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How to Enable Gallery Mode on LG Smart TV

Gallery Mode is a home screen personalization feature on LG Smart TV that displays artwork and pictures stored on LG servers. There is a dedicated app called Art Gallery, which you can use to turn the Gallery Mode on or off. If you want, you can turn on sound for a theme to get an immersive experience.

In this article, I will teach you how to use Gallery Mode on LG Smart TV.

How Does Gallery Mode Work on LG TV

Once you activate the Gallery Mode, it will display sceneries, stock photos, and abstract images when the TV turns idle. Thus, it protects your LG Smart TV against image retention and burn-in issues.

Instead of boring landscapes, the Gallery mode will display beautiful high-quality artworks or photographs like a painting. For a better addition, you can turn on some soothing music for a relaxing vibe.

Gallery Mode Compatible LG Smart TVs

Here are some LG Smart TV models running the latest webOS version and supporting Gallery Mode.

How to Use Gallery Mode on LG Smart TV

Based on the operating system, follow these steps to use the Gallery Mode.

For webOS 4.5 and up

[1] Turn on the LG TV and press the Home key on the LG Magic Remote.

[2] From the home screen launcher, click the Art Gallery app to open it.

Click the Art Gallery icon to run the app

[3] Select the theme you like to apply.

[4] Tap the OK key on the LG TV remote and use the directional keys to modify Speed and Theme Sound.

Select Speed and Theme Sound for Gallery Mode

[5] In the My Themes section, click on Selective Play Mode. To turn off Gallery Mode, select the theme and click Delete Mode.

Click Selective Play Mode

Once you select it, your TV will switch to Gallery Mode when idle.

For webOS 3.5 and webOS 4.0

[1] Go to the home screen by clicking the Home key on the remote.

[2] Run the Gallery app from the preinstalled apps.

Click the Gallery app from the home screen of LG TV

[3] From the list of themes, click the desired theme to download.

[4] Then, go to My Photo; the downloaded theme will be displayed here.

Click My Photo to view the pictures

[5] Then, click the theme to add it to the home screen.

That’s it. After it gets idle, it will show the theme on the LG TV screen.

How to Turn Off Gallery Mode on LG TV

You can disable Gallery Mode using the secret menu on your LG Smart TV.

[1] Switch on the LG Smart TV.

[2] Hold the Mute button on the remote 3 times continuously.

[3] Now, you can access the Hidden Menu on the TV.

[4] Scroll down below and disable the No Signal Image option.

Click No Signal Image to turn off Gallery Mode

That’s it. You have turned off gallery mode on your LG Smart TV.

Disadvantages of LG TV Gallery Mode

Though LG TV’s gallery mode is one of the best features, it still has many drawbacks and many restrictions.

[1] In Gallery mode, you can’t add your pictures. So, you can only use the pictures saved on the LG server.

[2] You can’t adjust or set the amount of time for the picture to display. LG TV has restricted this to avoid getting into screen burnout issues.

[3] There are no customization features available. So, there is no way to customize bezels or frames on the LG TV.

[4] The picture changes relatively after a long time with a sudden break in the illusion.

Is LG TV Gallery Mode Worth It

With the lack of customization and constant flashing to the black screen, some LG TV users may not like this feature. However, it is a good option for those who prefer seeing the basic version of the art. But remember that TV may consume more energy if it is in Gallery Mode.

Note: Hence, you can turn on Energy Saving Mode on LG TV, which will save energy by lowering the brightness levels.

Why Can’t I Enable the Gallery Mode on LG TV

If you are facing issues like screen glitches or black screen problems in Gallery mode on the TV, don’t worry. You can try these troubleshooting methods to resolve the problem.


How do I get gallery mode on my LG OLED TV?

To enable gallery mode on an OLED TV, go to the Apps section on the home screen and select the Gallery option. From that gallery, choose the image you want and click OK.

Can I add my picture to an art gallery of LG TVs?

Beyond its default images, Gallery Mode does not support personal images.

Is it possible to control the carousel time in Gallery mode?

Unfortunately, you can’t control the carousel time on Gallery Mode. It is limited to preventing screen burnout.

Where can I download gallery pictures on LG OLED TV?

You can download the pictures you want using the Art Gallery app on LG OLED TV.

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  • We have just purchased a 2022 LG Nanocell TV – model 65NANO756QA.

    When we saw this tv in the store (we actually bought the store display tv) it was showing a slide show that looked like the art gallery mode. However, we have now had the tv installed and there is no art gallery mode app pre-installed. I cannot find any information on whether this particular model of tv supports this app. I have tried searching for this app and nothing is coming up.

    Are you able to provide any suggestions?


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