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LG TV Volume Not Working

LG TV Volume Not Working or No Sound: Causes & DIY Fixes

At times, the volume functions won’t work on LG TVs due to software bugs, technical errors, improper external device connections, and more. Notably, the TV volume not working is the most significant issue faced by many LG TV users. Nonetheless, these problems can be easily rectified. It would be great if you could learn possible fixes to prevent the issue from happening again.

How to Fix Volume Not Working on LG TV

There are a lot of reasons for the volume to be not working on the LG TV. Based on the scenario, we have split the workaround into two methods.

Technical Fixes for Volume Not Working on LG TV

Sometimes, you won’t be able to hear the audio from the TV although you have connected external speakers to LG TV. To fix this, you can power cycle the LG TV, remove the cable of an external speaker and reconnect it.


  • Connected with another speaker on low volume.
  • Technical glitch.
  • Damage in the audio system of the TV.
  • Problems with external audio devices.


As mentioned, you can fix the LG TV volume not working on the remote by power cycling the LG TV and checking whether the TV is connected to any other external speakers.

1. Power Cycle Your LG Smart TV

(1) Turn off the TV and remove the power cable from the power socket.

Remove the power cable to fix Volume not working on LG TV

(2) Wait for 5-10 minutes.

(3) Now, connect the power cable to the socket and turn on the switch.

(4) Turn on your LG smart TV and check if the LG TV no sound issue is resolved.

2. Disconnect Unwanted Cables

(1) Turn off your TV and check the RCA port, HDMI port, and 3.5mm audio jack port.

Remove the unwanted cables

(2) If the connection of the cable is not in use, remove those unwanted cables from your TV.

(3) Now, turn on your TV and play any video to check the volume of the TV.

(4) If the volume is not working on your TV, ensure to turn off the Bluetooth and AirPlay on your LG TV.

(5) Now, the volume should be heard on your LG smart TV.

3. Poor Internet Connection

The Internet is a key factor in streaming content on Netflix and YouTube on LG TV. If you have connected your TV to an unstable internet connection, you may face buffering and no volume issues. Always connect your TV to a better and more stable WiFi connection. You can power cycle the WiFi router to speed up the internet connection.

(1) Remove the power cable of the WiFi router from the power outlet.

(2) Wait for 3-5 minutes.

(3) Now, insert the power cable into the power outlet and turn on the switch.

(4) Finally, turn on the WiFi router to fix the slow internet problem.

(5) The sound problem on your TV might have been fixed now.

Check the internet connection to fix the problem of volume not working on LG TV
4. Check the Input Source of the LG Smart TV

Audio issues may occur if you have selected the wrong input source. Keep in mind that you can access only one input at a time on LG TV. So, you can either select a set-top box, cable, or any streaming device based on your needs.

Once you change the input on LG TV, here are some things you should look for.

  • Make sure that the A/V cable you are using has been plugged in properly.
  • If there is a problem in the port, connect it to another port.

Software Fixes for Volume Not Working on LG TV

If you think there is an issue with the software, you can fix the LG TV volume not working issue by updating the LG TV firmware.


  • Software glitches.
  • Poor internet connection.
  • Outdated firmware.
  • Improper audio driver or settings.
  • Place your mobile close to the TV while transferring the audio via AirPlay.


Here are workarounds that help to fix if volume functions don’t work on LG TVs.

1. Update the webOS on your LG Smart TV

You can update your LG TV to fix temporary bugs and glitches that occurred.

(1) Turn on your LG smart TV and connect your TV to a strong WiFi network.

(2) Press the Settings button on your LG Magic remote.

Select the settings button

(3) Select the All Settings option from the settings menu.

All Settings

(4) Click the General option from the left pane.

(5) Locate and select the option About This TV.

(6) Click the option Check for Updates on the next page.

(7) Now, your TV will scan for the update.

(8) If your TV is available for update, you will receive a popup menu regarding the update.

(9) Click Yes from the popup menu to update your LG TV.

Click Yes to update LG TV

(10) You can enable the Automatic Update by toggling the button near Allow Automatic Updates on the About This TV page.

2. Perform the Sound Test on LG Smart TV

The sound test option in the LG TV checks if there is an issue in the audio system or external devices.

(1) Go to the home screen of your LG Smart TV.

(2) Navigate to Settings and click on All Settings option.

(3) Tap on the Support option and select Additional Settings.

Sound test

(4) Choose the Sound Test option to perform the sound test on your LG TV

3. Factory Reset Audio and Video Settings on LG TV

You can reset the audio and video settings which will result in the deletion of your saved audio and video preferences.

(1) Press the Home on your remote.

(2) Then press the Mute button three times on your remote.

(3) Now select the A/V Reset option which deletes all the audio and video settings.

AV Reset

If you can’t hear any sound while doing this method, it may be due to the TV’s hardware issue. This will also help to fix if the LG TV has a distorted sound.

4. Factory Reset LG Smart TV

Performing the factory reset on the LG TV will revert back the device to its original state.

(1) Turn on your LG TV and select the Settings option.

(2) Choose All Settings and select the General option from the left pane.

(3) Scroll down to the last and select the option Reset to Initial Settings.

Reset your TV to fix the problem of LG TV Volume Not Working

(4) Click OK from the Warning message.

(5) The TV will return to its original stage within a few minutes.

(6) After completing the factory reset, set up your LG TV.

(7) Now, perform the sound test to check whether the volume functions are working without any issues.

5. Customize the Sound Settings on your LG Smart TV

You can customize the sound settings to fix the no-sound issue on LG TV.

(1) Turn on your LG smart TV and select the Settings option on your LG Magic remote.

(2) Select the All Settings option on the next page.

(3) Choose Sound from the left panel.

  • Select the Smart Sound Mode option and turn off the feature.
  • Get back to the Sound page and select the option Sound Out.
    • Locate and select the Optical menu
      • Choose Digital Sound Out and change it to PCM
      • Select LG Sound Sync and turn it on.
  • Select Dolby Atmos and turn off the feature.
Customize the volume settings

(4) Now, the LG TV volume not working will be fixed automatically.

Note: If would like to experience a real cinematic experience, you can enable Dolby Atmos on LG TV while watching movies and TV shows.

6. Contact Customer Support

If the volume issue on LG TV still persists, you can finally contact LG customer support by visiting the official website. You can explain the problem to the executive to get relevant troubleshooting solutions to fix it.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to fix sound not working on apps of the LG TV?

If the sound is not working on the other apps on your LG TV, you can force close the app on your LG TV and try again.

How to fix the LG TV remote volume not working?

Try removing the debris or dirt on the remote and test the functions. If it doesn’t work, you shall use the LG ThinQ app or physical buttons to adjust the volume on the TV.

Why is my LG TV sound distorted?

Distorted sound on the LG TV will be caused due to faulty audio circuitry in the TV or issues with the external audio devices.

Why can’t I hear sound on LG TV through HDMI ARC?

If there is no sound on the LG TV through HDMI ARC, it means that there is a problem with the port or cable. Try connecting the device to a different HDMI port. Make sure that the HDMI port is not faulty.

How to enable sound on an LG TV if it has been disabled?

Using the remote, go to SettingsAudio/Sound menu → Sound Out → Choose TV Speakers.

How to fix if an LG TV has no sound but is not muted?

If you can’t hear the audio on TV when it’s not in mute, try to reset the A/V settings on LG TV to fix the problem.

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