LG TV Pink Screen

LG TV Pink Screen: Causes and DIY Fixes

The pink screen is one of the most annoying problems that many LG TV users face. If you encounter the same, don’t worry since you can fix the issue easily. A pink screen often occurs if an LG TV has no signal from the connected HDMI source or if the signals are weak. In such cases, eject the HDMI cable from the TV and connect it back to fix the issue. If it doesn’t work, you can try these alternate troubleshooting methods to make the pink screen disappear.

What Causes LG TV Screen to Turn Pink

If you see a pink screen on your LG TV, it is because of these reasons.

  • Loose HDMI connection to the TV
  • A weak signal from an input device to the TV
  • Improper TV color settings
  • Outdated LG TV firmware
  • Issue with a backlight
  • Software glitches
  • Overheated cable box

How to Fix Pink Screen on LG TV

Try these workarounds if a pink screen starts appearing on your LG TV.

Check the HDMI Connection

Make sure that the HDMI cable is properly connected to your TV and the external device. If there is any loose cabling, it will make the LG TV keep rebooting. It is better to remove the HDMI cable and check whether it has damage or not. If not, reconnect it and change the cable if damaged.

Check the HDMI Cable Connection

Also, try connecting the HDMI cable to a different port on your TV. Ensure to change the HDMI settings on your LG TV to the newly connected one.

Change LG TV Color Settings

Adjust the color settings to fix it if the TV screen looks pink. You can either use Picture Wizard to change it or modify RGB levels.

Picture Wizard is a built-in feature of LG TV that allows you to change the picture’s color, tint, sharpness, and more.

Picture Wizard on LG TV

Turn on your LG TV and tap the Settings button on your TV Remote. Now, navigate to Picture and select the Picture Wizard option. Customize the color and tint settings according to your preference.

You can alter the RGB level if the previous method doesn’t work on your TV. Go to LG TV Settings with its remote control. Select the Sound & Screen option > RGB, and adjust it to clear the pink screen.

Change Picture Mode on LG TV

Because of inappropriate picture settings on LG TV, you might see a pink screen. In such circumstances, you can change the picture mode to resolve it.

1. Turn on your LG TV without a remote or with a remote.

2. Navigate to Settings with the TV remote.

2. Select Picture and click Picture Mode.

Select Picture and click Picture Mode

3. From the showing options, choose Reset Picture to Factory Settings.

4. Hit Yes and tap Confirm to change it.

Update LG TV Firmware

If the previous method doesn’t work, it is clear that the pink screen has not occurred due to picture settings. Not updating the webOS might be the reason.

Update LG TV Firmware

Connect your LG TV to a high-speed WiFi network to update it faster. Also, enable the auto-update on your webOS, which prevents such issues in the future by updating the LG TV firmware automatically. This process will also assist you in fixing the blue tint on your LG TV.

Restart the webOS

If the pink screen is still showing after updating the TV firmware, don’t worry. You can restart your LG Smart TV to eliminate the technical glitches in the TV. With the LG ThinQ app, you can restart your TV without a remote. You can also restart your LG TV during the updation process. At that time, your TV will display an option to restart your device. Just tap Restart to begin it.

LG TV Self-Diagnosis

It is better to run the self-diagnosis process, which will greatly help in finding and fixing the problems with TV. It will let you know if the issue occurs due to signal interruptions in the TV. Moreover, running a self-diagnosis test on LG TV will provide instant solutions for any kind of TV issues.

Reset LG Smart TV

Reset your LG Smart TV if none of the methods worked. Remember that, this method will erase all the data, remove all the apps that you have installed, and reset your TV to its original state.

Reset LG Smart TV

First, try soft resetting your TV by turning off the device and removing all the cables. After a few minutes, reconnect the cables and turn ON to check whether the pink screen has disappeared. If it still appears, hard reset your TV firmware.

Contact LG Support

If all the troubleshooting steps fail to fix the pink screen issue, you can finally contact LG Customer Support. You can contact them via chat, phone, or compose a mail. They will guide you with instructions to fix the issue.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the main cause of the pink screen on LG TV?

A faulty HDMI cable is the main reason for the pink screen on the LG TV.

How do I clear the pink screen if resetting the LG TV doesn’t work?

You should contact LG Customer Support for further assistance in clearing the pink screen issue.

Is it possible to fix the pink screen by adjusting LG TV Settings?

Yes. You can try adjusting the Color Settings on your LG TV to fix the pink screen issue.

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