Fix LG TV Dimming issue.

LG TV Dimming | Reasons & Possible Fixes

Sometimes, you may see that the LG TV screen starts dimming by itself without adjusting the brightness on LG TV. It will be so annoying especially when you are watching a movie or TV show. Remember that, modern LG Smart TVs have an auto-dimming feature that will modify the brightness based on your ambiance if you turned on this feature. If the screen goes dark on LG TV due to unknown reasons, you should try these workarounds to fix the issue.

Reasons for LG TV Dimming

Here are the reasons that will cause the screen to look dark on your LG TV.

  • LG TV Energy Saving Mode
  • Objects near the LG TV sensor
  • AI Brightness feature
  • Improper Picture Mode
  • Defective backlight
  • Faulty connected cable/port
  • Outdated LG TV Firmware
  • Wrong Television Settings

How to Fix LG TV Screen Dimming Issue

Power cycling your LG TV fixes the dimming on LG TV if it is a minor power glitch. If it doesn’t work, follow these troubleshooting methods to fix the issue.

Turn Off Energy Saving Mode

Energy Saving Mode on LG TV reduces power consumption by lowering the brightness level of the LG TV screen. Sometimes, it will make your LG TV look too dark even though you hear sound. So, you should turn off the Energy Saving mode on LG TV to fix the issue.

1. Press the Smart button on your LG TV remote.

2. Go to Settings and select All Settings.

3. Then go to the Picture Settings from the settings menu.

4. Now select the Energy Saving option and disable it.

Turn off Energy Saving Mode to stop dimming issue on LG TV.

Disable Local Dimming

The local dimming feature on LG Nanocell TV is another reason why the screen keeps dimming since it lowers the dark screen areas on LG TV.

1. Open the Settings on LG TV and navigate to All Settings.

2. Select the Picture tab and click on the Picture Mode Settings.

3. On the next menu find the Picture Options tab.

4. Now select LED Local Dimming and turn it off.

Turn off local dimming on LG TV.

Disable AI Brightness

Many LG Smart TVs have AI Brightness that changes the LG TV screen brightness based on the ambient light. If you keep any object near the TV sensor it will be detected by LG TV causing screen dimming issues. Remove the obstruction and keep the area clear around your LG TV to avoid these issues. If the issue still persists, disabling AI Brightness will be the solution.

1. Press the Gear icon on your remote to open the Settings.

2. Then go to the General section and select AI Service.

3. Now turn off AI Picture Pro, AI Brightness Settings, and AI Genre Selection.

Turn off AI Service.

Reset Picture Mode

Sometimes it is the picture mode you’ve customized to change the screen brightness. Resetting the Picture Mode back to default settings will resolve the dimming screen issue on your LG TV.

1. Navigate to LG TV Settings and go to All Settings.

2. Select the Picture tab and choose Picture Mode.

Change the Picture Mode to prevent dimming screen.

3. Now set the picture mode as Standard or Vivid to adjust the screen brightness.

Adjust Brightness Level

If your LG TV screen still looks dark, you can manually adjust the brightness based on your preference.

1. Go to Settings on your LG TV and click All Settings.

2. Select Picture and click the Backlight option.

3. Make sure to choose the value 100 for backlight and brightness.

After that, close the menu and check if the TV screen looks better now.

Check the Connected Cable/Port

After changing all the picture settings, if your LG TV keeps dimming you need to check the cable and port on your LG TV and connected device. If it is damaged, your LG TV will be unable to receive proper input from the connected device. You can connect your device to a different port and change the input on your LG TV to resolve the issue.

1. Switch on your LG TV and click on the Input button on your remote.

2. Now the list of inputs will be displayed.

List of inputs.

3. Select the input source you’ve connected the device.

4. Press the OK button to confirm the Input.

If the issue still persists or you can’t find any visible damage, change the cable/port and check whether the issue is resolved or not.

Update LG TV OS

Keeping updated firmware on LG TV prevents screen brightness issues like oscillating brightness, too-dark screen, and dimming issues. If you missed it, update the software on your LG TV by following the below steps.

1. Using the LG TV remote go to Settings and select All Settings.

2. Then select the Software Update option.

3. Now click on the Check For Updates button.

Click on Check for Updates option.

4. If any update is available for your LG TV OS, Download and Install it.

5. Once it is updated, restart your LG TV.

Run a Picture Test

The dimming issue is not only caused by LG TV, it may be due to external devices or a connected cable. However, you can fix the issue on LG TV using the built-in Picture Test feature.

  • 2022 & 2023 Models: Settings > All Settings > General > Settings > OLED Care > Device Self Care > Screen Self-diagnosis.
  • 2021 Models: Settings > All Settings > Support > Screen Self-diagnosis.
  • Older Models: Settings > All Settings > Picture > Picture Test > Enter.

Factory Reset LG TV

You can restore all your LG TV default settings in order to resolve the screen dimming issue. Remember it will remove all your customized LG TV settings and installed apps.

1. Go to Settings on your LG TV and select All Settings.

2. Select the Support or General tab.

3. Now click on Reset to Initial Settings to reset your LG TV.

Reset your LG TV to stop dimming.

Contact Support

If you can’t diagnose and fix the dimming issue on your LG TV, we suggest contacting LG Support Service. You can contact them through mail, call or chat and tell them about the issue clearly. They will assist you with troubleshooting methods or help you to diagnose if there is a hardware-related issue.


Why is my LG TV screen keeps brightening and darkening?

It is due to the Energy Saving Mode that will auto-adjust the brightness when turned on. To fix this, turn off the energy-saving mode on your LG TV.

How to fix half-screen dim and flickering issues on LG TV?

Check for loose cabling with your LG TV. Connect it properly and check whether the issue is resolved or not.

Why is my LG LED TV auto-dimming?

If any objects block your LG TV sensor, the screen will adjust brightness automatically. Remove the blocking object or turn off the auto-dimming feature.

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