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LG TV Warranty Check

LG TV Warranty Check: How to Find & Claim

Every LG Electronic product comes with a warranty, and the period might differ for each product. For LG TV, the warranty period usually ranges between 1 to 2 years, depending on the model you own. So, when the LG TV goes non-functional, the manufacturer guarantees to repair the device for free, provided the device is still under the warranty period. Whether you want to know about the LG TV warranty check or how to claim one, we have got you covered.

LG TV Warranty Types

Before heading to know about the procedure to do an LG TV warranty check, you shall know the type of warranty you get when you purchase an LG TV.

LG Electronics is offering a Standard warranty for a limited time along with the purchase of the LG smart TV. The users can claim it for free within the warranty period. It should further meet the requirements listed on the license agreement.

In addition, users can even get an Extended warranty for LG TV for upto 5 years at an additional cost. It is worth opting option if you don’t want to get paid for the TV when the device malfunction after the standard warranty.

Who Can Claim LG TV Warranty for Free?

LG Electronics covers functional defects under the warranty period. i.e., Anyone can claim the warranty (both Standard and Extended Warranty) when the LG TV is defective or fails to work in normal condition.

Users cannot claim a warranty for the following reasons:

  • When the warranty period is expired
  • Careless usage of the LG TV by the customer
  • LG TV is defective due to any natural disaster
  • A user requested to repair the TV when it is functioning properly

How to Find the Serial Number of LG TV for Warranty Check

First, you need to find out your LG TV model/serial number before claiming the warranty. It differs for the models launched between certain periods, and the steps to find the serial number are as follows.

To Find the LG TV Serial Number on the Latest LG TVs

[1] Turn on LG TV without a remote/with a remote. Press the Home button to view the home screen.

[2] Go to Settings and click the Three dot menu icon.

[3] From that, choose the General option.

[4] Then, click on Devices, and follow to that select TV to see your TV serial number.

On LG TV (webOS 5.0 2020 Models)

[1] On the LG TV home screen, navigate to the Settings icon and click on it.

[2] Then, click the Three-dot icon and choose the Support TV option from the menu.

[3] Select the Information option.

[4] Here, you will find the TV serial number

For LG TV (Below 2020 models)

[1] Open the Settings app from the home screen.

[2] From the settings menu, select General and then click on the About option.

[3] Then, click on TV Information and hit Serial number.

Note: In the

How to Check the LG TV Warranty

If you’re not sure about the LG TV warranty period, use the following ways.

Using the LG Website

[1] From your web browser, visit the Warranty Information web page.

[2] In the given field, enter the model number or keyword.

[3] Then, from the drop-down list, choose the model.

[4] You will get information about the warranty period or extended coverage.

Using MyLG Account

If you’ve created an account on MyLG account and registered your product at the time of purchase, you will get the overall detail about your LG product, including the warranty period. Log in to your MyLG Account using the email address and password and find your warranty period.

LG Warranty Lookup Page

The simplest way to look at the warranty period of the LG TV is to visit the warranty lookup page (https://lg-dfs-warranty.com/warranty-lookup) and enter the serial number of your LG TV. Click on the Find Registration button to check for the warranty details.

LG TV Warranty Check Lookup Page

Check LG TV Purchase Document

In case you have the LG TV purchase document in your hand, you shall check out the same for the warranty details. In most cases, you will find the information on the cover page or on the bill you received while purchasing the LG TV.

By Visiting LG Service Center

It is possible to check for the warranty details of your LG TV when taken to the LG service center. The service assistants will check for the LG TV warranty period and help you further deal with claiming the same.

How to Claim LG TV Warranty Check

To claim your LG TV warranty, you need to visit the official website of the LG repair and service center.

[1] Open the web browser and visit LG Support Center.

[2] Scroll down and click the Start a Service Request button.

click the Start a Service Request button

[3] On the following page, sign in to your LG account. If you don’t have an account, you can either create a new one or click the Process as a guest option.

Sign in or click Continue as a guest option

[4] Choose your LG product model number or Select by Product Category.

LG TV Warranty Check- provide the necessary details

[5] Then, enter your serial number and Purchase/Installation Date and click the Next button.

[6] Now, describe the problem that you face and provide your contact details.

[7] Once done, wait for the LG Team to contact you back.

Meanwhile, you can also perform the LG TV warranty check by contacting customer support directly. Here are the ways to contact them.

  • Phone: Go to the Contact Us page of LG, and you will find the LG customer care number (1800 315 9999) under the customer support section.
  • Email: Visit the Email Appointment page and enter the required details and submit the form. The LG Support team will revert you back.
  • Chatbot: Go to the LG Contact page and click on the Chat with us option to start the chat conversation with the virtual assistant.


How long is the LG TV warranty?

The warranty period for all LG TVs is 2 years. However, for LG OLED televisions, there is a 5-year panel warranty which means during the 1st period, the warranty covers panel, parts, and labor costs, and in the 2 to 5 years, the warranty covers only panels. In addition, the user might have obtained an extended warranty at an additional cost.

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