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LG TV Freezing

Is LG TV Freezing? Here’s How to Fix

If your LG Smart TV screen keeps freezing, it will affect your TV-watching experience. It happens if the internet is unstable, server outage, outdated firmware, etc. Generally, frozen issues can be fixed by turning off the TV and turning it on after 10 seconds. If your LG TV keeps freezing even after restarting, it is better to try the following workarounds to get it solved.

What Causes LG TV to Get Frozen

Any of these reasons could be the reason for LG TV freezing.

  • Not updating the firmware properly
  • When the external devices are not connected properly
  • Poor Internet connection will cause the app to freeze
  • When you are not clearing the app cache
  • Because of a software glitch, a video may get stuck

How to Fix LG TV Freezing

Here are workarounds that will assist you in solving the LG TV freezing.

Update LG TV Firmware

Whenever there are issues with the TV, instantly check whether it has any updates or not. Because non-updation is the ultimate reason for the LG TV freezing. Follow these steps to check for updates on LG TV.

1. Turn ON and connect the LG TV to WiFi.

2. Press the Settings button on the remote control.

3. Navigate to All Settings and tap General.

4. Click About This TV and select Check for Updates.

Select Check for Updates

5. Hit Yes if it shows any updates available for the LG TV.

Connectivity Issues

LG TV freezes when the ethernet cable is not connected properly, or if WiFi signals are unstable. Here are the solutions to fix it.

Check the Internet Speed

Check the Internet Speed

Test the Internet speed on your LG TV. Change the Internet to a higher bandwidth if it is lower than the required speed. If the WiFi router is far from your TV, it is better to connect your LG TV to a wired internet connection. This will also help in improving the speed of the Internet.

Reduce the Connections

Internet speed will be reduced if you connect many devices to a WiFi router. Thus LG TV will freeze because of insufficient bandwidth. So, remove other connected devices or use a separate router for your LG TV to avoid such issues.

Restart LG Smart TV

You need to restart the LG Smart TV when the Internet connection is not an issue. Restarting LG TV fixes all the temporary errors, including the TV freezing. Also, it will close the apps on LG Smart TV for a smooth performance.

If your LG TV remote is not working, you can still restart the TV with some tricks. Turn off the LG TV and remove its cable from the power socket. Now, press and hold the Power button on the LG TV for 10-15 seconds.

Press the Power button on LG TV

Once done, connect it to the power source and turn on the LG TV.

Restart LG TV With Remote: Press the Power and Volume down buttons on the remote control for 15 seconds. Release it when the LG logo appears on the TV screen. Your LG TV will restart within a few seconds.

Clear Cache on Device/App

Cache files fill the storage and cause screen freezing, glitches, etc. Clear the corrupted cache on LG TV to stop this problem from occurring.

Also, when the screen freezes while using particular apps like Netflix. Then you have to clear the Netflix cache on LG Smart TV to continue watching it.

Check if LG TV is Overheating

LG TV will generate heat when it is continuously used. It may also overheat if the cooling system has defects because of a long working time or improper cleaning. It will make the LG TV restart in a loop because of an overheating problem.

Unplug LG TV cable

To check this, touch the TV with a hand or a cotton cloth; if it is too hot, turn it OFF and unplug the cables to let it cool down. Keep the surface of the TV clean without any dirt particles. Not cleaning the dirt particles will affect the TV’s cooling system.

Also, do not keep your TV in an enclosed area. It is recommended to place your TV where it has some ventilation. Not getting enough ventilation is another reason for the TV to get overheated.

Factory Reset LG TV

Factory resetting LG TV will fix the freezing issue but it erases all the data and deletes the apps on LG TV. Ensure to back up the important data before beginning the resetting process.

1. Turn ON the LG TV and tap the Settings button on the remote.

2. Go to All Settings and select General.

3. Click the System option and pick Reset to Initial Settings.

Pick Reset to Initial Settings

4. Provide the Password and tap OK.

5. To begin the process, click the Confirm button on the confirmation screen.

Contact LG Support

It is highly recommended to contact customer support of LG TV when the above troubleshooting methods fail to fix the TV freezing issue. There are multiple ways to contact the support team via chat, call, and Email. They will help with suitable proper solutions to fix the issue.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does the LG TV freezes when streaming Hulu?

This is due to a slow Internet connection and excess Hulu cache. You can fix it by clearing the Hulu cache on LG TV. If it doesn’t work, connect your LG TV to a different WiFi network.

What to do when the LG TV screen freezes but the audio continues?

This happens when an LG TV or any external device is not connected firmly. Unplug and plug the cable properly, and turn it ON.

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