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Fix LG TV Green Tint.

DIY Fixes and Reasons for LG TV Green Tint

If you see a green tint on LG TV, no need to worry. It can be caused by defective hardware, software issues, damaged ports, or improper settings. At times, minor technical issues on the LG TV could be the reason behind this problem. As a quick remedy, make sure that external devices are connected tight. If the green tint is still appearing, you can rely on the below-mentioned methods to fix it.

Reasons for Green Tint on LG TV

If you see a green tint on your LG TV, it may be due to the following reasons.

  • Broken or damaged cables
  • Because of power fluctuations
  • Incorrect input source on LG TV
  • The connected device itself damaged
  • LG TV firmware is not yet updated
  • Backlight or damaged internal parts on LG TV

How to Fix Green Tint Issue on LG TV

Try these workarounds to make the green tint disappear on the LG TV.

Soft Reset LG TV

Soft resetting is the best way to fix LG TV dimming and other display problems. Because of a technical glitch, you may see the green tint on the screen. To soft reset, disconnect all the external devices connected to the LG TV including the WiFi. Switch off your TV and press the power button on the TV for 5-10 seconds. It will help your LG TV drain the power completely from the capacitors.

Hold down the power button.

Wait for a few minutes, plug in the TV cable back, and restart your LG TV. Now check whether the green tint is gone or not.

Check Power Voltage

An oscillating or insufficient power supply is also the reason behind the green tint on your LG TV screen. To confirm the issue, you can connect your LG TV to a different power socket. If the green tint still appears on LG TV, check the power voltage in your house. If it is too high or too low, use a stabilizer to cut off the energy that your LG TV is receiving.

Check Input Source

In some cases, the issue is not with the LG TV, it is the connected device. So check your connected device for the damaged port or any other malfunctions. If the device is working properly, you can connect the device to the different ports and check.

If the device is working on LG TV’s different port, then the issue is with the port you’ve used. To repair the port, you need to seek help from a professional. Once you’ve connected your device to a different port on LG TV, it is important to change the source on LG TV, to get the proper picture without any issues.

Update LG TV Firmware

It is never too late to update the firmware on your LG TV. However, to prevent display issues like too dark, half-screen black, including green tint on the screen, you need to keep the updated software on your LG TV. Every LG TV comes with an auto-update feature which helps the user to avoid checking updates every time. Still, there is an option to update the software on LG TV manually by using the below method.

1. Connect your LG Smart TV to WiFi and press the Settings button on the remote.

2. Go to the All Settings option and select the General or Support tab.

3. Select the About This TV option and hit Check For Updates.

Update the LG TV Firmware.

4. If any update is available, click on the Download and Install button.

If the LG TV is frozen on a green screen and it is inoperative, you can choose to update the LG TV firmware via USB.

Factory Reset LG TV

Unfortunately, if you can’t fix the LG TV’s green tint using all the above methods, restoring all LG TV settings is the final option you can try. There are chances of corrupted files giving the green tint on LG TV. This process will remove all those files and incorrect settings on your LG TV and gives you new LG TV to use.

1. Using the LG TV remote control, press Settings aiming at your TV.

2. Click on All Settings and select the General or Support tab.

3. Choose the Reset to Initial Settings and you are done.

Reset LG TV to fix Green tint on screen.

Contact LG Support

When none of the solutions works on your LG TV, it might be an issue with your LG TV’s hardware. Contact LG support and they will assist you to identify the issue. If it is due to damaged hardware, visit the nearest LG Service Center and seek a technician for further assistance.

If your LG TV is under warranty, you can choose to replace the TV or repair it using the warranty.


How to fix the LG TV picture color problems?

Adjust the Picture Mode on LG TV: Settings > All Settings > Picture > Picture Mode > Standard or Vivid.

Why is my LG TV screen appears green with no picture?

A faulty cable connection or severely damaged hardware is the reason for the green screen on LG TVs.

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