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LG TV Gallery Mode

LG TV Gallery Mode: Is it Worth Enabling

LG TV has added one more feature called Gallery Mode, and it is available on the 2018 model and later LG WebOS TVs. Upon enabling the Gallery mode, your TV screen will turn into a canvas and display the works of art and photographs as paintings. It offers huge collections of paintings and artworks such as mountains, jungles, seas, forests, etc., and you can choose from that. If you ever feel like visualizing the artwork, you should learn to turn on Gallery Mode on LG Smart TV.

How Does LG Smart TV Gallery Mode Work?

Usually, when the TV screen is idle, the screen saver will activate and slide show the pre-programmed images such as landscape, stock images, personal images, or scenic video, thus preventing image retention or burn-in issues. Instead of boring landscapes, the Gallery mode will display beautiful high-quality artworks or photographs like a painting. Further, it maintains the illusion by adjusting the screen brightness according to ambient lights along with soothing music.

How to Enable Gallery Mode on LG TV

The latest LG WebOS TV comes with the in-built Gallery mode option. Simply, follow the below steps to turn it on.

[1] Turn on LG TV without a remote or a remote. Press the Home button.

[2] When the LG TV home screen appears, move the cursor to the App List section.

[3] Scroll and locate the Art Gallery app option and click on it.

 Select Art Gallery app option

[4] Here, you will see the pre-loaded and downloadable themes

[5] Choose the desired theme and wait for a couple of minutes for the theme to complete the download.

Choose the Theme - LG TV Gallery Mode

[6] Once downloaded, the gallery mode will enable, and the images will appear in the theme you’ve chosen.

[7] To add the music to the image, press the Down D-Pad button on the remote and click Theme sound. Choose the sound you want.

[8] To set the transition speed, then click the Speed toggle.

Note: You can’t use voice control to enable the Gallery mode. However, you can use it to choose the type of displayed picture.

Disadvantages of LG TV Gallery Mode

Though LG TV’s gallery mode is one of the best features, it still has a few drawbacks and comes with many restrictions.

[1] In Gallery mode, you can’t add your own pictures. So, you can only use the pictures available in the LG Gallery.

[2] You can’t adjust or set the amount of time that the picture would be displayed. LG TV has restricted this to avoid getting into screen burnout.

[3] There are no customization or personalization features available. So, there is no way to customize bezels or frames.

[4] The picture changes relatively after a long time with a sudden break in the illusion.

Is LG TV Gallery Mode Worth Enabling?

With the lack of customization and constant flashing to the black screen, a lot of LG TV users may or may not like this feature. However, it is a good option for those who prefer seeing the basic version of the art. In other words, it is not a worthy feature for those who want to see the best artwork on LG TV.


How to get gallery mode on my LG OLED TV?

To enable gallery mode on an OLED TV, go to the Apps section on the home screen and select the Gallery option. From that gallery, choose the image you want and click Ok.

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  • We have just purchased a 2022 LG Nanocell TV – model 65NANO756QA.

    When we saw this tv in the store (we actually bought the store display tv) it was showing a slide show that looked like the art gallery mode. However, we have now had the tv installed and there is no art gallery mode app pre-installed. I cannot find any information on whether this particular model of tv supports this app. I have tried searching for this app and nothing is coming up.

    Are you able to provide any suggestions?


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