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LG TV Keeps Disconnecting From Wifi

LG Smart TV Keeps Disconnecting From WiFi: Reasons and Fixes

If the LG Smart TV keeps disconnecting from WiFi, you may be in chaos in figuring out the cause. The primary reason is the weak WiFi signals. The quick remedy is to connect the LG TV to a 2.4 GHz WiFi band instead of 5 GHz.

Sometimes, you may see error messages on LG TV, “Unable to connect to the network” (or) “Network Unavailable.” It may happened due to software glitches or incorrect network settings in the LG TV. So, You can configure the DNS settings on LG TV to eliminate the issue.

Sometimes, you may fail to determine why the internet keeps disconnecting. Instead of thinking about it, you can try the troubleshooting methods suggested by our experts. Thus, you can prevent your LG TV from getting disconnected from a wireless connection.

Fixes for LG TV Keeps Disconnecting From WiFi

If LG TV fails to connect to a WiFi network, it may be due to the following reasons.

  • Router problems
  • Hardware issues with LG TV

Router Problems

In most cases, the WiFi router may be a culprit as it is responsible for frequent network disconnection on LG TVs.


  • Outdated firmware
  • Technical issues with the router
  • Loose cabling
  • WiFi interference


Router problems can be fixed immediately with some of the simple troubleshooting methods mentioned below.

Restart your Router

If LG TV keeps disconnecting from WiFi, there can be problems with your router. But you can troubleshoot this issue by restarting your router. Unplug the cable connecting your router and LG TV to restart your router. Wait 10-15 minutes and plug the cable. Connect your LG TV to WiFi again and verify whether it works.

Update Router

Your router’s firmware may be outdated, which can be one reason why the LG TV keeps disconnecting from WiFi. You can resolve the problem by updating the router’s firmware.

For this to work, you must enter your router’s IP address on a web browser and visit it. Choose the update firmware option to update your router’s firmware to the latest version.

Reset WiFi Router

There can be a major technical issue with your router, which can be the reason for WiFi disconnections on LG TVs. Reset your router to revert it to working condition.

  • Turn on your router’s backside and take a paper clip.
  • Insert the paperclip gently into the reset pinhole and wait 10-15 seconds.
  • After the process, your router will reset.
  • Once your router gets reset, plug the device into your LG TV.
  • Connect to the WiFi once again on your router and check whether the issues are fixed.
Press the reset pinhole button on the router

Clear WiFi Interference

Usually, WiFi signals may drop if electronic devices cause obstructions or interference. This includes microwave ovens, baby tracking monitors, smartphones, etc. Therefore, you should relocate or place those objects away from a WiFi router.

We recommend users buy a TP-Link AX 1500 WiFi extender to boost the WiFi signals around the room. It is capable of delivering a maximum speed of up to 1.5 Gbps. So, you don’t need to bother about signal disruptions anymore.

Hardware Issues With LG TV

If the LG OLED TV keeps disconnecting from WiFi, it may be due to technical bugs.


  • webOS firmware issues
  • Improper date and time
  • Wrong location
  • Incorrect DNS settings
  • Outdated LG TV firmware


This hardware issue can be fixed immediately with these simple troubleshooting methods mentioned here.

Change DNS Settings

LG TV may fail to connect to WiFi due to a wrong DNS setting. Connect the LG TV to Google DNS to fix the WiFi disconnection issue.

  • Go to SettingsAll SettingsNetwork.
  • Select WiFi Advanced WiFi settings.
  • Click Edit → Uncheck Set Automatically.
  • Enter in the DNS Server and click Connect.

After the configuration, restart the LG TV to apply changes.

Restart LG Smart TV

Some technical bugs on your LG TV can be one of the reasons why the wifi keeps disconnecting. You can resolve it by rebooting the LG TV. Since there is no option to restart the LG TV, unplug the cable and wait up to 20 minutes. Plug the power cable back into your TV and power it on. Check if you can connect the LG Smart TV to WiFi. If this doesn’t fix the WiFi connectivity issues with LG TV, move on to the next troubleshooting method.

Enable IPv6

You can turn on the IPv6 option to prevent the LG TV from WiFi disconnections.

  • Navigate to SettingsAll SettingsNetwork.
  • Tap Advanced WiFi Settings and select IPv6 → Turn ON.

