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How to set up HomeKit on LG TV

LG TV Homekit Setup, Advantages, & Troubleshooting Issues

HomeKit is a feature that allows users to control smart home products using Apple devices. The feature is available on smart TVs like Fire TV, Android TV, Google TV, Samsung smart TV, and LG TV. If you own an LG smart TV, you can pair it with your iPhone, iPad, or Apple HomePod to add HomeKit accessories. In addition, with the LG TV Homekit support, you shall create automated scenes or a group of actions that can be triggered by a single command using Siri.

Apple AirPlay & HomeKit Compatible LG TVs

2020webOS 5.0  LG OLED – RX, ZX, WX, GX, CX, and BX series
LG NanoCell – Nano 99, 97, 95, 90, 85, and 80 series
UHD TV – UN85, UN73, UN71, UN70, and UN69 series
2019webOS 4.5LG OLED – R9, Z9, W9, E9, C9, and B9 series
NanoCell – SM99, SM95, SM90, SM86, and SM81 series
LG UHD TV – UM80, UM75, UM73, UM71, and UM69 series
2018webOS 4.0LG OLED – B8, C8, G8, and E8 Series
LG UHD TV – UK62 and UK7 series

How to Setup HomeKit on LG Smart TV

When your LG smart television is compatible with AirPlay 2 feature, you can proceed with LG TV HomeKit setup by performing the below steps:

Enabling HomeKit Settings on LG TV

After updating your LG smart TV to its latest version, you can proceed with the following.

[1] Turn on and connect LG TV to the WiFi network as your iPhone/iPad.

[2] Press the Home button on your remote control to open the home screen.

[3] In the home menu, navigate and select the Home Dashboard option.

Click Home Dashboard

[4] Next, scroll and click AirPlay.

Click AirPlay

[4] Now, an AirPlay menu will display on your screen. Choose AirPlay & HomeKit Settings.

Click AirPlay and HomeKit on your LG TV

[5] Next, under Homekit & AirPlay Settings, click the Home option available under the Homekit menu.

Click Set Up HomeKit on LG TV

[6] Now, your TV will display a QR code on its screen to connect to Homekit accessories.

QR code on LG TV

Pair Your iPhone to LG TV

[1] Once the QR code is displayed on LG TV, fetch your iPhone/iPad and open the Home app.

Tip! If you accidentally deleted the Apple Home app, you can install it again by navigating the App Store on your iPhone/iPad.

[2] From there, click the + icon at the top to access more options.

[3] Next, from the list of options, select Add Accessory.

Click Add Accessory

[4] Now, your Home app will pop up a QR code scanner.

Scan QR code to setup HomeKit on LG TV

[5] Point the camera at the QR code displayed on your TV and tap Add to Home.

Select Add Home to setup HomeKit on LG TV

[6] Now, you’ve successfully set up HomeKit on LG TV.

Tip! If the QR code fails to scan, you can manually enter the 8-digit code displayed on your TV by selecting the I Don’t Have a Code option on your iPhone.

How to Disconnect HomeKit on LG TV

If you’re willing to unpair the HomeKit settings from your device, proceed with the following;

  • On TV: After a successful connection, you can just select the Disconnect TV from Home button on your TV to remove HomeKit.
Click Remove Accessory
  • On iPhone/iPad: Once connected, just navigate to the LG TV accessory on the Home app and click Remove Accessory to unpair it.
Click Disconnect TV from Home

Advantages of Using HomeKit on LG TV

After completing the setup process, you can do the following on your LG smart TV with your iPhone:

  • You can use LG TV Homekit commands. For instance, summon Siri to turn on and off the TV.
  • Long press the LG TV accessory option on the Home application to access various inputs
  • You can use the Add Scene feature to customize your accessory according to your wish.

HomeKit Not Working on LG Smart TV: Fixes

Proceed with the troubleshooting technique when the HomeKit feature fails to connect.

  • Unstable internet connectivity: Make sure to connect your devices to a stable WiFi network.
  • Outdated firmware: Ensure your LG smart TV runs on the latest webOS version.
  • Temporary bugs: Restart your LG smart TV and iPhone to fix the error.
  • Corrupted cache: If your device is running out of storage, clear the cache on your LG TV and iPhone to resolve the issue.

Can I Resolve LG TV Homekit No Response Issue?

Yes. It appears when there is an issue with the Home app or wireless connection. It can be fixed in the following ways.

  • LG TV firmware update
  • By using the HomeKit hub
  • Use Mesh WIFI router kits
  • Reset HomeKit accessory or HomeKit home


Why won’t LG TV connect to Homekit?

Using different WIFI is the most common issue for the TV won’t connect to the HomeKit issue.

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