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lg tv menu keeps popping up

LG TV Menu Keeps Popping Up: Causes & Solutions

If the LG TV menu keeps popping up, it means that you have enabled Store Demo or Home Auto Launch mode on your LG TV. In most cases, the pop-up menu will block the screen and it may distract you while streaming any content. Such interruptions may also occur if LG TV remote is not working. For quick resolutions, you should try these workarounds to get rid of the pop-up menu on your LG Smart TV.

Reasons for LG TV Menu Keeps Popping Up

If you are getting a pop-up menu on LG TV for no reason, it is due to the following reasons.

  • If Store Demo mode is turned on
  • When the Home Auto Launch feature is activated
  • Because of a defective remote or if the batteries are running out of charge
  • Technical glitches may occur due to outdated LG TV firmware
  • If the Simplink feature has been disabled

How to Fix LG TV Menu Keeps Popping Up Issue

The following are the possible ways to stop LG TV Menu if it keeps popping up.

Switch to Home Mode

If the menu on your LG TV pops up often, your TV might be in the Store Mode. Changing your TV to Home mode will stop the menu from popping up. Follow the below instructions to do so depending on the TV model you have.

For LG TV Models before 2021

[1] Go to LG TV Settings.

[2] Click on the General option.

[3] Scroll down and select Additional Settings.

[4] Select the Store Mode Settings option.

[5] In the drop-down menu, select Home Mode.

For LG TV Models running on webOS 6.0, webOS 22, and webOS 23

[1] Press the Settings button on your LG Magic Remote and select All Settings.

[2] Now, choose the General option.

[3] Select the Devices option.

[4] Click on TV Management. In webOS6.0, select Home/Store mode and switch to Home Mode.

[5] Select the Home/Store Mode option and change to Home Mode.

Store/Home Mode - lg tv menu keeps popping up

Disable Home Auto Launch

If the Home menu pops up each time you turn on your LG TV, the Home Auto Launch might be enabled in your LG TV. Disabling this setting will stop the menus from popping up.

[1] Press the Settings button on your TV remote.

[2] Select All Settings and go to the General section.

[3] Select Additional Settings and select Home Settings.

[4] Toggle off the Home Auto Launch option.

Home Auto Launch

Update your LG Smart TV

Outdated firmware might also be the reason for unwanted menu pop-ups. So you have to update your LG Smart TV to the latest firmware to fix errors.

[1] Press the Settings button on your TV remote.

[2] Select All Settings and go to the Support section.

[3] Select the Software Update option.

[4] Click on Check For Updates.

Check for updates

[5] If there are any pending updates, click Download and Install.

[6] Once the latest firmware is installed, restart your LG TV and check if any menu pops up.

Enabling the Simplink feature lets you get rid of the pop-up menu whenever a new device is connected to your LG TV.

[1] Go to Settings on your LG TV using the remote.

[2] Click General and scroll through the options.

[3] Select Simplink and click on Activate.

That’s it. A pop-up menu will not appear anymore although a new input is detected on your LG TV.

Fix LG TV Remote Issue

A faulty and malfunctioning TV remote can cause the menu to pop up on the LG TV screen. If your LG TV remote is dysfunctional, replace the old batteries with newer ones and check if the issue is fixed. Else, you can buy a replacement remote for LG TV from Amazon.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to stop pop ups on LG TV?

To block pop-up ads on LG TV, go to Settings and disable Live Plus, change your TV from Store Mode to Home Mode.

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