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Red Light Blinking on LG TV

LG TV Red Light Blinking: Causes & Solutions

If you have seen a blinking red light on LG Smart TV, it means that there is an issue. Rarely, it can be serious as it might indicate a blown power supply unit. Other than that, the red light may also blink on TV due to some minor problems. In such circumstances, you can try these troubleshooting methods to fix the issue and prevent the red light from blinking on your TV.

Why Does LG TV Have a Blinking Red Light

In some situations, the red light may be blinking because of overheating issues. Based on the blinking count, the reasons will vary which are listed as follows.

The red light blinks 3 times with no pictureIf there is a hardware failure or software glitch on the TV.
If the red light keeps blinking 4 timesIf you are running an outdated webOS version or if the TV is overheated.
The red light is continuously blinking There is an issue with the power supply unit.

How to Fix Red Light Blinking on LG TV

Here are the troubleshooting methods that you can follow to fix the red light blinking issue on LG TVs.

Turn Off the LG TV and Turn it On Again

If you find that your LG TV is overheated, turn off your LG TV and unplug the power cable. Then, wait for 10-15 minutes till your LG Smart TV cools down. After that, plug in your LG TV to the power supply and turn it on again. After that, check if the red light blinking issues on your TV still occurs. If the red light still blinks two times on your LG Smart TV, get into the next troubleshooting method to fix the issue.

Check the Power Supply

If you find that there is a surge or reduction in the power supply, the red light will blink on your TV. So, check that you have a proper electric supply at your home. If you find that there is an irregular amount of power supply at your home, turn off your TV and unplug the power cable. Do this until the power supply issue is fixed at your home.

Once the power supply issues are fixed, connect the power cable of your TV to the power cord and turn it on. Then, check if the blinking red light issue is fixed or not.

Power Cycle LG Smart TV

Sometimes, restarting your LG TV clears the red light blinking issue on your TV.

1. Unplug the power cord of your TV.

unplug the power cord

2. Press and hold the power button for 30 seconds.

3. Wait for a few minutes.

4. Then plug it back into the power supply.

Thus the red light blinking issue on your LG TV will be resolved.

Check the Remote Batteries

Low power in the battery remote or damage in the battery terminals may also be the cause of the red light blink. If the LG TV remote become unresponsive then it may lead to red light blinking issue. So replace the drained batteries or check for damage on your remote.

Check the remote batteries if red light is blinking on LG TV

Update LG TV to the Latest Version

If cooling down your LG TV doesn’t fix the issue for you, the reason might be the software update issue. So, ensure that you have updated your LG TV to the latest version. If not, update your LG TV’s firmware to the latest version. Then, check if this did fix the issues with the blinking red light issues on your TV.

To update LG Smart TV, go to Settings > All Settings > Support > Software Update > Check for Updates. Within a couple of minutes, your LG TV will be updated to the latest version.

Red Light Blinking on LG Smart TV: Check for the update

Check if the Power Cord is Damaged

If the power cord on the LG TV is damaged, it won’t provide power to your TV. The kinks and knots on the power cable increase the electrical resistance and generate heat. It may cause damage to the hardware of your TV. So, you can check the power cord if there is damage to replace it. Sometimes, the power socket may also be the reason for the unresponsive behavior of your LG TV. Also, try changing the power socket to get the power supply on your LG TV.

Replace the HDMI Cable

The faulty or damaged HDMI cable connected to your TV may cause the red light blinking issue on your LG TV. It is highly recommended to buy premium HDMI cables because the local HDMI may get damaged easily when used in the long term. Still, if the problem is not resolved, the issue may be with the HDMI port. So check the HDMI port for damage.

Check for damage in the HDMI cable if red light is blinking on LG TV

Reset LG Smart TV

There might be some technical bugs on your LG Smart TV. This may be the reason why your LG TV is displaying red light continuously. This issue can be fixed easily by factory resetting your LG TV. Doing this will erase all the data stored on your LG TV which will in turn eliminate all the errors on your LG Smart TV. After you reset your TV, check if the red light still blinks on your LG TV.

Here are the simple steps to reset your LG TV; go to All Settings > General or Support > Reset to Initial Settings. Confirm the same to reset LG TV to factory Settings.

Check for Main Board/Power Board Damage

If you checked all the troubleshooting methods but the issue still persists, the issue may be in the main board. To check if there is damage to the power board, take the TV case apart and use the multimeter to check the voltage is correct across the boards. If there is any voltage fluctuation on the TV, you can claim a warranty whether it is applicable, or visit the nearest LG service center to replace the main board which will cost between $200 $400.

Check the Main board

Contact Customer Support

If nothing works to turn off the blinking red light, the one last solution is to contact LG support. You can contact them through chat or call. Accordingly, you can follow the guidelines provided by the support agent to fix the issue.

If they can’t fix the issue with troubleshooting, you need to repair your LG TV immediately. We suggest repairing the LG TV before it shuts down completely.

Contact customer support

Frequently Asked Questions

Why won’t my LG TV turn on but the red light is on?

There might be power supply issues and that’s why your LG TV is not turning on but the red light is on.

Why is my LG TV power light flashing 5 times?

If your LG TV flashing for 5 times, indicates a communication error between the indoor and outdoor units on your TV.

Why is the power light flashing continuously on LG TV?

Generally, continuous red light flashing indicates a power glitch on the PSU (power supply unit) or overheating problem.

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