LG TV Error Code 202

Causes & Fixes of LG TV Error Code 202

Error code 202 will appear if your LG TV fails to establish an internet connection. Because of this error, many users reported that they couldn’t surf the internet from a browser or use any streaming application. To get rid of this error, you should connect the LG TV to a strong WiFi network.

LG TV error code 202 is a network interference error, indicating that your LG TV’s internet connection is lost. It usually appears while surfing the internet or while downloading apps. Fortunately, you can fix the error code 202 with some general troubleshooting methods.

How to Fix LG TV Error Code 202

As said earlier, the 202 error code occurs as a result of weak WiFi signals. You can fix the error code 202 on your LG TV with the below-mentioned methods.

  • Common fixes for LG TV Error Code 202

Common Fixes for Error Code 202

You can easily rectify the error code 202 on your LG TV or Samsung TV by following the workarounds. Beforehand, know the reasons causing an error.


  • Poor or unstable internet connection
  • Access denied on your LG TV
  • Temporary bugs on your WiFi router


It is possible to fix the error code 202 by connecting your LG TV to a stable WIFI, resetting the router, power cycling the router and TV, etc.

1. Check the Internet Connection

Since the error occurs mainly due to the internet connection, you need to first check whether your WiFi internet is stable and working properly or not. You can find the bandwidth speed by performing the speed test on your LG TV.

To stream SD content, you need a stable internet connection with a minimum speed of 5Mbps. If your WiFi signals are low, you can connect your LG Smart TV to a wired internet connection using an ethernet cable. Otherwise, you can contact the ISP to report internet-related issues.

LG TV Error Code 202- Check the Internet Connectio
2. Check the Server

Another reason for the 202 error is the server issue. In rare cases, the service might be down or under maintenance. It will result in various errors, including error code 202. If a particular service is down, you need to wait until the LG technical support resolves the issue.

3. Check Your Ethernet Cable

Instead of a wireless connection, if you’re using the Ethernet cable, then you need to check the cable. If you see any physical damage on the wire, then replace the cable with the new one. If the wire is in good condition, but the error still appears, make sure to insert the cable correctly into the port.

Check Your Ethernet Cable
4. Power Cycle your WiFi Router

Power cycling your router will remove and clear the internet-related issues caused due to the temporary bugs and glitches on your router.

[1] Remove the power cable of the WiFi router and TV from the power socket.

LG TV Error Code 202 -Power cycle your WiFi Router

[2] Wait for 2-3 minutes and plug in the power cable of your TV and WiFi router back into the power socket.

[3] Now, turn on the TV and router. It will clear the temporary glitches on your WiFi router.

5. Power Cycle LG Smart TV

Upon power cycling the router, you need to manually restart your LG Smart TV to eliminate all the bugs and glitches.

Power Cycle LG Smart TV

[1] Switch on your LG Smart TV and unplug the power cord from the outlet.

[2] Wait for 2-3 minutes and plug the cables and power cord back into it.

[3] Now, turn on your LG smart TV and check whether the issue still persists.

6. Change the DNS on LG Smart TV

You can configure the WiFi settings by changing the DNS of your LG TV. It will help fix the internet connectivity issue on your TV.

[1] Turn on your LG TV and navigate to the Settings icon.

[2] Select the All Settings option and tap the Network option.

[3] Choose the WiFi connection and select the Advanced WiFi Settings option.

[4] Next, click DNS Server Settings.

[5] Click the Edit button and disable the Set Automatically option.

[6] Now, enter the server code and click the Connect button to connect to the selected server.

7. Re-Connect to a WiFi Network

[1] On your LG TV, go to the Settings menu.

[2] From the settings menu, choose the All Settings option.

[3] Then, click on the Network tab and select the WiFi connection option.

[4] Click on your connected network, followed by selecting the Forget the Network option.

[5] Wait for a couple of minutes and enter your WiFi password to connect it back to the WiFi connection.

Now, check if the error code has disappeared or not.

8. Contact LG TV Support

If you have tried all the steps and none of the troubleshooting tricks work for you, contact LG Customer Support to get useful solutions. They will help you fix the issue in less time. 


What should I do if I get error code 201 on my LG TV?

If you get a 201 error code on LG TV, restart your device. Also, check whether the internet connection is stable and strong.

How do I fix error code 202 on Hulu on LG TV?

If Hulu shows error code 202 even though you have a strong WiFi network, don’t worry. You can uninstall and reinstall Hulu on LG TV to fix the issue.

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