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LG TV Keeps Restarting

LG TV Keeps Restarting: Causes and Quick Fixes

Many users have reported that LG TV keeps restarting on its own. If you encounter this issue, check whether the TV cord is connected firmly, and power cycle your Smart TV. In case, if this trick doesn’t work, don’t worry. We have listed the reasons why the LG TV was turned off and on. Furthermore, you will learn the troubleshooting methods to prevent the LG TV from restarting intermittently.

Why Does My LG TV Keep Restarting

The following reasons will cause the LG TV to reboot by itself.

  • When there is loose cabling or if the cable is damaged
  • If the remote is defective, it might send abnormal signals and restart the TV
  • If the LG TV has any software malfunction or glitches
  • When you haven’t updated the firmware to its latest version.
  • If there is an issue with connected devices or TV settings
  • If the buttons on the remote control got stuck
  • When the LG TV motherboard or other internal parts face an error.

How to Fix LG Smart TV Keep Restarting

You can follow these workarounds to fix it if the LG TV freezes and restarts itself.

Faulty Cable Connections

Check the LG TV cable is firmly connected to the power source. Also, look for damage in the power socket. If there is any damage to the power socket, it won’t provide enough power to your TV. In this case, you can contact the technician and repair it quickly.

Restarting also occurs when an external device is improperly connected to the LG TV. Turn OFF the LG TV and remove all the external device cables from it. Reconnect it properly and turn the devices ON.

Turn Off the Sleep Timer

You may set any Sleep timer or Auto Power feature ON and forget to turn it OFF. At times these settings might cause issues, so disable Sleep Timer on your LG TV.

1. Turn ON your LG TV and press the Settings button on the TV remote.

2. Go to All Settings and click System.

3. Select General and choose Time > Timers.

4. Turn OFF the Sleep Timer and disable the Auto Power by toggling the button.

Turn OFF Timer and disable Auto Power Off

For some LG TV models, the Auto Power feature comes under All Settings > Support > Energy Saving.

Soft Reset LG TV Firmware

Soft resetting LG TV is one of the safest fixes as it solves the problem without losing any data from your TV.

1. Turn OFF the LG TV and unplug it from the power socket.

2. Press and hold the Power button on LG TV for 15 seconds.

3. Wait for at least 30 minutes and plug the TV cable.

4. Turn ON the TV to check whether the issue is fixed or not.


When your TV keeps turning on and off, there might be an issue with the HDMI settings. SIMPLINK on LG TV to turn your TV ON/OFF with the help of an HDMI-CEC connected device’s remote. Turn this feature OFF when not in use to avoid malfunction.

1. Tap the Settings button on the remote once you turn ON the TV.

2. Navigate to All Settings and tap General.

3. Select Simplink (HDMI-CEC).

Pick Simplink (HDMI-CEC)

4. Disable it by toggling the button.

Disable Quick Start +

If the Quick Start + feature is turned on, it could be the reason why the LG Smart TV keeps turning off and on. So, you have to disable the Quick Start + feature on LG TV to prevent it from intermittent restart.

1. Head to Settings on LG TV with its remote.

2. Tap General and click System.

3. Choose Additional Settings and disable Quick Start + by toggling the button.

Note: Sometimes, the LG TV may restart on its own to free up storage space. To avoid that, you can clear the cache on LG TV to release some memory.

Fix Remote Malfunction

If any dirt particles are stuck in the remote buttons, it may be the reason why your TV is turning ON and OFF automatically. Clean the remote at least once a week by using paper clips or toothpicks. Once done, it won’t send

Check for Updates

Sometimes the provided Internet connection to your TV (wired or wireless) might be disconnected or have an error. When this happens during the TV updation, the process will fail, which may be the reason for the restarting issue.

Disconnect the Internet connection and reconnect it from the start. Now, turn OFF the Auto Update option on your TV and begin the updation process manually to avoid further problems.

If the LG TV keeps on disconnecting from the WiFi, you can update your LG TV using the USB.

1. Visit LG TV’s support website from your PC browser.

2. Provide your LG TV model number and search for the latest updates.

3. Download it on your PC. Now, extract these ZIP files.

4. Insert the USB drive into your PC. Copy-paste those files to the USB drive and remove them.

5. Priorly, turn OFF the LG TV and insert the USB drive into the TV’s USB port.

6. LG TV will detect and install the new update once it is turned ON.

7. It will reboot the LG TV if the process is completed.

That’s it. Now, the firmware is updated and the restarting issues are fixed.

Factory Reset LG TV

This method should be done only when all other methods did not fix the LG TV restarting issue. Resetting LG TV deletes every data and app but it is worth trying it.

1. Switch ON the LG TV and click the Settings button on the remote.

2. Select All Settings > General > System.

3. Choose Reset to Initial Settings and type the Password.

Choose Reset to Initial Settings to Factory reset LG TV

4. Hit OK and tap Confirm on the loaded screen.

5. Your LG will get restarted, and once completed, set up the TV to use it.

Contact LG Support

There are chances of defects in the motherboard or in any other internal components of the LG TV. In such cases, contacting LG customer support is the only way to fix it safely. Reach out to them and the support team will rectify the root cause and resolve it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does my LG TV keep freezing and turning off?

This problem mainly occurs when not updating the LG TV properly. If the firmware is updated, restart it to fix the freezing issue.

What to do when the LG TV says this app will now restart to free up memory?

This text denotes that the data on the LG TV needs to be refreshed. Power cycle the TV by turning it OFF and removing its cable from the power source. Connect it back after a few minutes to fix it.

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