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How to Turn Off Demo Mode on LG Smart TV With/Without Remote

Demo Mode (Demonstration Mode) is sometimes called Sales Floor Mode. In the LG Smart TV models, the Demo Mode is named Store Mode. The main purpose of the Store Mode on LG TVs is to replicate all the functions and features available in the model. As it is specially designed for retailers, it is used in showrooms and retail showrooms. So, you can turn off the Demo Mode and enable the Home Mode. With Store Mode, you can explore all the features available on the TV. The Demo Mode or Store Mode is

FYI: When the TV is in Store Mode, you can play videos without any time constraints. However, the TV won’t go to sleep automatically.

How to Turn Off Demo Mode on LG Smart TV [webOS]

1. Press the Home Button on your LG TV remote.

2. Click on the Settings icon from your LG TV home screen.

3. Next, select All Settings.

4. Select General from the Settings page.

5. Choose the Home/Store Mode option and click on the Home Mode option.

Turn Off Demo Mode on WebOS.

How to Turn Off LG TV Demo Mode With Remote [Netcast]

1. Press the Settings or Menu button on your LG TV remote.

2. In the Settings page, click on Options and choose Mode Settings.

3. Choose Home Mode from the menu.

Turn Off Demo Mode on LG TV[Netcast]

4. Instantly, the Demo Mode will turn off on your TV.

How to Turn Off Demo Mode on LG TV Without Remote

Meanwhile, if the LG Television is stuck in the Demo mode and you don’t have the remote, you shall still reset it.

1. Look for the Home or Menu button on the LG TV backside.

2. Press the button for about 20 seconds.

3. Release your fingers off the button when you find Demo Mode: Off.

That’s how to get LG TV off demo mode without a remote.

LG TV Stuck in Store Mode: Easy Fix

If the LG TV is stuck with the Store Mode, you shall reset the LG TV to fix up the issue.

1. With LG TV turned on, select Settings.

2. Navigate to select the All Settings option.

3. Select the General option.

4. You shall choose Reset to Initial Settings.

5. Hit the Confirm reset option.

Important Note: If you can’t reset the LG TV without the remote, you shall opt for a universal remote to control the TV.


What to do when LG TV Demo mode won’t turn off?

You shall reset the LG TV to factory settings. If that doesn’t fix, you shall contact the Customer support team.

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