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LG TV No Signal: Reasons & Fixes Worth Trying

If you see a No Signal message on the LG TV, you have selected the incorrect input, or the device cable isn’t connected properly. At times, natural calamities such as rain, snow, or storms may be the reason for signal issues. We suggest users follow the troubleshooting methods to resolve the issues easily.

If your LG TV is prone to hardware-related issues, you need to contact LG support and request a repair. If they confirm that the TV will no longer work, buying a new LG Smart TV would be better.

In this article, you will learn the workarounds to fix the no-signal issue on LG TV.

Why Does My LG TV Say No Signal

For these reasons, you may experience signal issues on your LG Smart TV.

  • The wrong input might have been selected
  • Due to an unstable internet connection
  • Overheating issues on LG TV
  • Damaged HDMI cable or port
  • If you have connected an unsupported device
  • When you forget to update the firmware of the TV
  • Too many input sources
  • Weather issues/weak broadcast signal
  • If the connection cable is not HDCP-compliant
  • Defective motherboard due to wear and tear

How to Fix No Signal Issue on LG TV

Here are workarounds that should try to fix the no-signal issue on your LG TV.

Check Input Source

Since LG TVs offer multiple HDMI ports, you might have selected the wrong input. You won’t get any signal on your LG TV until you select the appropriate input.

1. Press the Input button on your LG TV remote.

2. From the list of Inputs, highlight the Input that you’ve connected.

Select correct Input on LG TV to fix no signal issue

3. Now, press the OK button on your remote to select it.

In most cases, no signal issue would be solved. Otherwise, try the next method.

Note: If your LG TV remote is not responding, try alternate ways to change the input on your LG TV without a remote.

Power Cycle LG TV

Power cycling is another way to fix if an LG TV has no signals from the input. Because of overheating, this issue may occur on an LG TV. To fix this, press and hold the power button on the LG TV for a few seconds. The LG TV logo will appear on your TV screen and turn off.

Now unplug the TV cord from the power socket. Make sure to disconnect all additional devices and accessories with your LG TV. However, 5-10 minutes is more than enough for LG TV to cool down the hardware. After that, restart LG Smart TV and check whether the issue is resolved or not.

Check HDMI Cable/Port

Didn’t see any changes in the issue after restarting LG TV? Now check for any visible blockage or damage in the HDMI Cable and LG TV HDMI Port. Removable blockage on the Port and Cable can be cleaned using soft tools. We suggest you avoid hard cleaning as you may damage the Port or Cable.

Change HDMI Cable

You can use a different cable when you can’t find any visible damage. If the issue is with the cable, replacing the cable would help. Still, if there is no signal, it means that the problem is with the HDMI port. So you need a technician to repair the HDMI port and fix this issue.

Check Connected Device

Not always the issue is from your LG TV. Sometimes, the device you’ve connected to LG TV is unsupported. To fix the issue, try connecting a different device to your LG TV. If the device isn’t able to send inputs to your LG TV, you will see a no signal message on the TV. Ensure that your LG TV is HDCP-compliant. Otherwise, it is impossible to cast your Android screen to an LG TV using a Chromecast.

Disconnect Other Inputs

Multiple devices can be connected to LG TV but sometimes your LG TV may find it hard to access too many inputs at once. Removing other unused inputs may help to fix the no-signal issue on LG TVs.

Unplug all the unused devices that have been connected to the LG TV and leave them for some time. After a few minutes, connect the device back to the port and check if you are getting signals now.

Check Signal Strength

Sometimes, because of bad weather conditions, broadcasts will not be able to stream content because of the poor signals. In such situations, you will be facing the no signal issue. You need to wait until you get a strong broadcast signal.

Before that, ensure that your LG TV and cable TV box are connected properly. There is nothing you can do to fix the issue but you can check the signal strength and quality on your LG TV.

1. Press the Home button on your LG TV remote to launch the Home screen.

2. Open the Settings menu by clicking the Gear icon at the top corner.

3. Navigate to Quick Settings and select Channels.

4. Now click on Channel Tuning and select Manual Tuning.

5. Select Channel Watching and check the Signal Quality.

Check Signal Strength to fix no signal issue

If the signal quality is below 50%, you can’t stream channels.

Note: You can use the remote app to change the channel on the LG TV without a remote when the LG TV remote has stopped working.

Test the Internet Speed

Sometimes, due to poor internet connection on LG TV, you may experience no signal while accessing a streaming application. Therefore, test the internet speed on LG TV to avoid such issues.

1. Open a web browser on your LG TV.

2. Visit fast.com to perform a speed test.

If the internet speed is very low on WiFi, you should connect your LG TV to a wired internet connection with an ethernet cable. If the issue still persists, contact your ISP to get further assistance.

Update LG TV Firmware

If the LG TV firmware is not updated, it might have issues in receiving inputs from other devices. It is mandatory to update your LG Smart TV to the latest version to avoid such errors.

1. Turn on your LG TV and navigate to Settings.

2. Click on the All Settings option and select Support.

3. Now click on the Check for Updates option.

Update LG TV firmware to fix no signal issue

4. If the update is available, click on the Download and Install button.

After updating, check whether the no signal is rectified on your LG TV.

Note: If you have encountered no signal issue while connecting a Roku to an LG TV, you should update Roku OS to the latest version.

Uninstall and Reinstall the App

If you get no signal message on a particular application, don’t worry. It happens if an application fails to establish a connection to the server. To fix such problems, you can uninstall the app on LG TV and reinstall it again.

Factory Reset LG TV

If none of the methods work, you can finally reset the LG TV to solve the no signal issue. Remember that it will remove all the custom settings and installed apps on your LG TV. However, it is the best option to rectify all technical glitches and malfunctions on your LG TV.

1. Navigate to Settings and select the All Settings option.

2. Go to the Support or General tab.

3. Click on Reset to Initial Settings.

Reset LG TV if it has no signal

4. Once completed, restart your LG Smart TV.

Contact LG Support

If you still get no signal message after trying these methods, you need to contact LG TV support through mail, chat, or call. They will assist you in fixing the no-signal issue. If it is an LG TV hardware-related issue like a damaged motherboard, visit the nearest LG TV service center to fix it.

Note: They will repair the no-signal issue for free if your LG TV is under warranty.


Why does LG TV say no signal when using PS4?

Incorrect Resolution on your PS4 settings may be the reason why you don’t get signals. Change the Resolution on PS4 and try playing again.

Why is my LG TV showing no signal while watching a live TV?

It is because of the poor signal strength of that broadcast.

What should I do if there is no signal for an antenna cable?

You can perform a manual tuning to fix this issue. Go to Settings > All Settings > Channels > Channel Tuning > Auto Tuning > Antenna DTV > Start. It would take up to 5 minutes to bring up all the channels.

How do I fix it if there is no signal on a Chromecast-connected LG TV?

Eject the Chromecast and keep it unplugged for a few seconds. Reconnect Chromecast to your LG TV’s HDMI port and check if it works.

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