the following;

Check for loose connections to fix LG TV won't turn on issue
  • If there are any frayed or damaged wires, replace them with new ones.
  • When there are any loose connections, make sure to push the cable firmly into the appropriate socket.
  • Further, check if the socket is damaged or not. If it is, then plug your power cable into another socket and try to turn on your TV.

Try Alternative Power Outlet

Sometimes, your power outlet might not be very effective as you won’t receive much power from it. This is why the LG TV is not turning on due to voltage fluctuations in the power source. You can connect the TV cord to an alternative source and check if the TV turns on.

Change Surge Protector

If you are using a surge protector, it might be one of the reasons why your LG TV is not turning on. If the surge protector is faulty, your TV power cable will fail to receive the power and won’t turn on. Replace the surge protector and try turning on your TV.

Issues With Remote

Batteries are vital for the functioning of the TV remote. Your TV won’t turn on for the following causes related to the remote.


  • Weak batteries
  • IR signal gets blocked due to obstruction
  • Incorrect input source
  • Dust accumulation


The following fixes will help rectify any issue related to the remote controller.

Check the Batteries

You can also try to check whether the batteries on your remote control are working properly or not. Because dead batteries on the remote have completely exhausted their power and no longer provide any use to the remote.

Replace a new battery to fix LG TV won't turn on error

If the LG TV remote control is not working due to worn-out batteries, it won’t send signals to the TV receiver. So, you should replace the old batteries with newer ones to bypass the issue.

Remove Physical Obstructions

To operate your remote control reliably, ensure that there isn’t any physical object blocking your remote’s sensor. For instance, all the operations and functions that connect your remote and LG TV are powered by IR (Infrared rays).

To check the IR sensor working properly, do the following:

[1] Open the Camera app on your smartphone or tablet.

[2] Now, place the LED of your remote facing the camera.

[3] Then press any buttons on your remote, and you can see the LED flashing on the camera.

Check the IR sensors to fix LG TV won't turn on error

[4] If not, replace the battery or buy a new remote to turn on your TV.

Check the Input Source

There’s also a chance that your TV won’t turn on because of an incorrect input source. So, you shall try to change the input source on the LG TV.

[1] Remove all the cables from your TV’s HDMI port.

[2] Then, inspect the proper input source (HDMI 1, HDMI 2, HDMI 3, or HDMI 4).

Inspect the HDMI port on LG TV

[3] Now, insert the cable into the appropriate input source and check whether the cables are connected firmly.

[4] Turn on your TV and check if it works.

Wipe Out Dust from the Remote

If the remote is covered with dust particles around the IR blaster, buttons, and battery compartments, the remote won’t work. Use a thin cloth and wipe out the dust from the remote.

Reset Your Remote Control

Instead of buying a new remote control, you can also reset the LG TV remote to fix the problem.

[1] Fetch your remote control and open the back panel.

[2] Remove the batteries from the dock and wait for a few seconds.

Remove the battery from remote's battery compartment

[3] Press and hold the Power button on the LG TV remote for 10-20 seconds.

[4] Insert the batteries inside the dock again and close the back panel.

[5] Now, test the TV remote and check if it turns on the TV.

Issues With LG TV

Sometimes, there will be issues with the TV, which will cause the device not to turn on.


  • LG TV backlight is broken
  • A temporary bug or malfunction
  • Faulty motherboard


Here are workarounds that help to identify and fix the technical issue in the TV.

Check for Broken Backlight

If the backlight of your TV is broken, it won’t turn on. Follow the below procedure to check if the backlight is broken or not.

[1] Power on your television.

[2] Fetch a torchlight and flash it to the TV screen.

Check for broken backlight

[3] After flashing, if you see a faint image appear and disappear on the screen, it means your backlight is broken.

[4] To solve this issue, visit the nearest LG-authorized service center.

Sometimes, they may ask you to bring the TV to the service center to inspect and fix the broken backlight on your LG TV.

Manually Reset LG Smart TV

If your device is affected by temporary bugs, you can manually reset your LG TV to eradicate the error.

[1] Turn off the power source and remove all the cables from the HDMI port of your TV.

[2] Unplug the power cord from the wall outlet.

[3] Then, press and hold the Power button on the TV for 30 seconds.

Press the Power button

[4] Further, wait for at least 5 minutes.

[5] After that, plug all the cables back into the HDMI port and the power cord into a wall outlet.

[6] Now, try to turn on your TV.

Repair the LG TV

If the motherboard has an issue, your LG TV won’t turn on. So, you can visit the authorized service center to repair the issue. You can check the LG TV warranty if you have recently bought the television. If the warranty is available for your TV, you don’t need to bear the costs of repairing it.

Check for faulty motherboard

Contact LG Support

Don’t worry if none of these troubleshooting helps to fix the issue. You can contact Customer Support for assistance. The experts will aid you in resolving any issue regarding your TV. However, if your TV is under warranty, you can replace the old TV with a new one.


Why LG Plasma TV won’t turn on but the red standby light is on?

If the red light blinks on the LG TV (2 or 3 times), it indicates that the TV lacks adequate power.

How do you fix LG TV that turns on but the screen is black?

If your LG TV turns black, you can restart the television to fix the issue.

Why does there is no power light on my LG TV?

When the TV power cord or picture board is faulty, you can’t see the power light on your Smart TV.

Why is my LG TV not turning on and showing a blue light?

If the blue light is flashing and the TV is not switched on, it indicates that the TV has a technical issue.

What should I do if the LG TV won’t turn on after a power outage?

Power cycle the TV to fix the issue. Unplug the TV cord from the power source. Leave it unplugged for 1 minute. Press and hold the Power button for 30 seconds. Plug the TV cord and turn it on.

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