Check whether the LG TV stays connected to WiFi.

Change LG Services Country

You have to set the LG Services Country location manually. Turn off the Set Automatically option to prevent the LG TV from being disconnected from WiFi.

  • Go to Settings All SettingsGeneral.
  • Select Location → Uncheck Set Automatically.
  • Choose the location manually.
  • It will prompt you to restart the LG TV. Click Yes to proceed.

After the restart, go to Network settings and check whether the LG TV is connecting to WiFi.

Turn Off Simplink

Sometimes, WiFi disconnects itself due to external devices like Firestick, Roku, etc. This happens if you turn on Simplink on the LG TV. So, you can disable this feature to prevent the LG TV from getting disconnected from WiFi.

  • Go to Settings on your LG TV.
  • Choose the General tab from the left pane.
  • Scroll down and select the Simplink (HDMI-CEC) option.
  • Turn off the Simplink feature.
Turn off Simplink to fix the LG TV keeps disconnecting from WiFi issue

After you turn off Simplink, check if the LG TV disconnects from WiFi.

Disable Quick Start+

Sometimes, WiFi connectivity issues may arise on LG TV if you turn on the Quick Start+ feature. It will cause your LG TV to run in standby mode.

  • Tap the Settings button on the remote.
  • Click All Settings and click the General tab.
  • Further, toggle the Quick Start+ option and turn it off.

Afterward, try to connect your LG TV to WiFi to make sure it works fine.

Turn Off Standby Mode

After disabling Quick Start+, turn off Standby Mode on the LG TV. Otherwise, your LG TV won’t connect to WiFi.

  • Tap Settings on the remote and click All Settings.
  • Click General, select Additional Settings, and choose Eco Mode.
  • Hit the Auto Power Off option and select Off.

Change Date and Time

Because of a different date and time, the router may fail to sync with the LG TV’s time zone. To fix this, change the date and time of the LG TV according to your location.

  • Hit the Settings key on the remote and click All Settings.
  • Tap General from the menu and click Time and Date.
  • Change the date and time manually.

Now, the WiFi router will recognize the new date and time. Hopefully, it will fix WiFi connection problems on your LG TV.

Update LG Smart TV Firmware

If the LG Smart TV keeps disconnecting from WiFi after changing the time zone, you should update your LG TV to the latest firmware.

  • Hit the Settings key on the LG TV remote.
  • Tap All Settings and click General.
  • Click About This TV and tap Check for Updates.
  • If prompted, click Install to begin the process.

Your LG TV will reboot if the update is finished.

Additional Fixes for LG TV Keeps Disconnecting from WiFi

If you have tried all the above solutions and the issue persists, you should rely on the following methods to fix the issue.

Power Cycle LG TV

If the LG TV says, “Entered password is incorrect,” frequently, you can power cycle the LG TV to eliminate this error.

  • Turn off the LG TV and unplug the cord from the wall socket.
  • Wait for 60 seconds.
  • After unplugging the cord, press the Power button on the LG TV and hold it for 30 seconds.
  • Plug the cord back in and turn on the LG TV.

Connect Ethernet Cable to LG TV

Sometimes, you won’t get maximum internet speed on LG TV from a WiFi network. Connect your LG TV to a wired internet connection using an ethernet cable. You will experience high-speed internet connectivity. After that, check whether the network connection problems on the LG TV have been sorted.

Contact Customer Support

If all the troubleshooting methods discussed in this article fail to find the fix, you need to contact LG Customer Support. Doing this will help you fix when wifi keeps disconnecting on your LG Smart TV. Moreover, you have three options to contact customer support. They are:

  • Call the hotline number
  • Chat with a customer support agent
  • Compose an email to the Customer Service
Contact Customer Support if LG TV keeps disconnecting from WiFi

Frequently Asked Questions

How to fix if LG TV is not connecting to WiFi after reset?

All the network settings you saved on your LG TV will be removed if the reset is done. Re-enter the password to connect your LG TV to WiFi.

What to do if LG TV keeps disconnecting from ethernet?

You should check whether you have connected the cable to the exact port of the router. Otherwise, check if there is loose cabling.

What does it mean if LG TV cannot establish a connection to the access point?

It means that LG TV is compatible with WiFi frequency. In such cases, you must connect the LG TV to 2.4 GHz instead of 5 GHz.

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