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Fix LG TV Half-Screen Issue.

LG TV Half Screen Black | Causes and Solutions

Half Screen Black is one of the serious issues that happen on LG TV at times. It will be quite irritating when you are trying to watch your favorite movie or show. This issue occurs due to loose cabling or corrupted input. In some cases, it may be due to defective hardware in your LG TV.

But that doesn’t mean that you need to directly buy a new LG TV. It can be fixed using a few things by yourself on LG TV. So before repairing or replacing your LG TV, check out this article to find the working fixes and troubleshoot your LG TV if the half screen turns black or white.

What Causes Half Screen Black on LG TV

Other than hardware issues, below are the possible reasons that caused the partial black screen on your LG TV.

  • Technical malfunctions on LG TV
  • Faulty HDMI Cable/LG TV’s Port
  • Fluctuating Power Supply
  • Outdated Firmware on LG TV
  • Crashed apps or incorrect settings on LG TV
  • Burned LED Backlights

Fixes for Half Screen Black Issue on LG TV

The following workarounds will help to fix the LG TV half screen flickering issue.

Power Cycle LG TV

Power Cycling is the all-time working and easy option when you find your LG TV’s half-screen black. Because there is a possibility your LG TV may have crashed while turning it on. So before going into other major fixes simply soft reset your LG TV. It will clear the malfunctions without deleting or changing any LG TV settings.

1. Press and hold down the LG TV Power button for 5-10 seconds.

Hold down the power button.

2. Once the TV is turned off, unplug the TV and remove all connected devices.

3. Give at least 30 minutes for LG TV to drain the power completely.

4. Now plug the cables back into the power socket and switch on your LG TV.

Check HDMI Cables

If you have connected any additional accessories like streaming devices, or gaming consoles using the HDMI cable on your LG TV, remove all of them. Turn on your LG TV without connecting any devices and check whether the issue is with the connected cable or LG TV. If the TV is working fine, check the cable for the below issues,

  • Improper HDMI connection
  • Broken HDMI cable
  • Damaged HDMI port

If the cable is not connected properly, remove the cable and clean the ports and connect it firmly. Broken cables can only be replaced. Try using a different cable to connect the device to your LG TV. Finally, to check the damaged HDMI port, try using a different port on your LG TV. If the issue is resolved, you can confirm that the problem is with the particular HDMI Port.

Check the Power Supply

If the issue is not with the connected device or the cable, the next thing you need to make sure of is your LG TV is getting sufficient power supply. Improper and oscillating power voltage on LG TV start these kinds of issues and make your TV inoperative.

Disconnect your LG TV from the power wall. Use a power supply tester to check the voltage of the power socket that you’ve used to connect your LG TV. If it is receiving an improper power supply, use a different socket. If the whole house’s power voltage is low, you need to seek an electrician to fix it.

Update LG TV Firmware

To prevent problems like half-screen black, no picture, and dimming issues on LG TVs it is necessary to keep the latest firmware. If you’ve missed an update on your LG TV firmware, update it to get your LG TV screen back to normal.

1. Connect your LG TV to a WiFi network and click the Settings icon.

2. Go to the General or Support menu and click on it.

3. Next, select the About this TV option from the menu list.

4. After that, hit the Check For Updates button.

Update the Firmware to fix half-screen black.

5. Finally, Download and Install the latest firmware on your LG TV.

Change Picture Settings

Sometimes, the LG TV may look too dark because of improper picture settings. Make sure to modify panel brightness, contrast, and black level, or adjust the brightness on LG TV to fix the issue. Go to Settings and click All Settings. Select the Picture menu and personalize your TV appearance.

Note: If required, you can turn off Energy Saving Mode on LG TV.

Factory Reset LG TV

Restoring all your LG TV factory settings is the final and optimal solution you can try by yourself. Since this procedure will remove all personalized settings and downloaded apps from your LG TV, you can get rid of the unknown malfunction or glitches caused by other apps.

Remember, factory resetting your LG TV will log out all the accounts signed in on your LG TV. So before resetting note down the important information on your LG Smart TV.

1. On your LG TV remote, press the Settings button by aiming at your LG TV.

2. Go to Settings and select the All Settings option.

Open All Settings.

3. From the settings menu, select Support or General tab.

4. Now scroll down to find the Reset to Initial Settings, and click on it.

Reset to Initial Settings to fix half-screen black on LG TV.

Once done, you can switch on your LG TV and check whether the issue is resolved or not.

Contact Support/Technician

Have you tried all the above fixes? None of them rectified the half-screen black issue on your LG TV. Then you need to contact LG TV support to assist you with the issue. You can contact LG Support through mail, call or chat and tell them about the issue. They will help you to fix it.

If the issue persists, it may be the LED backlight on your LG TV front panel or any other hardware that got damaged. In such a scenario, you need to contact a technician or visit the nearest service center to repair it.


Why does the top half of my LG TV screen is dark?

If you see the top half of the screen on LG TV looks very dark than the bottom, it indicates that there is a strong magnetic field. It can be caused by speakers or other electronic devices.

Why is my LG TV keeps dimming?

If the brightness of the LG TV keeps changing, it means that you have enabled the Energy Saving mode setting.

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